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Finding my voice through the arts: Becoming wide-awake to the rhythms of my own drum

Nuri Yang
My thesis is an arts-based inquiry into discovering my voice through poetry, narrative, and Korean drum. My fundamental purpose is to examine what it means to reflect on my lived experiences and to bring my poetic voice onto the page, and into the world. I employ multiple methodologies, including poetic inquiry and embodied ways of inquiry in my exploration of identity. My thesis integrates theoretical and artistic elements which include poems, personal narratives, and a...

Glacial History and Landform Genesis in the Lac de Gras Area, Northwest Territories

Anna Haiblen
The Quaternary geology of the Lac de Gras area was studied by 1:20 000 surficial geology mapping of 770 km2 and investigating the genesis of enigmatic landforms. Three distinct flow directions of the Laurentide Ice Sheet are recorded: flow to the southwest, then west, and finally to the west northwest. Digital mapping with high-resolution orthoimagery and a 30 cm lidar DEM provides insight into the deglacial history. ‘Subglacial meltwater corridors’ are prominent in the area....

Performing identity at the arts edge: Developing radio memoir through the excavation of living inquiry

Elaine Harder
In this thesis, I explore how community radio is a pedagogical and artistic platform that fosters personal agency, memoir, transformation and the unfolding of identity. Within the forum of an arts-based radio program, I witness how music, lyrics, broadcasting and personal reflections merge to inspire the surfacing of life’s lost moments, a collection of personal memories. This discovery evolves into a narrative loop between broadcaster and self, which leads to the excavation and interweaving of...

The role of adaptive behaviour in migratory counts of shorebirds

David Hope
Shorebird population status and trends are commonly generated from counts made at migratory stopovers, where large numbers are concentrated at few locations. Shorebirds migrate long distances, encountering changing and unpredictable conditions. The ability to respond with adjustments in behaviours such as site selection, timing and routing, is likely essential. In this thesis I examine how the adaptive behaviour of migrants affects the use of stopover sites, and hence how many shorebirds are counted. I develop...

Is Donald Trump a trendsetter for Canadians? The effect of Trump and national identity on support for immigration

Steven Nuss
Recent Canadian research highlights a tension. President Trump may be responsible for a potential weakening of the social norms surrounding Canadian identity. Trump’s effect, however, is mitigated when Canadian identity is salient. Given that research shows that Canadians have routinely defined themselves as welcoming of immigrants and multicultural, why Trump has this influence, and the further impact of either Trump himself or Canadian identity on reported support for immigration during the Trump presidency are both...

Development and evaluation of an in vitro model of exercise for studying AMPK signaling dynamics in skeletal muscle

Kyle Dumont
Exercise promotes AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) signaling in skeletal muscle, where it functions to enhance the expression of fitness-promoting genes. The magnitude of the adaptations depends in part on the dynamics of AMPK signaling; however, the time course of AMPK signaling remains poorly characterized. The purpose of my thesis was to develop and evaluate electrical stimulation of cultured C2C12 myotubes as a method to study AMPK signaling dynamics. I confirmed that differentiation resulted in contractile...

Modeling empathy in embodied conversational agents

Özge Nilay Yalçın
Embodied conversational agents (ECAs) are designed with the goal of achieving natural and effortless interactions with humans by displaying the same communication channels we use in our daily interactions (e.g. gestures, gaze, facial expressions, verbal behaviors). With advances in computational power, these agents are increasingly equipped with social and emotional capabilities to improve interaction with the users. Recently, research efforts are focused on modeling empathy, which is a human trait that allows us to share...

Microfauna at Tse’K’wa: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Peace River Region, Northeast British Columbia

Roxanne Alisha Pendleton
The transition from the late Pleistocene to the early Holocene is known to have been a time of dramatic climatic and environmental changes, however there is still much that is not known about this period in North America. The Peace River Region of Northeast British Columbia is especially interesting because it is located in the hypothesized biogeographic corridor, allowing previously uninhabitable land to become open for colonization by plants, animals and humans at the end...

Scour pool incision in bedrock canyons

ZhiHao Cao
A flume experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of lateral constrictions on the initiation and evolution of scour pools in bedrock canyons. Results show that lateral constriction can initiate the formation of a scour pool. Deceleration of the flow upstream of the constricted canyon promotes alluviation, while flow acceleration through the canyon prevents a permanent sediment cover from developing. The elevation difference upstream and through the canyon causes flow and sediment to plunge towards...

in several times

Linnea Gwiazda
in several times is a choreography of space, memory and the body. Developed from personal stories, family history and nostalgic association, the work aims to create a place in which several times and environments can be remembered and acknowledged simultaneously. The process of creating this work began with a trip to spaces that held significance to my family, searching for traces of the past in the present, and the recollection of senses that connect my...

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