164 Works

Movement of an exploited coral reef teleost across multiple temporal and spatial scales

Leanne Margaret Currey

Social learning and its role in anti-predator behaviour by coral reef fishes

Rachel Penelope Manassa

Conservation challenges of wet-tropical nature reserves in north-east India

Nandini Velho

Patterns of secondary forest recovery in two soil types

Claudia Paz

Behavioural and neurobiological changes mediated by TNF-α signalling in the CNS

Marie Lou Camara

The movement of things: tracing eighteenth-century Polynesian artefacts from HMS Pandora

Jasmin Ii Sabai Günther

Fluctuation statistics and non-renewal behavior in nanoscale quantum transport

Samuel Rudge

Writing in role: a creative new process to engage and motivate students in literacy

Sylvia (Sam) Barta

Predictive spatio-temporal modelling with neural networks

Hong-Bin Liu

The colours of coral reef fishes

Christopher Rae Hemingson

Regulation of the immune system during experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis in gene-deficient mice

Jessica Christine Kling

Innovative antifouling technologies: microtexture and metal

Matthew John Vučko

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