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(Table 2, page 313) Chemical composition of radiometrically dated Pacific Ocean manganese nodules, supplement to: Krishnaswami, Seth; Lal, Devendra (1972): Manganese nodules and budget of trace solubles in oceans. In: Dyrssen, D., Jagner, D. (Eds.), Proc. 20th Nobel Symp.: \"The Changing Chemistry of the Oceans.\" Presented at the Nobel Symposium, Interscience, Göteborg, Sweden. http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/2681485, 307-320

Seth Krishnaswami & Devendra Lal
This paper, explores the possibility of using manganese nodules for studying the rates of authigenic removal of trace elements to the ocean floor, i.e. considering only trace elements in hydrogenous phases (Goldberg, 1964) in sediments. It follows the then recent detailed investigations of physiochcmical properties of manganese nodules made by others. In view of the various arguments the developed regarding a slow and possibly entirely authigcnic growth of manganese nodules, the authors were led to...

Links to master tracks in different resolutions from POLAR 2 flight ANT_2005/06_20

Daniel Steinhage

Seabed photographs taken along OFOS profile PS99/048-14 during POLARSTERN cruise PS99.2

Melanie Bergmann & Ingo Schewe

Major elements geochemistry of manganese nodules from the DOMES C site in the Pacific Ocean using X-ray emission spectroscopy

Ronald K Sorem & Davey Lee Banning

Dissolved hydrogen and methane concentrations from IODP Hole 357-M0069A

Underway physical oceanography and carbon dioxide measurements during SIKULIAQ cruise 33BI20150813

Stewart C Sutherland, Timothy Newberger & Taro Takahashi
Cruise QC flag: A (see further details).

Physical oceanography during L'Atalante cruise MOVE2002 (ATA_MOVE_2002)

Gerd Krahmann & Uwe Send
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Total carbon, total inorganic carbon and total organic carbon content in standard shipboard samples from IODP Hole 357-M0071A

Samples were not collected and handled in a way to minimize carbon contamination and are likely overestimates of true values. TC data are averages of 2-3 replicates with standard deviation of the measurement and the coefficient of variance of the measurements. TIC was determined by subtraction of TOC from TC.

Alkalinity, pH and delta13C values for fluid samples from IODP Hole 357-M0068A

Reported pH was determined from the average value of the sensor package pH meter mounted on the rock drills.

Heat flow data at station PS75/139-3

Norbert E Kaul
Depth, sediment = Penetration depth

Pre-compiled metrics data sets, links to aggregated statistics files in CSV format

Martin G Schultz, Sabine Schröder, Olga Lyapina & Owen R Cooper
Errata: Due to a coding error, monthly files with "dma8epax" statistics were wrongly aggregated. This concerns all gridded files of this metric as well as the monthly aggregated csv files. All erroneous files were replaced with corrected versions on Jan, 16th, 2018. Each updated file contains a version label "1.1" and a brief description of the error. If you have made use of previous TOAR data files with the "dma8epax" metric, please exchange your data...

(Table 2) Concentration of CL brGDGTs and crenarchaeol for soils and marine surface sediments

Jung-Hyun Kim, Wolfgang Ludwig, Rosalyne Buscail, Denise J C Dorhout & Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté

(Table 3) Concentration of CL and IPL-brGDGTs and crenarchaeol for river SPM samples

Jung-Hyun Kim, Wolfgang Ludwig, Rosalyne Buscail, Denise J C Dorhout & Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté

Soil temperature time series at the Nizhnyaya meteorological station within Kolyma Water-Balance Station (KWBS), 1974-1981

Olga Makarieva, Nataliia Nesterova, Liudmila Lebedeva & Sergey Sushansky

Increased temperature, rather than elevated CO2, modulates the carbon assimilation of the Arctic kelps Saccharina latissima and Laminaria solidungula, supplement to: Iñiguez, Concepcion; Carmona, Raquel; Lorenzo, M Rosario; Niell, F Xavier; Wiencke, Christian; Gordillo, Francisco J L (2016): Increased temperature, rather than elevated CO2, modulates the carbon assimilation of the Arctic kelps Saccharina latissima and Laminaria solidungula. Marine Biology, 163(12), 18 pp

Concepcion Iñiguez, Raquel Carmona, M Rosario Lorenzo, F Xavier Niell, Christian Wiencke & Francisco J L Gordillo
Ocean acidification and warming are affecting with special intensity the Arctic Ocean. Arctic coastal ecosystems are dominated by kelp forests with a high biomass production, which are expected to be directly affected by the increases in CO2 and temperature. This study presents the different physiological responses of the Arctic kelps Saccharina latissima and Laminaria solidungula from Kongsfjorden (Svalbard) cultured at 4 and 9 °C in combination with current (390 ppm) and increased (1200 ppm) levels...

Climate model results of various COSMOS Miocene experiments in NetCDF format, supplement to: Huang, Xiaoxia; Stärz, Michael; Gohl, Karsten; Knorr, Gregor; Lohmann, Gerrit (2017): Impact of Weddell Sea shelf progradation on Antarctic bottom water formation during the Miocene. Paleoceanography, 32(3), 304-317

Xiaoxia Huang, Michael Stärz, Karsten Gohl, Gregor Knorr & Gerrit Lohmann
In this data set we publish the simulated global annual mean sea surface temperature (SST), mixed layer depth (ZMLD), horizontal barotropic streamfunction (PSIUWE), zonal (UKO) and meridional (VKE) velocity in 37 m and 3070 m water depth, respectively, global meridional overturning circulation (GMOC), Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) and monthly mean sea-ice concentration over a time period of 100 years retrieved from equilibrium climate simulations for the Miocene ca. 20-10 Myrs ago (MIO). The model...

Modeled and Measured salinity, oxygen and derived cod egg survival data for the Arkona Basin and the Bornholm Basin in the Baltic Sea, supplement to: von Dewitz, Burkhard; Tamm, Susanne; Höflich, Katharina; Voss, Rüdiger; Hinrichsen, Hans-Harald (2018): Use of existing hydrographic infrastructure to forecast the environmental spawning conditions for Eastern Baltic cod. PLoS ONE, 13(5), e0196477

Burkhard von Dewitz, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Katharina Höflich & Susanne Tamm
This data set contains several tables with modeled and measured data and also correlations coefficient data used in the publication.The model data are aggregations of areas in the Arkona Basin (AB) and Bornholm Basin (BB) from the Kiel Baltic Sea Ice and Ocean model (BSIOM) for the period 1971 to 2015. See the puplication for details about horizontal aggregation. Raw Data of the Model is not included in this data deposition, but are given by...

Annotated record of the detailed examination of Mn deposits observed by the C.S. Stanley Angwin on a Bermuda-Tortola cable route survey, supplement to: Hollister, Charles D (1965): Bermuda-Tortola cable route survey. Cable & Wireless, https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/idb/struts/results?op_28=eq&v_28=01085001&t=101477&s=1&d=2, 24 pp

Charles D Hollister
From April 8,1965 until April 20,1965, C.S. Stanley Angwin (2,500-ton gross) surveyed the route for the Tortola-Bermuda telephone cable which will provide the northern outlet for the 21-million W.I. dollar project in the Eastern Caribbean to improve inter-island and international telecommunications. The route passes northward over the following regions: Virgin Islands Bank, Puerto Rico Trench, Outer Ridge, Nares Abyssal Plain and Bermuda Rise.

Seabed photographs taken along OFOS profile MSM29_445-1 during Maria S. Merian cruise MSM29

Melanie Bergmann, Ingo Schewe & Thomas Soltwedel

Grain Structure, Grain-averaged Lattice Strains, and Macro-scale Strain Data for Superelastic Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy Polycrystal Loaded in Tension

Harshad M. Paranjape, Partha P. Paul, Hemant Sharma, Peter Kenesei, Jun-Sang Park, T.W. Duerig, L. Catherine Brinson & Aaron P. Stebner
A cylindrical dog bone specimen from NiTi shape memory alloy is loaded in tension at room temperature for eleven cycles. Maximum stress in each cycle is approximately 220 MPa. The experiment is performed in-situ at Sector 1, beam line 1ID-E of Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. Using far-field high-energy diffraction microscopy technique, grain centroids, grain-averaged lattice strain tensor, grain volume, and grain-averaged crystal orientation are obtained at the start of the first cycle and...

Dataset for A Blocked Linear Method for Optimizing Large Parameter Sets in Variational Monte Carlo

Luning Zhao & Eric Neuscamman
We present a modification to variational Monte Carlo’s linear method optimization scheme that addresses a critical memory bottleneck while maintaining compatibility with both the traditional ground state variational principle and our recently-introduced variational principle for excited states. For wave function ansatzes with tens of thou- sands of variables, our modification reduces the required memory per parallel process from tens of gigabytes to hundreds of megabytes, making the methodology a much bet- ter fit for modern...

Characterizing the Unifying Thread in High Temperature Superconductors Using Realistic Simulations

Awadhesh Narayan, Brian Busemeyer & Lucas K. Wagner
This is a dataset collecting high accuracy quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) results for pnictide and cuprate compounds, some of which are high temperature superconductors. Our trial wavefunction consists of a Slater determinant augmented by a Jastrow factor. We construct the Slater determinant using orbitals from density functional theory (DFT). Our DFT calculations are done using the CRYSTAL package, with the PBE0 functional. We use Burkatzki-Filippi-Dolg pseudopotentials to replace the core electrons. We then use the...

Solute transport database in Mg using ab initio and exact diffusion theory

Ravi Agarwal & Dallas R. Trinkle
This dataset demonstrate the improved solute transport in hcp Mg through exact diffusion theory:Green function approach. We report the database of 61 solutes consisting of solute diffusivity and solute drag ratio. We also report the results from previously used approximate models of diffusion namely 8-frequency and 13-frequency models. The parameters needed for the diffusion models i.e. binding energy, migration barrier and attempt frequency are obtained through density functional theory calculations

Dataset for Delayed Slater determinant update algorithms for high efficiency quantum Monte Carlo

Tyler McDaniel, Ed F. D'Azevedo, Ying Wai Li, Kwai Wong & Paul R. C. Kent
This dataset contains raw data, analysis/graphing scripts, and additional figures for "Delayed Slater determinant update algorithms for high efficiency quantum Monte Carlo" by T. McDaniel, E. F. D’Azevedo, Y. W. Li, K. Wong, and P. R. C. Kent.

Chemical vapor deposition of monolayer MoS2 directly on ultrathin Al2O3 for low-power electronics

Hadallia Bergeron, Vinod K. Sangwan, Julian J. McMorrow, Gavin P. Campbell, Itamar Balla, Xiaolong Liu, Michael J. Bedzyk, Tobin J. Marks & Mark C. Hersam
This data corresponds to the characterization of a transfer-free ultrathin heterostructure of a 2D semiconductor and high-k dielectric, and the resulting field-effect transistors. Monolayer MoS2 was grown directly via chemical vapor deposition on 20 nm of amorphous alumina deposited via atomic layer deposition on a silicon substrate. This method of integrating 2D MoS2 with a high-k dielectric results in superior performance in low-power electronics figures of merit. DOI: doi.org/10.1063/1.4975064

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  • 2017

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