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Strategies for Molecular Therapy of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Patrick Dunant

Isolierung und Charakterisierung von Iridoviren

Frank Just
We describe the isolation and characterization of an iridescent virus from commercially produced colonies of Gryllus bimaculatus in Germany, which showed apparent mortality. Transmission electron microscopy studies on adult cricket specimens revealed the paracrystalline assembly of icosahedral virus particles in the cytoplasm of hypertrophied abdominal fat body cells. The infecting agent could be cultivated in the lepidopteran cell line sf-9, where it caused cytopathogenic effects such as cell hypertrophy, cytoplasmic vacuolization, and cell death within...

Die Beteiligung jüdischer Ärzte an der Entwicklung der Dermatologie zu einem eigenständigen Fach in Frankfurt am Main

Henry George Richter-Hallgarten

New routes for the synthesis of novel aceanthrene green, phenazine and azaperylene dyes and lateral ring extension of aceanthrene green dyes

Sherif Abdel moez Mohamed Ahmed Aly

Statistical incorporation of metabolites in the genome-wide association study approach

Ann-Kristin Petersen

Die antibakterielle Wirkung von Haaren nach der Verwendung von antibakteriellen Shampoos beim Hund

Anne Isabell Kloos

Multiple molecular components contribute to genotype specific compatibility of the root nodule symbiosis

Jasmin Gossmann

A collagen cell carrier seeded with autologous urothelial cells for reconstructive surgery of the urethra

Lisa Daum
Tissue Engineering (TE) ist ein neuer therapeutischer Ansatz, um dem Mangel an Spenderorganen oder -geweben gerecht zu werden. Er zielt darauf ab, Ersatzorgane herzustellen, um die Organfunktion des Empfängers zu verbessern oder zu ersetzen. Die drei Grundprinzipien des TE beinhalten die Nutzung von: 1) isolierten Zellen oder Zellersatz, 2) Signalmolekülen wie Wachstumsfaktoren, die die Zellproliferation fördern und 3) Matrices, das heißt natürlichen oder synthetischen Trägermaterialien. Durch die Nutzung von Biomaterialien als Trägermaterial können autologe zellbasierte...

Bioresponsive HES-PEI conjugates for controlled shielding and deshielding of pDNA polyplexes

Matthäus Noga

Tonometrie am Vogelauge mittels TonoVet und TonoLab im Vergleich zum TonoPenXL

Henrik Tandler

Complex queries and complex data

Johannes Niedermayer
With the widespread availability of wearable computers, equipped with sensors such as GPS or cameras, and with the ubiquitous presence of micro-blogging platforms, social media sites and digital marketplaces, data can be collected and shared on a massive scale. A necessary building block for taking advantage from this vast amount of information are efficient and effective similarity search algorithms that are able to find objects in a database which are similar to a query object....

Dynamical effects in fluid complex plasmas

Mierk Schwabe
Complex plasmas consist of neutrals, ions, electrons and additional micrometer-sized grains. Fluxes of plasma particles onto the grain surface charge it, and the microparticles interact with each other. When the particles are illuminated, e.g., with a laser, recording the scattered light allows to perform fully resolved kinetic studies at all relevant frequencies, e.g., the Einstein frequency, Debye frequency, and plasma frequency. In this thesis, dynamical effects in fluid complex plasmas are investigated using the PK-3...

Der Kommentar zum Jin Ping Mei

Sandra Mikli

Longitudinal modeling of growth in children from birth to adolescence and the potential influence of diet

Zhengcun Pei
Obesity is a major public health challenge. Modeling growth and identifying children at risk of being overweight in early life is essential for effective prevention and intervention. To date, longitudinal studies from birth to adolescent are rare, and crucial period in childhood for overweight in future life is unclear. In addition, apart from known risk factors of overweight or obesity, further research on other potential risk factors is necessary. Even though it is well accepted...

Tatort und Schauplatz. Repräsentation und Rezeption sexueller Gewalt gegenüber Frauen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst

Alexandra Mackel
Die Dissertation mit dem Titel "Tatort und Schauplatz. Repräsentation und Rezeption sexueller Gewalt gegenüber Frauen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst" beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, wie sich Kunstschaffende – weiblich wie männlich – dem Thema sexueller Gewalt gegenüber Frauen nähern, mit welchen Strategien sie reale oder fiktive Taten künstlerisch darstellen und wie sie die Rezeption durch die Betrachter steuern. Hierbei geht es nicht „nur“ um körperliche Gewalt, sondern um eine seelische tief greifende Verletzung und das...

Auswirkung der Kastration auf die Lokomotion von Wallachen

Brigitte Maria Seemann

Variabilität der Konzentration von IGF-I

Miriam Stuetzel

Auf Kraft basierender Nachweis biomolekularer Wechselwirkungen im Chipformat

Dominik Ho

Cross-cultural comparisons of empathy and its influencing factors in first-year medical students

Sarah Gasperi
The growing interest in examining empathy in the field of medicine results from the fact that being empathetic not only increases the patient’s satisfaction in the physician-patient relationship but also facilitates the diagnostic process and improves the clinical outcome. In 1977 empathy in medical students was measured for the first time in Australia; numerous investigations on empathy at medical schools all over the world followed. Most of them revealed a higher empathy score in females...

Investigations on protein adsorption to coated glass vials

Kerstin Höger

Behavioral phenotypes of mice lacking cannabinoid CB1 receptors in different neuronal subpopulations

Ana Luisa Bernardes Terzian
Abnormalities in social behavior are found in almost all psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, depression, autism and schizophrenia. Thus, comprehension of the neurobiological basis of social interaction is important to better understand numerous pathologies and improve treatments. Several evidences suggest that an alteration of cannabinoid CB1 receptor function could be involved in the pathophysiology of such disorders. However, the role of CB1 receptor is still unclear and its localization on different neuronal subpopulations may produce...

Effects of antiparasitic treatment for argulosis on innate immune system of a cyprinid fish (Fathead Minnow; Pimephales promelas, Rafinesque 1820)

Teresa Maria Merk
Parasitic diseases in European aquaculture continue to pose economic and ecological threats to farmed and wild fish populations. The primary infection with ectoparasites can open the door to secondary or super- infections caused by bacterial and viral pathogens. Specifically, the infection with Argulus foliaceus (fish louse) in freshwater cyprinid fish such as common carp (Cyprinuscarpio) can increase production losses in affected aquaculture operations, or stocked water bodies. However, current veterinary drug use regulations in Germany...

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