164 Works

Using mosquito excreta to enhance mosquito-borne disease surveillance

Ana L. Ramírez

Using mathematical models to develop tuberculosis control strategies in Bangladesh

Md Abdul Kuddus

Pornography's influence on men's sexual relationships and attitudes toward women

Daniel Miller

Sleep, watch, and extended cognition in Spenserian epic and Shakespearean drama

Stephanie Rhea Dawn Schierhuber

Housing the Homeless: housing crisis and caravan parks – a Bourdieusian perspective

Geraldine Mallinson

Modelling the drying kinetics of fresh-water and salt-water macroalgae

Craig Walker

Ecological structure and processes on disturbed coral reefs

Karen Michelle Chong-Seng

Clinicopathological characteristics of pancreatitis in Far North Queensland

Richard Clive Turner

Molecular profiling of immunity to infectious disease using human challenge models

Martha Maria Cooper

Development of a small-volume resuscitation fluid for trauma victims

Hayley Louise Letson

Skin cancer diagnosis and surgical management in general practice

Clare Heal

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  • 2021

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