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Evaluation of Predicted and Observed Data on Biotransformation of Twenty-Nine Trace Organic Chemicals

Maria Bertolini
Trace organic chemicals present in household products, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products may have adverse ecotoxicological effects once they are released to the environment. These chemicals are usually transported with the sewage to wastewater treatment facilities, where they might be attenuated depending on the degree of treatment applied prior to discharge to receiving streams. This study evaluates the removal performance of 29 trace organic compounds during two different activated sludge treatment systems. Predominant attenuation...

Evaluation of the Process of Solvent Vapor Annealing on Organic Thin Films

Yi Ren
Solvent vapor annealing has recently emerged as an intriguing, room-temperature, and highly versatile alternative to thermal annealing. The chemically selective interaction between solvents and organic semiconductors opens new opportunities to selectively anneal certain components of the device, while leaving others intact. On the downside, these interactions are complex and rather unpredictable, requiring further investigation. We propose a novel methodology to investigate solvent-film interactions, based on use of an in situ quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation...

Optical and Micro-Structural Characterization of MBE Grown Indium Gallium Nitride Polar Quantum Dots

Rami El Afandy
Gallium nitride and related materials have ushered in scientific and technological breakthrough for lighting, mass data storage and high power electronic applications. These III-nitride materials have found their niche in blue light emitting diodes and blue laser diodes. Despite the current development, there are still technological problems that still impede the performance of such devices. Three-dimensional nanostructures are proposed to improve the electrical and thermal properties of III-nitride optical devices. This thesis consolidates the characterization...

Geophysical Imaging of Fault Structures Over the Qadimah Fault, Saudi Arabia

Feras AlTawash
The purpose of this study is to use geophysical imaging methods to identify the conjectured location of the ‘Qadimah fault’ near the ‘King Abdullah Economic City’, Saudi Arabia. Towards this goal, 2-D resistivity and seismic surveys were conducted at two different locations, site 1 and site 2, along the proposed trace of the ‘Qadimah fault’. Three processing techniques were used to validate the fault (i) 2-D travel time tomography, (ii) resistivity imaging, and (iii) reflection...

Wavefield Extrapolation in Pseudo-depth Domain

Xuxin Ma
Wave-equation based seismic migration and inversion tools are widely used by the energy industry to explore hydrocarbon and mineral resources. By design, most of these techniques simulate wave propagation in a space domain with the vertical axis being depth measured from the surface. Vertical depth is popular because it is a straightforward mapping of the subsurface space. It is, however, not computationally cost-effective because the wavelength changes with local elastic wave velocity, which in general...

Analysis and Modeling of Social In uence in High Performance Computing Workloads

Shuai Zheng
High Performance Computing (HPC) is becoming a common tool in many research areas. Social influence (e.g., project collaboration) among increasing users of HPC systems creates bursty behavior in underlying workloads. This bursty behavior is increasingly common with the advent of grid computing and cloud computing. Mining the user bursty behavior is important for HPC workloads prediction and scheduling, which has direct impact on overall HPC computing performance. A representative work in this area is the...

Analysis of the Complex Gross-Pitaevskii Equation for the Bose-Einstein Condensation of Exciton-Polaritons

Jesus Núñez
Considered as a fundamental step for the development of the atomic laser and quantum computing, as well as the theoretical explanation of super fluidity, the Bose- Einstein condensate (BEC) has emerged as one of the most important topics in modern physics. This project is devoted to the analysis of a condensate based on exciton-polaritons. This BEC is characterized by a high critical temperature of condensation (about 20 K) and non-equilibrium dynamics. A mathematical model called...

Nonlinear Wave Propagation and Solitary Wave Formation in Two-Dimensional Heterogeneous Media

Manuel Luna
Solitary wave formation is a well studied nonlinear phenomenon arising in propagation of dispersive nonlinear waves under suitable conditions. In non-homogeneous materials, dispersion may happen due to effective reflections between the material interfaces. This dispersion has been used along with nonlinearities to find solitary wave formation using the one-dimensional p-system. These solitary waves are called stegotons. The main goal in this work is to find two-dimensional stegoton formation. To do so we consider the nonlinear...

Modulating Function-Based Method for Parameter and Source Estimation of Partial Differential Equations

Sharefa M. Asiri
Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) are commonly used to model complex systems that arise for example in biology, engineering, chemistry, and elsewhere. The parameters (or coefficients) and the source of PDE models are often unknown and are estimated from available measurements. Despite its importance, solving the estimation problem is mathematically and numerically challenging and especially when the measurements are corrupted by noise, which is often the case. Various methods have been proposed to solve estimation problems...

Surfaces of Minimal Paths from Topological Structures and Applications to 3D Object Segmentation

Marei Saeed Mohammed Algarni
Extracting surfaces, representing boundaries of objects of interest, from volumetric images, has important applications in various scientific domains, from medicine to geology. In this thesis, I introduce novel mathematical, computational, and algorithmic machinery for extraction of sheet-like surfaces (with boundary), whose boundary is unknown a-priori, a particularly important case in applications that has no convenient methods. This case of a surface with boundaries has applications in extracting faults (among other geological structures) from seismic images...

Biofouling investigation in membrane filtration systems using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Luca Fortunato
Biofouling represents the main problem in membrane filtration systems. Biofouling arises when the biomass growth negatively impacts the membrane performance parameters (i.e. flux decrease and feed channel pressure drop). Most of the available techniques for characterization of biofouling involve membrane autopsies, providing information ex-situ destructively at the end of the process. OCT, is non-invasive imaging technique, able to acquire scans in-situ and non-destructively. The objective of this study was to evaluate the suitability of OCT...

Identification of Proteins Involved in Salinity Tolerance in Salicornia bigelovii

Octavio Ruben Salazar Moya
With a global growing demand in food production, agricultural output must increase accordingly. An increased use of saline soils and brackish water would contribute to the required increase in world food production. Abiotic stresses, such as salinity and drought, are also major limiters of crop growth globally - most crops are relatively salt sensitive and are significantly affected when exposed to salt in the range of 50 to 200 mM NaCl. Genomic resources from plants...

Interactions of Cells with Magnetic Nanowires and Micro Needles

Jose E. Perez
The use of nanowires, nano and micro needles in biomedical applications has markedly increased in the past years, mainly due to attractive properties such as biocompatibility and simple fabrication. Specifically, these structures have shown promise in applications including cell separation, tumor cell capture, intracellular delivery, cell therapy, cancer treatment and as cell growth scaffolds. The work proposed here aims to study two platforms for different applications: a vertical magnetic nanowire array for mesenchymal stem cell...

Interactive Visual Analysis for Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Amal Abdelkarim Abouelhassan Mohamed
Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells provide a promising alternative for harnessing solar energy. However, the efficient design of OPV materials that achieve better performance requires support by better-tailored visualization tools than are currently available, which is the goal of this thesis. One promising approach in the OPV field is to control the effective material of the OPV device, which is known as the Bulk-Heterojunction (BHJ) morphology. The BHJ morphology has a complex composition. Current BHJ...

Microneedle Platforms for Cell Analysis

Mincho Kavaldzhiev
Micro-needle platforms are the core components of many recent drug delivery and gene-editing techniques, which allow for intracellular access, controlled cell membrane stress or mechanical trapping of the nucleus. This dissertation work is devoted to the development of micro-needle platforms that offer customized fabrication and new capabilities for enhanced cell analyses. The highest degree of geometrical flexibility is achieved with 3D printed micro-needles, which enable optimizing the topographical stress environment for cells and cell populations...

Identification of the homing molecules that escort pluripotent stem cells-derived hematopoietic stem cells to their niches and human activated T-cells to inflammatory sites.

Amal J. Ali
Hematopoietic cells exploit the multistep paradigm of cell migration to ultimately enable them to perform their function. This process is dictated by the ability of adhesion molecules on the circulating hematopoietic cells to find their counter-receptors on endothelial cells. Of those molecules, the selectin family and their respective ligands induce the initial transient interactions between circulating cells and the opposing endothelium. In this thesis, I focused on studying E-selectin mediated cellular migration in two hematopoietic...

Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration Multilayer Membranes Based on Cellulose

Sara Livazovic
Membrane processes are considered energy-efficient for water desalination and treatment. However most membranes are based on polymers prepared from fossil petrochemical sources. The development of multilayer membranes for nanofiltration and ultrafiltration, with thin selective layers of naturally available cellulose, has been hampered by the availability of non-aggressive solvents. We propose the manufacture of cellulose membranes based on two approaches: (i) silylation, coating from solutions in tetrahydrofuran, followed by solvent evaporation and cellulose regeneration by acid...

Synthesis and Characterization of Sn2+- based and Bi3+- based metal oxides for photocatalytic applications

Dalal Noureldine
The main challenge of water splitting technology is to develop stable, visible responsive photocatalysts that satisfy the thermodynamic requirements to achieve water redox reactions. This study investigates development of the semiconductors containing metals with s2d10 electronic configuration such as Sn2+ or Bi3+ which shifts the valence band position negatively. Efficient water splitting can, however, be only achieved by understanding the fundamental semiconductor properties of underlying processes. This work elucidates the semiconductor properties through two approaches:...

Development of Strain-Induced Quantum Well Intermixing Technique on InGaP/InAlGaP Laser Structures and Demonstration of First Orange Laser Diode

Ahmad Al-Jabr
Laser Diodes (LD) have numerous applications for industry, military, medicine and communications. The first visible LD was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonyak, emitted at 710 nm (red). In 1990s, Shuji Nakamura invented the blue and green Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and later LDs. The production of LDs emitting between 532- 632 nm has been severely lagging behind the rest of the visible spectrum. Yellow and orange LDs are still not accessible due to the...

On the Performance of In-Band Full-Duplex Cooperative Communications

Mohammad Galal Khafagy
In-band full-duplex, by which radios may simultaneously transmit and receive over the same channel, has been always considered practically-unfeasible due to the prohibitively strong self-interference. Indeed, a freshly-generated transmit signal power is typically ten orders of magnitude higher than that of a naturally-attenuated received signal. While unable to manage such an overwhelming interference, wireless communications resorted to half-duplex operation, transmitting and receiving over orthogonal channel resources. Recent research has demonstrated the practical feasibility of full-duplexing...

Generation of emulsion droplets and micro-bubbles in microfluidic devices

Jiaming Zhang
Droplet-based microfluidic devices have become a preferred versatile platform for various fields in physics, chemistry and biology to manipulate small amounts of liquid samples. In addition to microdroplets, microbubbles are also needed for various pro- cesses in the food, healthcare and cosmetic industries. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) soft lithography, the mainstay for fabricating microfluidic devices, usually requires the usage of expensive apparatus and a complex manufacturing procedure. In ad- dition, current methods have the limited capabilities for...

Macromolecular Engineering: New Routes Towards the Synthesis of Well-??Defined Polyethers/Polyesters Co/Terpolymers with Different Architectures

Haleema Alamri
The primary objective of this research was to develop a new and efficient pathway for well-defined multicomponent homo/co/terpolymers of cyclic esters/ethers using an organocatalytic approach with an emphasis on the macromolecular engineering aspects of the overall synthesis. Macromolecular engineering (as discussed in the first chapter) of homo/copolymers refers to the specific tailoring of these materials for achieving an easy and reproducible synthesis that results in precise molecular characteristics, i.e. molecular weight and polydispersity, as well...

A Study on Catalysis and Electrolyte Engineering for H2/O2 Electrochemical Reactions

Tatsuya Shinagawa
Water electrolysis conjugated with renewable energy sources potentially realizes a sustainable society. Although the current electrolyzers operate at extreme pH to maximize the electrolysis efficiency, near-neutral pH conditions may optimize the overall system operation when conjugated with renewable energy sources. In this context, a study on the electrolysis in the mild conditions is essential. The dissertation investigates the water electrolysis in various conditions, with a particular focus placed on milder conditions, to rationalize and improve...

Flood and Traffic Wireless Monitoring System for Smart Cities

Mustafa Mousa
The convergence of computation, communication and sensing has led to the emergence of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), which allow distributed monitoring of physical phenomena over extended areas. In this thesis, we focus on a dual flood and traffic flow WSN applicable to urban environments. This fixed sensing system is based on the combination of ultrasonic range-finding with remote temperature sensing, and can sense both phenomena with a high degree of accuracy. This enables the monitoring...

Efficient Techniques of Sparse Signal Analysis for Enhanced Recovery of Information in Biomedical Engineering and Geosciences

Furrukh Sana
Sparse signals are abundant among both natural and man-made signals. Sparsity implies that the signal essentially resides in a small dimensional subspace. The sparsity of the signal can be exploited to improve its recovery from limited and noisy observations. Traditional estimation algorithms generally lack the ability to take advantage of signal sparsity. This dissertation considers several problems in the areas of biomedical engineering and geosciences with the aim of enhancing the recovery of information by...

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