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Firebird MSC - Level 0 Multispectral Images

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
The FireBIRD mission consists of two small satellites, TET-1 and BIROS. Together, the two satellites are on an Earth observation mission that aims to detect forest fires, or high-temperature events, from space. The new infrared system provides high-quality data that is capable of measuring the spread of the fire and the amount of heat generated with great accuracy very early on - almost in real time - meaning that FireBIRD can serve as an early...

Level 1 Products from the 2013 campaign of the airborne Ku-Band KuROS radar

Danièle Hauser, Christophe Dufour, René Valentin, Christophe Le Gac & Nicolas Pauwels
This data set contains radar observations of the ocean surface . The instrument is an airborne Ku-Band Doppler radar named "KuROS".
This instrument was designed to measure the directional spectra of surface ocean waves , the ocean surface wind vector, and related parameters including the normalized radar cross-section profile with incidence.
This data set is relative to the Level 1 product, which contains the radar wave form (intensity and phase) versus range (with 1.5m or...

La Salle River 05OG008 Water Chemistry 2009 - 2015

Jason Vanrobaeys, Henry Wilson & Marcos Cordeiro
This dataset includes water chemistry data for the La Salle River near Elie, Manitoba, Canada (Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Station 05OG008) for the time period of 2009 – 2015. The data was collected for hydrological and water quality modelling as part of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s Red-Assiniboine Project. Chemical parameters include total dissolved nitrogen, total nitrogen, total dissolved phosphorus, total phosphorus, and total suspended solids. The frequency of data collected ranges from multiple samples...

Time series of aerosol light-absorption coefficients from Aethalometers at six Arctic stations between 2012 and 2014

John Backman, Lauren Schmeisser, Aki Virkkula, John A. Ogren, Eija Asmi, Sandra Starkweather, Sangeeta Sharma, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Stergios Vratolis, Taneil Uttal, Peter Tunved, Anne Jefferson, Michael Bergin, Alexander Makshtas & Markus Fiebig
Data used in this article are archived and accessible from the EBAS database operated at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) (http://ebas.nilu.no). Data management is provided by the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch World Data Centre for Aerosol. This project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109 (ACTRIS). ALERT: Dr. Fred Hopper and technicians, and Canadian Department of National Defence. BARROW: NOAA Oceanic and...

Nocardioides sp.

L.C. Reimer, A. Vetcininova, C. Soehngen, A. Podstawka, D. Gleim & J. Overmann
The range of data encompasses taxonomy, morphology, physiology, sampling and concomitant environmental conditions as well as molecular biology.

Additional file 2: of Ultrasound-guided gastrocnemius recession: a new ultra–minimally invasive surgical technique

Manuel Villanueva, Álvaro Iborra, Guillermo Rodríguez & Pablo Sanz-Ruiz
Clinical and functional data: Range of motion, AOFAS, VAS, and complications after gastrocnemius lengthening. (XLSX 10 kb)

Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) grid of Mount Isa South West, Qld, 2006 survey

Geophysical Acquisition And Processing Section
This mQl1111.nc grid includes airborne-derived TMI data for the Mount Isa South West, Qld, 2006 survey acquired for the geological survey of Qld

Udvikling og kinesiske investeringer i udlandet - investeringer i fremstillingsvirksomheder i Indonesien som case, 2007-08

Peter Gammeltoft
Nærværende undersøgelses formål er at afdække kinesiske firmaers investeringer i udlandet. Til det formål er der gennemført et casestudie af kinesiske virksomheders investeringer i Indonesien. Gennem et spørgeskema er der blevet spurgt ind til det kinesiske firmas baggrund for, at de har valgt at investere i Indonesien, hvad der bliver produceret, firmaets beliggenhed, medarbejderes baggrund og funktion samt firmaets interesser ved at investere i Indonesien. Spørgsmålene er både lukkede, delvis åbne og åbne spørgsmål.

The detection of ‘virtual’ objects using echoes by humans: spectral cues

Daniel Rowan
These data comprise of binaural impulse responses as reported in the paper: "The detection of ‘virtual’ objects using echoes by humans: spectral cues" by Rowan et al in Hearing Research 2017. Each file is a .wav file containing the binaural impulse responses (IRs) – see our Hearing Research paper for details. IRs are available for four rooms (LAC = large anechoic chamber; RevCh = reverberation chamber). The filename for each wav file is constructed with...

MouseLight Neuron AA0137

Jayaram Chandrashekar, MouseLight Project Team & Spruston Lab
A vast neural tracing effort by a team of Janelia scientists has upped the number of fully-traced neurons in the mouse brain by a factor of 10. Researchers can now download and browse the data in three dimensions.
Inside the mouse brain, individual neurons zigzag across hemispheres, embroider branching patterns and, researchers have now discovered, can even spool out spindly fibers up to 45 centimeters long.
Scientists can see and explore these wandering neural traces in...

Bit Error Rate Performance of Quadrature Modulation Transmission Using Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surfaces- AWPL2017

Stephen Henthorn, Kenneth Ford & Timothy O'Farrell
This dataset contains open raw data for the paper in Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, "Bit Error Rate Performance of Quadrature Modulation Transmission Using Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surfaces".

Note that due to the very high number of samples required, no raw data from BER measurements were retained at the time of measurement. Immediately processed data is included.

Germ 22_raw_imputed_amm

AraGWAS Catalog
GWAS study using the method "amm" with the "Full imputed genotype" genotype and "raw"" transformation

The Development of Lesson-Study-Based Thematic Learning in the Implementation of Curriculum 2013 Oriented on Regional Diversity for Grade 3 in Malang

Sri Harmini (Elementary School Teacher Education, Faculty Of Education, Universitas Negeri Malang, East Java Indonesia); Endang Setyo Winarni (Elementary School Teacher Education, Faculty Of Education, Universitas Negeri Malang, East Java Indonesia); Sihkabuden (Elementary School Teacher Education, Faculty Of Education, Universitas Negeri Malang, East Java Indonesia)

Counts of Dengue reported in TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA: 1998-2010

Willem Van Panhuis, Anne Cross, Donald Burke & Marc Choisy
Project Tycho datasets contain case counts for reported disease conditions for countries around the world. The Project Tycho data curation team extracts these case counts from various reputable sources, typically from national or international health authorities, such as the US Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. These original data sources include both open- and restricted-access sources. For restricted-access sources, the Project Tycho team has obtained permission for redistribution from data contributors. All...

New materials and technologies for compact antennas and circuits at millimeter frequencies

Antonio Borgia, Luigi Palopoli & Sandra Costanzo
Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria dei Sistemi e Informatica, Ciclo XXV, a.a. 2012

Sodar - Vaisala Triton Wind Profiler, AON7 - Raw Data

Mark Stoelinga
This dataset contains measurements from eight different Vaisala Triton Wind Profiler instruments. The Triton Wind Profiler is a sodar wind profiler that measures wind speed, direction, and turbulence intensity at heights from 30 m to 200 m above ground every 10 minutes. The eight Tritons are located at various sites around the WFIP2 study area.


This article focuses on development of NATO missions in Afghanistan (both ISAF and Resolute support) from the political point of view. Authors describe an influence of political decisions adopted at the NATO summits and international donor conferences on the development of the security situation in Afghanistan and vice-versa. At the conclusion author tries to give possible future outcome of the security situation in the country.

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