164 Works

Ecological structure and processes on disturbed coral reefs

Karen Michelle Chong-Seng

Clinicopathological characteristics of pancreatitis in Far North Queensland

Richard Clive Turner

Molecular profiling of immunity to infectious disease using human challenge models

Martha Maria Cooper

Development of a small-volume resuscitation fluid for trauma victims

Hayley Louise Letson

Skin cancer diagnosis and surgical management in general practice

Clare Heal

How do coral reef fishes develop into athletes?

Adam Tyler Downie

The impacts of microcredit on rural Vietnamese households

Chung Thanh Phan

Ranaviral infection in Australian freshwater turtles

Wytamma Wirth

Photochemical transformations of quinones under batch and continuous-flow conditions

Madyan Adnan Yaseen

Current approaches in managing food allergy in Australian settings

Michael John Sheridan

Enhancing diabetes self-management through mobile phone application

Damilola Mary Adu

Diversity, phylogeography and taxonomy of hard corals in the genus Porites

Tullia Terraneo

The anti-colitic properties of hookworm protein Na-AIP-1

Geraldine Buitrago

Use of waste glass as aggregate and cement replacement in concrete

Nafisa Tamanna

Epigenetic effects of temperature on sex change in barramundi, Lates calcarifer

Alyssa Budd

Assessing the impact of coral reef community management in the Kingdom of Tonga

Patrick Smallhorn-West

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