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Composites wrinkle geometry simulation data

Stephen Hallett, Robert Smith &
This repository contains numerical simulation data from a study on the influence of composite wrinkle defect geometry on compressive strength. It was conducted at the University of Bristol under the EPSRC funded Doctoral Training Programme (grant reference no. EP/L504919/1). It is in support of the paper "A numerical study on the influence of composite wrinkle defect geometry on compressive strength" by Ningbo Xie, Robert A. Smith, Supratik Mukhopadhyay and Stephen R. Hallett, published in Materials...

Controlling hybrid nonlinearities in transparent conducting oxides via two-colour excitation

Marcello Ferrera, M. Clerici, Nathaniel Kinsey & Enrico Giuseppe Carnemolla
Nanophotonics and metamaterials have revolutionised the way we think the optical space (ε,μ), enabling us to engineer the refractive index almost at will, to confine light to the smallest of volumes, as well as to manipulate optical signals with extremely small footprints and energy requirements. Significant efforts are now devoted to finding suitable materials and strategies for the dynamic control of the optical properties. Transparent conductive oxides exhibit large ultra-fast nonlinearities under both interband and...

Towards industrial ultrafast laser microwelding: SiO2 and BK7 to an Aluminium Alloy - Data

Richard Carter, Michael Troughton, Jianyong Chen, Ian Elder, Robert R. Thomson, Matthew Jan Daniel Esser, Robert A. Lamb & Duncan Paul Hand
Published data within: Towards industrial ultrafast laser microwelding: SiO2 and BK7 to an Aluminium Alloy

Rotating black hole geometries in a two-dimensional photon superfluid.

Daniele Franco Angelo Faccio & David Emanuel Frank Vocke
Data sets for publication

Optical time reversal from time-dependent Epsilon-Near-Zero media.

Daniele Franco Angelo Faccio & Stefano Vezzoli
Data sets for publication "Optical time reversal from time-dependent Epsilon-Near-Zero media."

Neural network identification of people hidden from view with a single-pixel, single-photon detector

Daniele Franco Angelo Faccio & Piergiorgio Caramazza

DNA methylation and diabetes

Hannah Elliott
Data deposited here is supplementary data for the following journal article: The role of DNA methylation in type 2 diabetes aetiology - using genotype as a causal anchor. Several studies have investigated the relationship between genetic variation and DNA methylation with respect to type 2 diabetes but it is unknown if DNA methylation is a mediator in the disease pathway or if it is altered in response to disease state. This study uses genotypic information...

CPRD codes: Severe Mental Illness

Rupert Payne
The Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD, www.cprd.com) is a large UK database of primary care health records, to which UoB has an institutional site license. CPRD is used for a range of observational primary care research such as epidemiology, pharmacovigilance and health services research. Research studies employing CPRD require the development of diagnostic and treatment code lists (based on the Read and BNF coding systems respectively). This dataset comprises code lists used in a CPRD...

PGOPHER version 10.0

Colin Western
PGOPHER is a general purpose program for simulating and fitting rotational, vibrational and electronic spectra. Included here are executables, source code, documentation and sample files for version 10.0.505 of the PGOPHER program. This is an update for version 9.1.100, also available in this repository Please also see the program web site, http://pgopher.chm.bris.ac.uk/. The program is open source, and covered by the LGPL. The documentation and other files are covered by the University of Bristol repository's...

Exploratory tactile servoing with active touch

Kirsty Aquilina, Nathan Lepora & Luke Cramphorn
EPSRC grant on tactile superresolution sensing (EP/M02993X/1). The following data was obtained from the TacTip, an optical tactile sensor integrated on a 6-dof robotic arm. Data was collected for contour following experiments location and identity data was collected over 90 deg (10 degree increments) and a 20 mm range (1 mm increments) across the edge. Data was then used to demonstrate contour following on 3 stimuli (a circular edge, a volute edge and a volute...

DS-KCF tracker code (C++ version)

Majid Mirmehdi, Tilo Burghardt, Lili Tao, Massimo Camplani, Sion Hannuna & Dima Aldamen
This repository contains the source code (C++ version 1.0) of the DS-KCF tracker published in S. Hannuna, M. Camplani, J. Hall, M. Mirmehdi, D. Damen, T. Burghardt, A. Paiement, L. Tao, DS-KCF: A real-time tracker for RGB-D data, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing (2016)

Single Molecular Precursor Solution for CuIn(S,Se)2 Thin Films Photovoltaic Cells: Structure and Device Characteristics

Devendra Tiwari & David Fermin
The PVTEAM network aims at developing materials for thin film photovoltaic technologies based on earth abundant materials and low-cost solution processing. This project is funded by EPSRC.

DILI from anti-TB treatment

Simon Collin
The aim of the project was to describe drug-induced liver injury (DILI) secondary to anti-tuberculous treatment (ATT). We identified consecutive patients who developed DILI whilst on treatment for active TB; patients with active TB without DILI were selected as controls. There were 105 (6.9%) cases of ATT-associated DILI amongst 1529 patients diagnosed with active TB between April 2010 and May 2014. Risk factors for DILI were: low patient weight, HIV-1 co-infection, higher baseline ALP, and...

Photodissociation of 2- and 3-substituted thiophenols

Barbara Marchetti, Tolga Karsili & Michael Ashfold
Photodissociation of 2- and 3-substituted thiophenols

Analytical Formulas for the Coverage of Tunable Matching Networks for Reconfigurable Applications

Paul Warr, Eyad Arabi, Mark Beach, Christy Gamlath & Kevin Morris
MATLAB m-files for the implementation of the formulas reported in the paper.

Influence of Organic Compound Functionality on Aerosol Hygroscopicity: Dicarboxylic Acids, Alkyl-Substituents, Sugars and Amino Acids

Grazia Rovelli, Aleksandra Marsh, Alexander G Cowling, Jonathan Reid & Rachael Miles
Hygroscopicity data for 36 organic compounds including amino acids, organic acids, alcohols and sugars is determined using a Comparative Kinetics Electrodynamic Balance (CK-EDB). The CK-EDB employs an electric field to trap charged aqueous droplets in a temperature and relative humidity (RH) controlled chamber. The dual micro dispenser set up allows for sequential trapping of probe and sample droplets for accurate determination of droplet water activities from 0.45 to > 0.99. Here, we validate and benchmark...

Optical implementation of spin squeezing

Jeremy L O’Brien, Takafumi Ono, Javier Sabines-Chesterking, Hugo Cable, Jonathan Matthews & Jonathan C F Matthews
Underlying data for correlated photon experiments used to demonstrate an optical implementation of spin squeezing

Data for JCP mesh publication

Christian Allen
Meshes used to create data in JCP publication

State anxiety and emotional face recognition in healthy volunteers (study two - replication)

Marcus Munafo & Angela Attwood
Experimental replication study (n = 44) investigating effects of state anxiety on emotional face processing. Participants attended one session and completed two inhalations: one of 7.5% carbon dioxide-enriched air (state anxiety condition) and one of medical air (placebo condition). During each inhalation participants completed a six-alternate forced choice task measuring recognition accuracy and sensitivity of six emotional expressions and a two alternate forced choice task measuring interpretation bias of composite emotional expressions (i.e., morphs of...

Data from \"Demonstrating an absolute quantum advantage in direct absorption measurement\"

Jonathan Matthews
Underpinning data used in manuscript entitled "Demonstrating an absolute quantum advantage in direct absorption measurement"

YFeO3 Photocathodes for Hydrogen Evolution

Veronica Celorrio & David Fermin
Data published in the manuscript entitled: YFeO3 Photocathodes for Hydrogen Evolution

CFS in the NHS

Simon Collin
NHS specialist chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) services in England treat approximately 8000 adult patients each year. Variation in therapy programmes and treatment outcomes across services has not been described. In this project, we described treatments provided by 11 CFS/ME specialist services and we measured changes in patient-reported fatigue (Chalder, Checklist Individual Strength), function (SF-36 physical subscale, Work & Social Adjustment Scale), anxiety and depression (Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale), pain (visual analogue rating), sleep (Epworth,...

Data from Measurements of the Imaginary Component of the Refractive Index of Weakly Absorbing Single Aerosol Particles (JPC A 2017)

Rose Willoughby, Bryan Bzdek, Jonathan Reid & Andrew Orr-Ewing
The interaction of atmospheric aerosols with radiation remains a significant source of uncertainty in modelling radiative forcing. Laboratory measurements of the microphysical properties of atmospherically relevant particles is one approach to reduce this uncertainty. We report a new method to investigate light absorption by a single aerosol particle, inferring changes in the imaginary part of the refractive index with change in environmental conditions (e.g. relative humidity) and inferring the size dependence of the optical extinction...

Object exploration using vision and active touch

Luke Cramphorn, Maria Elena Giannaccini, Nicholas Pestell, Emma Roscow, Nathan Lepora, Kirsty Aquilina & Benjamin Ward-Cherrier
EPSRC grant on tactile superresolution sensing (EP/M02993X/1) and Leverhulme Grant on 'Biomimetic Forebrain for Robot Touch' (RL-2016-39). The following data was obtained from the TacTip, an optical tactile sensor integrated on a 6-dof robotic arm. Data was collected for contour following experiments. Location and identity data was collected over 360 deg (20 degree increments) and a 20 mm range (1 mm increments) across the edge. Paper to be published in proceedings of IROS 2017.

Democratisation of design for functional objects manufactured by fused deposition modelling (FDM) lessons from the design of three everyday artefacts

Mark Goudswaard
This deposit contains the underlying data related to the conference publication "Democratisation of design for functional objects manufactured by fused deposition modelling (FDM) lessons from the design of three everyday artefacts"

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