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Database and spatial distribution of landslides triggered by the Lushan, China Mw 6.6 earthquake of 20 April 2013

Chong Xu, Xiwei Xu & J. Bruce H. Shyu
This inventory was originally created by Xu and others (2015) describing the landslides triggered by the M 6.6 Western Sichuan, China earthquake that occurred on 20 April 2013 at 00:02:47 UTC. Care should be taken when comparing with other inventories because different authors use different mapping techniques. This inventory also could be associated with other earthquakes such as aftershocks or triggered events. Please check the author methods summary and the original data source for more...

DES Simulation

Mariale Moreno, Fiona Charnley, Richard Court & Matt Wright
Supportive data sets for the DES simulations. Users need Annylogic to open some of this files.

HADDOCK models of mutant protein complexes

Cunliang Geng
HADDOCK models of mutant protein complexes gathered for the article: "C. Geng, A. Vangone, G.E. Folkers, L. Xue and Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin, iSEE: Interface Structure, Evolution and Energy-based random forest predictor of binding affinity changes upon mutations. 2017. Submitted".

Dataset supporting 'Design Considerations for Liquid Crystal Contact lenses'

James Bailey, Sarabjot Kaur, Helen Gleeson, Philip Morgan, John Clamp & J. Cliff Jones
Submitted data for the “Design Considerations for Liquid Crystal Contact lenses”, which has been published in “Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics”. All data has been used for the experimental analysis of samples within the publication.

Counts of Dengue reported in DOMINICA: 1962-2012

Willem Van Panhuis, Anne Cross & Donald Burke
Project Tycho datasets contain case counts for reported disease conditions for countries around the world. The Project Tycho data curation team extracts these case counts from various reputable sources, typically from national or international health authorities, such as the US Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. These original data sources include both open- and restricted-access sources. For restricted-access sources, the Project Tycho team has obtained permission for redistribution from data contributors. All...

Characterization of real aquifers using hydrogeophysical measurements. An application to the chambo aquifer (Ecuador)

Benito Guillermo Mendoza Trujillo, Francesco Macchione & Salvatore Straface
Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Idraulica per l'Ambiente e il Territorio Ciclo XXVII, a.a. 2014

Controlling Interpenetration through Linker Conformation in the Modulated Synthesis of Sc Metal-Organic Frameworks

Ross J. Marshall, Ciaran T. Lennon, Andi Tao, Hans M. Senn, Claire Wilson, David Fairen-Jimenez & Ross S. Forgan

Sampling-Agnostic Software Framework for Converting Between Texture Map Representations of Virtual Environments

Wesley Griffin, Vinay K. Sriram & Wesley Griffin
We have developed a utility to both stitch cube maps into other types of texture maps (equirectangular, dual paraboloid, and octahedral), and stitch those other types back into cube maps. The utility allows for flexibility in the image size of the conversion - the user can specify the desired image width, and the height is computed (cube, paraboloid, and octahedral mappings are square, and spherical maps are generated to have 16:9 aspect ratio). Moreover, the...

Immersion freezing dataset of kaolinite, illite, montmorillonite, microcline and Arizona test dust (ATD)

André Welti
Measurements were done with IMCA/ZINC (http://www.iac.ethz.ch/group/atmospheric-physics/research/ice-nucleation/imca.html). The raw data (non averaged) is available upon request.

Historicko-geografické determinanty OvplyvňUJÚCE zahraničnopolitickú ideovú orientáciu Ruskej federácie

Tento článok sa zameriava na identifikovanie významných historických a geopolitických udalostí, ktoré pripeli k formovaniu špecificky ruskej identity a to od jej prvopočiatkov, až po súčasné obdobie. Kultúrne povedomie ktoré vzniklo kombináciou uvedených vplyvov prispieva do formovania zahraničnej politiky Ruskej federácie nielen v jej „blízkom zahraničí“, ale taktiež v rámci širšieho ontologického vplyvu iných aktérov pri formovaní globalizačných procesov. Ontologický naratív, špecificky ruskej identity v medzinárodnom bezpečnostnom prostredí tak významne ovplyvňuje jej správanie sa na...

Black-legged kittiwake diet data from Kongsfjorden 1982-2016

Mikko Vihtakari, Jorg Welcker, Børge Moe, Olivier Chastel, Sabrina Tartu, Haakon Hop, Claus Bech, Sébastien Descamps & Geir Wing Gabrielsen
Diet datasets from Vihtakari, M., Welcker, J., Moe, B., Chastel, O., Tartu, S., Hop, H., Bech, C., Descamps, S., Gabrielsen, G.W., 2018. Black-legged kittiwakes as messengers of Atlantification in the Arctic. Sci. Rep. 8, 1178. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-19118-8 Includes wet weight (grams) and binary (presence/absence) kittiwake diet data from Kongsfjorden (1981-2016) together with explanatory variables and measurements of otoliths (width and length in millimeters) found from the diet samples. Data are organized in .csv files in tabular...

Data From Credence Cartridge Radiomics Phantom CT Scans

Dennis Mackin, Xenia Fave, Lifei Zhang, David Fried, Jinzhong Yang, Brian Taylor, Edgardo Rodriguez-Rivera, Cristina Dodge, Aaron Jones & Laurence Court
This collection consists of 17 CT scans of the Credence Cartridge Radiomics (CCR) phantom, which was designed for use in studies of texture feature robustness. The scans were acquired at four medical centers using each center’s chest protocol and were taken using GE (7 scans), Philips (5 scans), Siemens (2 scans), and Toshiba (3 scans) scanners. The CCR phantom has 10 cartridges, each with a unique texture. The first four cartridges are 3D printed ABS...

IPUMS-Demographic and Health Surveys: Version 4

Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Miriam King & Matthew Sobek
The IPUMS-DHS project harmonizes Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) data and documentation for Africa, the Middle East and Asia to facilitate comparative research across time and countries. The DHS are the main source of information on health in low- and middle-income countries. IPUMS-DHS is designed to facilitate analysis of DHS data across time and space. IPUMS-DHS adds value to the original DHS samples in the following ways: variables are coded consistently across countries and over...

High-resolution single-crystal X-ray diffraction dataset for 2,6-diaminopurine hydrate at 90K

Urszula Anna Budniak, Katarzyna Natalia Jarzembska & Paulina Maria Dominiak
The crystals of the title compound were obtained by slow solvent evaporation technique. 15 mg of 2,6-diaminopurine (approximately 0.1 mmol) was added to 5 ml of water in a glass vial and heated for ca. 15 minutes with stirring. To improve dissolving, few drops of 0.5 M NaOH solution were added. The hot mixture was allowed to cool down to the room temperature in vial, covered with a thin layer of parafilm with tiny holes...

MAVEN Remote Sensing (IUVS) instrument Data Return Files (DRF) Collection

Bruce Jakosky & Janet Luhmann
A collection of MAVEN Remote Sensing (IUVS) Instrument Data Return Files (DRFs).

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