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IN01022 Halsi Grant of Harivarman, Year 5. Sanskrit XML file

G. S. Gai
IN01022 Halsi Grant of Harivarman, Year 5. Sanskrit XML file (without metadata).

Wave models for Eleuthera, Northern Bahamas, supplement to: Rovere, Alessio; Casella, Elisa; Harris, Daniel L; Lorscheid, Thomas; Nandasena, Napayalage A K; Dyer, Blake; Sandstrom, Michael R; Stocchi, Paolo; D'Andrea, William J; Raymo, Maureen E (2017): Giant boulders and Last Interglacial storm intensity in the North Atlantic. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(46), 12144-12149

Alessio Rovere, Elisa Casella, Daniel L Harris, Thomas Lorscheid, Napayalage A K Nandasena, Blake Dyer, Michael R Sandstrom, Paolo Stocchi, William J D'Andrea & Maureen E Raymo
As global climate warms and sea level rises, coastal areas will be subject to more frequent extreme flooding and hurricanes. Geologic evidence for extreme coastal storms during past warm periods has the potential to provide fundamental insights into their future intensity. Recent studies argue that during the Last Interglacial (MIS 5e, ~128-116 ka) tropical and extratropical North Atlantic cyclones may have been more intense than at present, and may have produced waves larger than those...

Temperature dependence of 1H NMR chemical shifts and its influence on estimated metabolite concentrations, link to supplementary material, supplement to: Wermter, Felizitas Charlotte; Mitschke, Nico; Bock, Christian; Dreher, Wolfgang (2017): Temperature dependence of 1H NMR chemical shifts and its influence on estimated metabolite concentrations. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine, 12 pp

Felizitas Charlotte Wermter, Nico Mitschke, Christian Bock & Wolfgang Dreher
Objectives: Temperature dependent chemical shifts of important brain metabolites measured by localised 1H MRS were investigated to test how the use of incorrect prior knowledge on chemical shifts impairs the quantification of metabolite concentrations. Materials and methods: Phantom measurements on solutions containing 11 metabolites were performed on a 7 T scanner between 1 and 43 °C. The temperature dependence of the chemical shift differences was fitted by a linear model. Spectra were simulated for different...

Output of a Multi-Model Ensemble for the simulation of temperature variability over Ontario, Canada

Aly Al Samouly, Chanh Nien Luong & Zhong Li
Multi-model ensembles for climate modeling, which have generally proven to have a superior performance compared to individual models, are assessed for Ontario, Canada. Specifically, the performance of seven Global Climate Model (GCM) and Regional Climate Model (RCM) combinations are evaluated on twelve stations across Ontario, as well as for the entire domain. Two multi-model ensembles were produced, one using the mean of seven GCM and RCM combinations and the other using the median of the...

ACER pollen and charcoal database, link to database tables in Microsoft ACCESS (accdb) format (zipped)

, Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goñi, Stéphanie Desprat & Anne-Laure Daniau
Version 2 (2017-02-15)

Demonstration of chemistry at a point through restructuring and catalytic activation at anchored nanoparticles (dataset)

Dragos Neagu, Evangelos I. Papaioannou, Wan K. W. Ramli, David Noel Miller, Billy J. Murdoch, Hervé Ménard, Ahmed Umar, Anders J. Barlow, Peter J. Cumpson, John Thomas Sirr Irvine & Ian S. Metcalfe
Nature Communications Paper

Additional file 2: Table S3. of Functional regression method for whole genome eQTL epistasis analysis with sequencing data

, Li Jin &
A list of significant cis-trans interactions in the MAPK pathway. (XLS 114Â kb)


Pascal Marrot, Anne Charmantier, Jacques Blondel & Dany Garant
Phenotypic data on tits

Additional file 6 of Emergence of microbial diversity due to cross-feeding interactions in a spatial model of gut microbial metabolism

Milan J. A. Hoek & Roeland M. H. Merks
Microsoft Excel File with all reactions and metabolites of the genome scale model of Lactobacillus plantarum [28], extended with proprionate fermentation, butyrate fermentation, the acrylate pathway, and the Wood-Ljungdahl pathway. (XLS 94 kb)

MOESM3 of Microarray meta-analysis to explore abiotic stress-specific gene expression patterns in Arabidopsis

, Ai-Ling Hour & Li-Yu Liu
Additional file 4: Table S2. The number of genes of each gene module. The number of gene and the probe sets ID of each gene module is listed in this table. The largest gene module was M1 including 295 genes and the smallest one was M19 including 60 genes.

Additional file 1: of Relationship between Glycemic Levels and Treatment Outcome among Critically Ill Children admitted into Emergency Room in Enugu

, Elias Aniwada, , & Christopher Eke
BMCPed glycemic levels and treatment outcome data. (XLS 158 kb)

MOESM2 of Comparative genomic analysis reveals genetic features related to the virulence of Bacillus cereus FORC_013

Hyun-Jin Koo, , Han Chung, , , , , Sang Choi &
Additional file 2: Table S1. Additional Tables.

Additional file 7: of The midgut transcriptome of Aedes aegypti fed with saline or protein meals containing chikungunya virus reveals genes potentially involved in viral midgut escape

, & Alexander Franz
DE genes in response to SM/PM feeding compared to sugarfed control samples. (XLSX 1834 kb)

Additional file 5: Table S5. of Genome-wide identification of lncRNAs associated with chlorantraniliprole resistance in diamondback moth Plutella xylostella (L.)

Bin Zhu, , , & Pei Liang
Protein-coding genes co-expressed with the differently expressed lncRNAs. (XLSX 256 kb)

Additional file 3: Figure S3. of ANLN is a prognostic biomarker independent of Ki-67 and essential for cell cycle progression in primary breast cancer

Kristina Magnusson, Gabriela Gremel, Lisa Rydén, Victor Pontén, Mathias Uhlén, Anna Dimberg, Karin Jirström & Fredrik Pontén
A. Association of ANLN expression with cell cycle arrest in SKBR3 cells. Flow cytometry-generated data showed that ANLN depletion lead to a significant accumulation of cells in the G2/M phase of the cell cycle 3 days after siRNA knockdown in SKBR3 cells. This accumulation was clearly visible but not statistically significant 5 days after ANLN siRNA knockdown. B. Association of ANLN expression with cell cycle arrest in T47D cells. Flow cytometry-generated data showed that ANLN...

Additional file 2: Table S2. of Comparative genome analysis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Li Xiao, Travis Ptacek, John Osborne, Donna Crabb, Warren Simmons, Elliot Lefkowitz, Ken Waites, & Kevin Dybvig
Genes with no variants. (XLSX 12Â kb)

Additional file 1: of Still mesoendemic onchocerciasis in two Cameroonian community-directed treatment with ivermectin projects despite more than 15 years of mass treatment

, Fanny Dissak-Delon, Hugues Nana-Djeunga, Benjamin Biholong, Stephen Mbigha-Ghogomu, Jacob Souopgui, Honorat Zoure, Michel Boussinesq, Joseph Kamgno & Annie Robert
Datasets of Bafia and Yabassi health districts supporting this study. (XLSX 114 kb)

MOESM6 of A cancer cell-line titration series for evaluating somatic classification

Robert Denroche, Laura Mullen, Lee Timms, Timothy Beck, Christina Yung, Lincoln Stein, John McPherson & Andrew Brown
Additional file 6: Table S3. A breakdown of the classification results for variants verified in 12 primary or xenograft PDAC samples.

Additional file 1 of Mining for novel candidate clock genes in the circadian regulatory network

, Hanspeter Herzel &
Complete score table from the meta-analysis for all the 1000 master list genes with individual hits of a gene within each data set. (XLSX 98 kb)

Additional file 6: of Resequencing of Capsicum annuum parental lines (YCM334 and Taean) for the genetic analysis of bacterial wilt resistance

Yang Kang, , & Tae-Hwan Jun
SNPs exerting the nonsynounymous protein changes on NBS-LRR genes. (XLSX 55Â kb)

Additional file 3: of A haplotype-based normalization technique for the analysis and detection of allele specific expression

Alan Hodgkinson, , Elias Gbeha & Philip Awadalla
Table S2 detailing the numbers of covered sites and ASE events within RNA sequencing data from 93 individuals. (XLSX 45Â kb)

MOESM8 of Bacterial community composition and fhs profiles of low- and high-ammonia biogas digesters reveal novel syntrophic acetate-oxidising bacteria

Bettina MĂźller, Li Sun, Maria Westerholm & Anna SchnĂźrer
Additional file 8: Table S5. Taxonomic distribution of OTUs at a threshold value of 97Â %.

Additional file 8: of Comparative analysis of plant immune receptor architectures uncovers host proteins likely targeted by pathogens

Panagiotis Sarris, Volkan Cevik, , Jonathan Jones & Ksenia Krasileva
Manual verification of domains predicted by high-throughput scripts with webservers for brassica, tomato, wheat and soybean. (XLSX 22 kb)

Additional file 5: of Integrating transcriptional and protein interaction networks to prioritize condition-specific master regulators

Megha Padi & John Quackenbush
Lists of enriched GO terms for the direct protein interactors of subsets of driver TFs that are ranked higher using the combined network score than either individual network. Lists correspond to the following conditions: rapamycin, diamide and menadione in yeast, and viral oncogene perturbation in humans. (XLSX 77 kb)

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