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Criteria in crisis : modernist, postmodernist, and feminist critical practices.

Mary Ann Sushinsky

Nothing personal : a defense on non-libertarian incompatibilism.

Bruce C. Galbreath

Ethical theory and population problems.

Kevin E. Moon

The creation of the eternal truths and the nature of God in Descartes.

Daniel P. Kaufman

Evaluation of the oppressed : a social justice approach to program evaluation.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Freedom and responsibility : an agent-causal view.

Meghan E. Griffith

Modernizing English teacher education in China : faculty perspectives.

Timothy W. Taylor

Organize or die : exploring the political and organizational activities of the Tanzania teacher union.

Fulgence S. S. Swai

Collaborating with refugee and immigrant communities : reflections of an outsider.

Dale M. Jones

Sudanese refugee women becoming activists : the role of popular education.

Magda M. A. Ahmed

Contesting constitutional meaning : the political Constitution and the myth of judicial supremacy.

George Thomas

Exploring what counts : mathematics instruction in adult basic education.

Bonnie Blythe Mullinix

Euthanasia and counterfactual consent.

Deborah R. Barnbaum

Knowledge underground : gossipy epistemology.

Karen C. Adkins

Philosophical perspectives on play from Homer to Hegel.

Mechthild Euphrosyne Nagel

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