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Auswirkungen chronischer Rückenschmerzen auf die Okulomotorik

Antonia Fritz

Wirksamkeit, Verträglichkeit und Sicherheit von Cannabisarznei bei chronischen Schmerzen

Kathrin Schacherbauer

Bioactive agents and their effect on dentin bond strength

Franziska Beck

Molecular characterization of EGF-mediated invasion in a 3D cellular model

Jiefu Zhou

Challenges in the development of drug device combination products for biopharmaceuticals

Fabian Alexander Moll

Integrative analysis and visualization of multi-omics data of mitochondria-associated diseases

Po Yee Annie Yim

Self-organization in heterogeneous biological systems

Laeschkir Lukman Würthner
Self-organization is an ubiquitous and fundamental process that underlies all living systems. In cellular organisms, many vital processes, such as cell division and growth, are spatially and temporally regulated by proteins -- the building blocks of life. To achieve this, proteins self-organize and form spatiotemporal patterns. In general, protein patterns respond to a variety of internal and external stimuli, such as cell shape or inhomogeneities in protein activity. As a result, the dynamics of intracellular...

Contextual effects in Bayesian inference of interval timing

Xiuna Zhu

Structural and functional characterization of the INO80 chromatin remodelling complex

Kevin Schall
DNA is the carrier of the genetic information in all kingdoms of life. Cells face the challenge to pack DNA and ensure its integrity on the one hand while enabling access to the genetic code on the other hand. This holds in particular true for eukaryotes, whose genomes are typically larger than those of prokaryotes and organized in multiple linear DNA molecules, termed chromosomes, within the nuclear envelope. Their genetic information is stored as a...

Comparison of two vitrification-systems, Cryotop® versus VitTrans, in biopsied bovine embryos

Nuria Gonzalez Rodriguez

Charakterisierung von CXCR6-modifizierten Mesothelin-spezifischen CAR T-Zellen im Pankreaskarzinommodell

Stefan Stoiber

Die Dynamik von Forschung und Gesellschaft

Daniel Kurzawe
Wie sind Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft verzahnt und welche Auswirkung haben soziale Prozesse auf die Entwicklung wissenschaftlicher Theorien? Dieses Buch beschreibt einen Rahmen für die übergreifende Betrachtung der Wissenschaft. Von der Wissenschaftstheorie ausgehend werden soziologische wie gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Perspektiven in einer Computersimulation zusammengeführt. Eine eigens in Prolog entwickelten Simulationsumgebung bildet die Grundlage für konkrete Simulationsexperimente und zeigt so Querbeziehungen zwischen verschiedenen Betrachtungsebenen mit entsprechenden Einflussfaktoren auf wissenschaftliche Prozesse. Gefragt wird zum Beispiel danach, welche Auswirkungen Plagiate auf...

Determinanten lokaler Tumorkontrolle im Rahmen des multimodalen Behandlungskonzepts bei primären retroperitonealen Weichteilsarkomen

Andreas Benjamin Hofmann

Commissioning of the high-resolution comb-calibrated spectrograph at the Wendelstein Observatory and development of calibration and fitting software packages for the hunt of exoplanets

Hanna Kellermann
In order to answer humanity's ancient question of other life within the Universe, a widely approved starting point is the search for planets in orbit around stars other than our Sun. The effort to find these so-called exoplanets has been steadily advancing throughout the last 25 years. Besides photometric instruments, high-resolution spectrographs are an essential tool in this search for these new worlds. The Wendelstein Observatory in the Bavarian Alps in Germany is a facility...

Predicting outcome in patients undergoing mitral valve transcatheter edge-to-edge repair for secondary mitral regurgitation

Lukas Stolz
BACKGROUND: Transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (M-TEER) is the most commonly used non-surgical treatment technique for patients with relevant secondary mitral regurgitation (SMR) and heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). A broad variety of studies and registries have identified different survival predictors after M-TEER and hence outlined the importance of meticulous preprocedural patient selection. So far, two major possible outcome predictors have not been evaluated in the setting of M-TEER treated SMR. First, anatomic and functional...

Wet chemical precipitation of ZnO from Cl-rich solutions

Kai Kevin Tandon
Recently, the supply of raw materials has come more into focus and with it the potential of waste as a source of secondary raw materials. Municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ash is regarded as hazardous waste due to its high content of easily soluble salts, heavy metals, and persistent organic pollutants. Therefore, it is disposed of in special landfills, either directly or after processing by stabilization/solidification techniques or recycled underground as filler. The usual...

The measurement of S-adenosyl methionine in situ

Lennart Hartmann

Sofortimplantation versus Spätimplantation in der Zahnmedizin

Lilian Ohling

Anwendung nicht-medikamentöser Maßnahmen zur Reduktion prozeduraler Belastungen und Schmerzen

Marian Mollenkopf

Das frühneuzeitliche Augsburg im perspektivischen Blick

Susanne Sofie Josties

Pflege und soziale Ungleichheit

Ariane Baum

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