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Supporting data for the publication \"Efficacy of mulch and tillage options to reduce runoff and soil loss from asparagus interrows\"

Joanna Niziolomski, Robert Simmons & Jane Rickson
In the UK, conventional asparagus cultivation practices on sloping land, erodible soils and increased frequency of extreme rainfall events combine to promote runoff generation and soil loss, particularly from interrows. This instrumented field study investigated the interactive effect of mulch and shallow soil disturbance (working depth of 0.175 m) on reducing runoff and soil loss.

Coral pH regulation of the calcifying fluid is modulated by seawater dissolved inorganic carbon concentration, supplement to: Comeau, Steeve; Tambutté, Eric; Carpenter, Robert C; Edmunds, Peter J; Evensen, Nicolas R; Allemand, Denis; Ferrier-Pagès, Christine; Tambutté, Sylvie; Venn, Alexander A (2017): Coral calcifying fluid pH is modulated by seawater carbonate chemistry not solely seawater pH. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 284(1847), 20161669

Steeve Comeau, Eric Tambutté, Robert C Carpenter, Peter J Edmunds, Nicolas R Evensen, Denis Allemand, Christine Ferrier-Pagès, Sylvie Tambutté & Alexander A Venn
Reef coral calcification depends on regulation of pH in the internal calcifying fluid in which the coral skeleton forms. However, little is known about calcifying fluid pH (pHCF) regulation, despite its importance in determining the response of corals to ocean acidification. Here, we investigate the impact of seawater dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) concentration on calcifying fluid pH in the coral Stylophora pistillata in seawater with manipulated [DIC] and constant pH. Our results reveal that regulation...

PDE1A polymorphism contributes to the susceptibility of nephrolithiasis

, Tao Zhou &
We here provide evidence for a monogenic cause of nephrolithiasis, or kidney stones, based on an association of a polymorphism in the PDE1A gene. This variant was detected through whole-exome analysis of ten members of an affected family, as well as a case–control study of a validation cohort including over 2000 patients at our hospital.

unfolding mutation screen foldability for rhodopsin

Yuri V Sergeev & Caitlyn L McCafferty
data descriptor file

unfolding mutation screen cluster heat map for retinal pigment epithelium-specific protein 65kDa

Yuri V Sergeev & Caitlyn L McCafferty
UMS cluster map

Figure S4

Donato Giovannelli, Stefan M. Sievert, Michael Hügler, Stephanie Markert, Dörte Becher, Thomas Schweder & Costantino Vetriani
Krona plots of the results of the blastp best hit (cut off at 40% similarity) for Thermovibrio ammonificans CDS with Desulfurobacterium thermolithotrophum included in the database (A); and D. thermolithotrophum and Desulfurobacterium sp. TC5-1 excluded from the database (best hits are outside of the Desulfurobacteriaceae family) (B).

Cabauw, The Netherlands, submicron aerosol size distribution, 2012 - 2014

Jeroen Sebastiaan Henzing
submicron aerosol size distribution,Cabauw, The Netherlands, 2012 – 2014

Supplemetary Data.docx

Mai Rahmoon, Rana Youness, Asmaa Gomaa, Mohamed Tarif, , & Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz
Figure S1: NK cell killing effect against Huh-7 target cells at different effector to target (E: T) ratiosThe effect of different effector to target ratios on NK cell killing ability against its target Huh-7 cells was performed as shown in the supplementary figure. Where the ratio of E: T, 1:1 ratio showed 10% cytolytic effect, 5:1 and 2:1 showed 20% while 10:1 showed ~ 30% effect.

Supplementary Material for: Identification of Infection- and Defense-Related Genes via a Dynamic Host-Pathogen Interaction Network Using a Candida Albicans-Zebrafish Infection Model

Z.-Y. Kuo, Y.-J. Chuang, C.-C. Chao, F.-C. Liu, C.-Y. Lan & B.-S. Chen
Candida albicans infections and candidiasis are difficult to treat and create very serious therapeutic challenges. In this study, based on interactive time profile microarray data of C. albicans and zebrafish during infection, the infection-related protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks of the two species and the intercellular PPI network between host and pathogen were simultaneously constructed by a dynamic interaction model, modeled as an integrated network consisting of intercellular invasion and cellular defense processes during infection. The...


Ivan Vladimir Meza Ruiz
Esta es una colección de "tuits" en español irónicos y no irónicos (background) extraídos de la red social Twitter. La parte irónica fue curada a mano.
El procedimiento para obtener la colección fue el siguiente:
* Para los textos irónicos se extrajo "tuits" con los hashtags #ironía y #sarcasmo* De los "tuits" extraidos, manualmente se etiquetaron los que se consideraron irónicos* Para los textos de background, se extrajeron "tuits" con palabras normales, eg. donde o que* Para...

Additional file 1: Table S1. of Convergence of retrotransposons in oomycetes and plants

Kirill Ustyantsev, Alexandr Blinov & Georgy Smyshlyaev
Diversity and distribution of aRNH-containing repetitive elements identified in the Repbase Update v. 20.08 (08-30-2015) database [21]. Table S2. Diversity, distribution and selected representatives of identified aRNH-containing retrotransposons in the studied oomycete genomes. Table S3. Individual aRNHs identified in the free-living Stramenopiles species. (XLSX 40 kb)

Supporting data from Winter range expansion of a hummingbird is associated with urbanization and supplementary feeding

Emma I. Greig, Eric M. Wood & David N. Bonter
Effort data for multi-season models

Neonatal mortality in West Gojam,Ethiopia_ Data set.xlsx

Neonatal mortality rates and determinants in West Gojam Zone.

Additional file 1: of Network reconstruction of the mouse secretory pathway applied on CHO cell transcriptome data

Anne Lund, Christian Kaas, Julian Brandl, Lasse Pedersen, Helene Kildegaard, Claus Kristensen & Mikael Andersen
Table S1. The full RECON. Table S2. The core components of the protein secretory machinery. Table S3. Cytoscape Input. Table S4. Summed Spearman correlation coefficients of the individual gene pairs of sub-cluster with the functional annotation ‘protein folding’ correlation to the complete mouse transcriptome. Table S5. Differential gene expression analysis of IgG production in CHO cells. Table S6. Differential gene expression analysis of cultivation phases in CHO cells. Table S7. Differential gene expression analysis of...

External validation of a triaxial accelerometer in dogs

Ingrid Den Uijl, David Bartram, Yoni Dror, Robert Holland, Alasdair Cook & Constanza Gomez Alvarez
These are the characteristics of the dogs participating in the external validation of a triaxial accelerometer and the data from the validation. the column tag represents the tagged catgeory and the rtc is the device classification.

Corpus and Software

Simon Baker
We are constantly exposed to a large number of chemicals present in food, water, air, dust, soil and consumer products. These chemicals enter our bodies via several routes: ingestion, inhalation and dermal absorption. Many of these chemicals are known or suspected to have toxic effects that can cause disorders and diseases. Chemical risk assessment is the process of evaluating such risks, and includes exposure assessment.Exposure assessment methods include both indirect methods, such as exposure modelling...

Additional file 2: of Influence of temperature fluctuations during cryopreservation on vital parameters, differentiation potential, and transgene expression of placental multipotent stromal cells

Denys Pogozhykh, Olena Pogozhykh, Volodymyr Prokopyuk, Larisa Kuleshova, Anatoliy Goltsev, Rainer Blasczyk & Thomas Mueller
Microarray analysis. Gene regulation in the samples differentiated after cryopreservation procedures with constant temperatures and temperature fluctuations in comparison to the native cell differentiation. Genes with regulation from twofold to 10-fold. (XLSX 382 kb)

MOESM1 of Does Cimicifuga racemosa have the effects like estrogen on the sublingual gland in ovariectomized rats?

, Kai-Yu Niu, Shu-Ya Liu, Ke Wang, Wen-Juan Wang, Jing Jia, Li-Hua Qin & Wen-Pei Bai
Additional file 1. The percentage of the gap area in sublingual gland of four groups.

HiWATER: Dataset of vegetation FPAR in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

, , Xin Li, Qing Xiao, Rui Jin, Tao Che, , , , &
HiWATER: Dataset of vegetation FPAR in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

HiWATER: The Multi-Scale Observation Experiment on Evapotranspiration over heterogeneous land surfaces (MUSOEXE) Dataset - flux observation matrix (an eddy covariance system of site No.12)

, , Xin Li, Qing Xiao, Rui Jin, Tao Che, , , , &
HiWATER: The Multi-Scale Observation Experiment on Evapotranspiration over heterogeneous land surfaces (MUSOEXE) Dataset - flux observation matrix (an eddy covariance system of site No.12)

HiWATER: The Multi-Scale Observation Experiment on Evapotranspiration over heterogeneous land surfaces (MUSOEXE) Dataset - flux observation matrix (an automatic weather station of site No.7)

, , Xin Li, Qing Xiao, Rui Jin, Tao Che, , , , &
HiWATER: The Multi-Scale Observation Experiment on Evapotranspiration over heterogeneous land surfaces (MUSOEXE) Dataset - flux observation matrix (an automatic weather station of site No.7)

Full body CT scan of a Galeorhinus galeus (RMNH.PISC.36345)

Martin Brazeau, Pepijn Kamminga, Paul W. De Bruin & Jacob Geleijns
This file includes 3138 DICOM files of a female Galeorhinus galeus specimen housed in the spirit collection of Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, the Netherlands with registrationnumber RMNH.PISC.36345. The specimen is scanned in a medical CT scanner (Toshiba Aquilion 64) at the Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands at 100 kV and 150 mAs with a slice thickness of 0.5 mm.

Confined space facilitates G-quadruplex formation 8

Figure 3b and 4d-GQ in medium nanocage

Dataset Godoy et al. 2014 Ecology Letters

Oscar Godoy, Nathan J. B. Kraft & Jonathan M. Levine
This dataset contains information of the 18 different species included in the following publication
Godoy, O., Kraft, N. J., & Levine, J. M. (2014). Phylogenetic relatedness and the determinants of competitive outcomes. Ecology Letters, 17(7), 836-844.

These are a matrix containing competitive coefficients (alpha_estimates_row_is_a_target.csv), and a matrix containing information of species' vital rates (species vital rates.csv).
Cells containing NA in the file named "alpha_estimates_row_is_a_target.csv" correspond to these cases where we had little confidence in the estimate of...

S2_table Primers

Nathan Medd & Darren Obbard
A list of primers for newly discovered viruses in associated paper

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