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Web photos 2014, 3 of 3

Susan Kennedy, Jun Ying Lim, Joanne Clavel, Henrik Krehenwinkel & Rosemary Gillespie
Field photos of webs measured for web architecture analysis

Buzatto et al 2019 Behav Ecol

Bruno Buzatto, Janne Kotiaho, Larissa A F Assis & Leigh Simmons
This data file has two tabs. The first tab contains data for the heritability of mite resistance (to the mite Macrocheles merdarius) in the dung beetle Onthophagus taurus. The first column has the individual ID, the second column the ID of their father, and the third column the ID of their mother, which together comprise the pedigree information for a nested paternal half-sib/full-sib breeding design. The number of mites found on males after experimental exposure...


Alexander Skeels & Marcel Cardillo
Latitude and Longitude values for floristic surveys used in this study to identify local-scale species interactions

Spore loads and virulence data

Stephen A.Y. Gipson, Luis Jimenez & Matthew D. Hall
Data showing the influence of host sex on pathogen spore production (i.e. proliferation) and pathogen-induced reduction in host lifespan (i.e. virulence) in each of the single and co-infection treatments.

DHA meta-analysis data

Asano Ishikawa, Naoki Kabeya, Koki Ikeya, Ryo Kakioka, Jennifer Cech, Naoki Osada, Miguel Leal, Jun Inoue, Manabu Kume, Atsushi Toyoda, Ayumi Tezuka, Atsushi Nagano, Yo Yamasaki, Yuto Suzuki, Tomoyuki Kokita, Hiroshi Takahashi, Kay Lucek, David Marques, Yusuke Takehana, Kiyoshi Naruse, Seiichi Mori, Oscar Monroig, Nemiah Ladd, Carsten Schubert, Blake Matthews … & Jun Kitano
Percentage of DHA in total fatty acid were obtained from literatures. DHA contents in algae and consumers from marine and freshwater habitats were analyzed.


Lucie S. Monticelli, Le Thu Ha Nguyen, Edwige Amiens-Desneux, Chen Luo, Anne-Violette Lavoir, Jean-Luc Gatti & Nicolas Desneux
Preference and performance data of three generalist parasitoids.

Microsatellite dataset

Roberta Gargiulo, Gemma Worswick, Corinne Arnold, Lindsay Pike, Robyn Cowan, Kate Hardwick, Ted Chapman & Michael Fay

bitcoin information for part 2

Spencer Wheatley, Didier Sornette, Tobias Huber, Max Reppen & Robert Gantner
Bitcoin information used within the second section of the paper, by column: date, market cap, number of active users, average value of transaction, number of transactions per day, median value of transaction, daily volume. All openly available from bitinfocharts.com

Supplementary Table 1_19.05.13

Dilmi Perera, Ronald Ghossein, Niedzica Camacho, Yasin Senbabaoglu, Venkatraman Seshan, Juan Li, Nancy Bouvier, Agnes Viale, Nicholas D. Socci, Brian R. Untch, Mihtat Gonen, Jeffrey Knauf, James A. Fagin, Michael Berger & R. Michael Tuttle
Supplementary table to Genomic and transcriptomic characterization of papillary microcarcinomas with lateral neck lymph node metastases, published in JCEM 2019

Gene expression results

Claire McLean, Adrian Lutz, Katrina Rankin, Adam Elliott, Adnan Moussalli & Devi Stuart-Fox
Relative expression levels of genes for each skin transcriptome estimated using RSEM and Bowtie2.

Genepop file_Microsats Belgium_Estonia_Dryad

Kevin Maebe, Reet Karise, Ivan Meeus, Marika Mänd & Guy Smagghe
A 'big' Excel file consisting of seven sheets. Each sheet contains genepop data of 16 microsatellite loci of three to seven locations, each for a single bumblebee species.

Triodia data for each site with environmental co-variates

Simon Verdon, Simon Watson & Michael Clarke
Percent cover of Triodia (>45 cm tall) at each study site. Clearly labelled environmental co-variates are also included for each study site.

Dataset S1

Cristian Román-Palacios, Joshua Scholl & John Wiens
Dataset S1. Diet data for each taxon in the tree, and supporting references


Amanda J Gorton, David A Moeller & P Tiffin
This zip file contains all data files and R code used for analyses in Gorton et al. 2019 "Does adaptation to historical climate shape plant responses to future rainfall patterns? A rainfall manipulation experiment with common ragweed". Each R script has meta-data at the top of each script.

Trial Summary

Daniel B. Quinn, Daniel Kress, Eric Chang, Andrea Stein, Michal Wegrzynski & David Lentink
A spreadsheet giving the conditions for each trial in the same order as they are listed in the data files (body_full.m and head_full.m). See README file for details.


Nicole Pedersen, Clinton Edwards, Yoan Eynaud, Arthur Gleason, Jennifer Smith & Stuart Sandin
Rdata files containing habitat data for each site. Each file contains a matrix called habitat_mat, where each cell value corresponds to the habitat designation of every pixel within the site image. Values of 1 indicate unconsolidated habitat, while values of 0 indicate consolidated habitat.


Liam Zarri, Eric Danner, Miles Daniels & Eric Palkovacs
The attached file contains two tabs: (1) Data on collected green sturgeon and (2) a tab which explains columns

Osprey Wing Surface Temperature

Svana Rogalla, Liliana D’Alba, Ann Verdoodt & Matthew D. Shawkey
This data file contains wings surface temperatures of live ospreys assessed with thermal imaging. Temperature of 11 individuals (named after ring number) was measured for different wing parts and positioning: ODM = open dorsal wing (muscular part), ODF = open dorsal wing (flight feathers), OVM = open ventral wing (muscular part), open ventral wing (flight feathers), CDM = closed dorsal wing (muscular part), CDF = closed dorsal wing (flight feathers).


Daniel Wuitchik, DongZhuo Wang, Troy Pells, Kamran Karimi, Selina Ward & Peter Vize
All supplemental data including statistical analyses


Daniel Wuitchik, DongZhuo Wang, Troy Pells, Kamran Karimi, Selina Ward & Peter Vize
The normalized count table for all experiments. Details on the column headers are available in a separate file, experimental design.txt


Daniel Wuitchik, DongZhuo Wang, Troy Pells, Kamran Karimi, Selina Ward & Peter Vize
A key to column headers in the normalized count table.

Larter et al 2019 Dvdy Iochrominae development evolution DATA

Maximilian Larter, Amy Dunbar-Wallis, Andrea E. Berardi & Stacey D. Smith
Data and code used for publication "Developmental control of convergent floral pigmentation across evolutionary timescales, Larter, Maximilian, Dunbar-Wallis, Amy, Berardi, Andrea E., Smith, Stacey D.".


Hame Park & Christoph Kayser
Please see README file.


Jennifer Gremer, Chenoa Wilcox, Alec Chiono, Elena Suglia & Johanna Schmitt
Data for the vernalization experiment


Timothy Thurman, W. Owen McMillan & Andre Szejner-Sigal
A .csv file giving the GPS coordinates of each collecting site and subsite.

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