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Ville de Trois-Rivières - Bioblitz 2012

Julie Adams
Depuis 2012, la Ville de Trois-Rivières organise des Bioblitz sur son territoire afin d'acquérir de précieuses connaissances sur la biodiversité des milieux naturels. Mené par des scientifiques et des bénévoles passionnés de la nature, cet inventaire biologique intensif permet d’orienter les décisions de la Ville. En considérant les espèces présentes dans les milieux naturels, les impacts du développement urbain sur la biodiversité peuvent être pris en compte dès le début de la planification des projets....


L.L. Zakharova, G.A. Zhorov & V.I. Dorozhkin
Negative impact on the environment as a result of economic activity of man increasingly becomes the character of combined pollution of ecotoxicants, including xenobiotics of radiation and chemical nature. In animal husbandry in ecologically unfavorable regions, sorbtion-detoxication technologies based on the complex application of bioprotective substances of different origin are used to reduce the intake and accumulation of xenobiotics, to normalize the physiological state of animals and to obtain safe products. It is necessary to...

Inventaire canadien des terres humides (ICTH) ; Région du cap Tourmente

Matthieu Allard
Données de l'Inventaire canadien des terres humides (ICTH) pour la région du cap Tourmente et créées selon la méthode développée par le Service canadien de la faune - région du Québec. Le Service canadien de la faune d’Environnement Canada, région du Québec (SCF-Qc) a produit entre 2003 et 2007 la cartographie des milieux humides pour plusieurs sites au Québec. Ces cartographies ont été réalisées dans le cadre de l’Inventaire canadien des terres humides (ICTH) initié...

Economic Growth in the Cape Colony

Johan Fourie & Jan Luiten Van Zanden
The dataset 'Economic Growth in the Cape Colony' was downloaded from the Centre for Global Economic History website, of Utrecht University (http://cgeh.nl/economic-growth-cape-colony). On these data and estimates the researchers based their reconstruction of GDP for the Cape Colony (1701-1795). In this dataset are also related data for the nineteenth century making it possible to bridge the gap between the estimates and the official series of national accounts for South-Africa starting in 1911. A large part...

Jurassic Karst

Catherine Bertrand, Hélène Celle-Jeanton, Jean-Baptiste Charlier, Cybèle Cholet, Sophie Denimal & Marc Steinmann
Hydrogeochemical monitoring of karst springs in the Jura mountains

A Summary of a #redux18 Archive

Ernesto Priego
A summary of Twitter numerical data captured from archiving #redux18, University Press Redux Conference 2018, The British Library, 13 and 14 February 2018.

This is an Excel file containing two sheets.

No sensitive, personal nor personally-identifiable data is contained in this dataset. Usernames and names of individuals were removed from text analysis results.

Text analysis performed with Voyant Tools. Frequent Terms results limited to top 30; Stop words were applied in order to remove Twitter-specific terms...

Data from: Ecosystem carbon exchange on conversion of Conservation Reserve Program grasslands to annual and perennial cropping systems

Michael Abraha, Stephen K. Hamilton, Jiquan Chen & G. Philip Robertson
Land use changes into and out of agricultural production may substantially influence ecosystem carbon (C) balance for many years. We examined ecosystem C balances for eight years after the conversion of 22 year-old Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) grasslands and formerly tilled agricultural fields (AGR) to annual (continuous no-till corn) and perennial (switchgrass and restored prairie) cropland. An unconverted CRP field (CRP-Ref) was maintained as a historical reference. Ecosystem C balance was assessed using adjusted net...

Data for Building an Open Science Framework to Model Soil Organic Carbon

Edward Flathers
As funding agencies embrace open science principles that encourage sharing data and computer code developed to produce research outputs, we must respond with new modes of publication. Furthermore, as we address the expanding reproducibility crisis in the sciences, we must work to release research materials in ways that enable reproducibility—publishing data, computer code, and research products in addition to the traditional journal article. Toward addressing these needs, we present an example framework to model and...

GNSS measurement data on the urban area of Hildesheim

Oliver Roeth
The provided dataset was recorded to be used for road map generation and comprise GNSS measurements of different accuracy levels and sources. The measurements are hereafter referred to as trajectories. The dataset includes ego trajectories of one vehicle as well as object trajectories which are measurements recorded by supervising other vehicles by using a camera relatively to the vehicle. Additionally, a lane accurate map is included which represents the centerlines of all lanes of a...

Bedroom air temperatures

E.J. Klok
During hot summer days and heat waves, bedrooms can become warm and uncomfortable, affecting the sleep quality. This dataset presents bedroom air temperatures, bedroom window positions and important bedroom characteristics (floor, orientation and roof material) to investigate factors that promote cool bedrooms.
The dataset presents air temperatures measured in 20 bedrooms of terraced houses in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during an extremely hot summer week in 2016.
The datasets also presents outdoor temperatures measured over the...

PUMA Survey 1. Insights in societal changes in Austria

Full edition for scientific use. PUMA Surveys consist of separate modules designed and prepared by different principle investigators. This PUMA Survey consists of three modules. Fieldwork was conducted by Statistics Austria.

List of global birds with ED scores and zoo holding data

A.M. Biega, A.O. Mooers, M. Lamont, A.E. Bowkett & T.E. Martin
We calculated "evolutionary distinctness" (ED) scores using an updated distribution of phylogenies incorporating a total of 10,284 extant bird species as recognized by the IUCN, based on the distribution of "Hackett backbone" trees used by Jetz et al. [2014]. The ED metric was first presented by Redding [2003], (also known as the "Fair Proportion" measure), and sums the lengths of the branches on the path from a species to the root, with each branch length...

Midden-Limburg Fish Ponds Survey

Pieter Lemmens
The Midden-Limburg dataset contains data on local habitat conditions and taxonomic community composition of multiple aquatic organism groups (phytoplankton, zooplankton, aquatic vegetation, macro-invertebrates and fish) from 38 interconnected fish ponds in the fish pond complex Midden-Limburg (Limburg, Belgium). The selection of fish ponds represents five different pond management types.

MHD Keplerian shearing box simulations with no net external flux

Farrukh Nauman
The dataset contains 256^3 (real-space resolution) for magnetorotational instability simulations using the pseudospectral code SNOOPY. One run is at 512^3.

Diel Sampling East Fork Poplar Creek 17-18 September 2015

Scott Brooks
These data were collected to study diel patterns in water chemistry along East Fork Poplar Creek to improve our understanding of controls on mercury and methylmercury sources and fluxes.

Rotation of Cometary Nuclei

Nalin H. Samarasinha, B. E. A Mueller, M. J. S. Belton & L. Jorda
This data set presents Table 1 of Samarasinha, et al. (2004): 'Information on spin states of specific comets', as published in 'Comets II' (Festou, Keller and Weaver, eds.).

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