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Petrofiction in America: From the 1970s to the Present

Wenjia Chen

Essays on Empirical Microeconomics: Effects of Law Intervention

Tsung-Yu Ho

Gut Reactions: Quantitative Predictions of the Responses of Human Gut Microbiota to Medical Interventions

Amy Langdon

Modeling Semantic Structure and Spreading Activation in Retrieval Tasks

Abhilasha Kumar

Genetic Variations in the Regulation and Biosynthesis of Polycyclic Tetramate Macrolactams

Yunci Qi

A Novel Function of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in Regulating Type 2 Immune Responses

Hannah Miller

Text Adjuncts and Comprehension with University Level Second Language Readers

Huan Liu

Dissecting the neural circuits mediating pain-induced negative affect and drug-seeking behaviors

Tamara Markovic

Deceptively Ingratiating Shapes: The Feminist Politics of Popular Genre in Twentieth-Century British Fiction

Grace Lillard

Essays in Household Finance and Labor and Finance

Rodrigo Moser

Transcriptional Control of Dendritic Cell Function and Development

David Anderson Iii

The Role of Soil Microbes in Improving Tallgrass Prairie Restoration and Rare Plant Reintroduction

Rachel Becknell

Three Essays on Competition and Misconduct

Parasuram Balasubramanian

Potentiation of TMEM16A Currents by CLCA1 in Cystic Fibrosis Airway

Kayla Berry

Psychological Construct Validity

Caroline Stone

Essays in Financial Economics

Leifu Zhang

Glial inflammatory responses regulate neurocognitive recovery following viral encephalitis

Allison Soung

Computational Analysis of Non-CpG DNA Methylation in the Mammalian Nervous System

Dennis Wu

Surface Modification of II-VI Semiconducting Nanocrystals

Calynn Morrison

Developing Methods for Diversifying Molecular Scaffolds Directly on a Microelectrode Array

Nai-Hua Yeh

Targeting the PHGDH-mTOR Metabolic Axis in Osteosarcoma

Richa Rathore

Light-Directed Growth of Semiconductor Nanomaterials by Photoelectrodeposition

Chu Qin

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