14 Works

Understanding the conservation gaps to threatened Alpine flora.

Blake Perkins

A taxonomic revision of the genus Hydnora (Hydnoroideae, Aristolochiaceae).

Sebastian Hatt

Patterns and drivers of crop diversity in the highlands of southwest Ethiopia.

Chris Rampersad

Diversity and evolutionin Urochloa grasses for the application in sustainable tropical forage systems.

Lizo Masters

Do functional and floral uniqueness vary with environmental stress gradients?

Michael Rees

A green deal for seeds might not be a good deal.

Rida Ajmal

Thermal fingerprints of oily seedsand their consequences on longevityfor long term storage

Antonia Martin

Exploring the Phylogenetic Distribution of Drug-Like Compounds in the Kingdom Fungi .

Edie Burns

Factors affecting lichen reproduction, a case study in the genus Cladonia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota).

Ling Moran

Resolving the species complex Diospyros ferrea (willd.) Bakh. (Ebenaceae).

Edgard Mestre Serra

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