11 Works

Soap bubbles for large-scale PIV

D. Engler Faleiros

On the creation, coherence and entanglement of multi-defect quantum registers in diamond

M.J. Degen

High Reynolds number Airfoil Experiments

Janik Kiefer

Soft robotic manipulators with proprioception

R.B.N. Scharff

Responsible Innovation in Data-Driven Biotechnology

K.R.C. Bruynseels

Rate-constrained multi-microphone noise reduction for hearing aid devices

J. Amini

In Pursuit of Success

M. Molaei

Fluid-Structure Interaction for Wind Turbines in Atmospheric Flow

Christian Grinderslev

Development and evaluation of a motorcycle riding simulator for low speed maneuvering

M. Grottoli

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  • 2021

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