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Repositioning Transit

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Metabolic Index for Midwater Ecosystems

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Oxygen Deficient Zone (ODZ) Dimensions

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UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise

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Canada Basin Acoustic Propagation Experiment (CANAPE)

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Arctic Productivity

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships (STEMSEAS)

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Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI): Cabled Array

Injection-molded composites based on recycled carbon fibers and natural fibers

Mihaela Mihai, Karen Stoeffler, Ellen Lee, Harry Lobo & Dan Houston
Carbon fibers (CF) currently have an increased utilization in automotive applications due to their low density, excellent mechanical properties, low thermal expansion, high chemical resistance, and high temperature tolerance. Products such as out-of-date prepregs, manufacturing cut-offs, testing materials, production tools and end-of-life components (essentially coming from the aerospace industry) generate an increasing amount of CF containing waste, from which recycled carbon fibers (rCF) can be extracted. Those rCF are very attractive for the automotive industry...

Process scale-up and optimization for production of high efficacy oral rabies vaccine

Amine Lamen, Chun Fang Shen, Stephane Lanthier, Andrew Beresford, Johnny Montes & Andrew Beresford
Rabies is an important causative agent of disease resulting in an acute infection of the nervous system and death of the individual. Rabies remains an important public health program in developing countries, and the indigenous threat of rabies continues in developed countries because of wildlife reservoirs. Globally, there are about 55,000 fatal human cases of rabies each year [WHO, 2007]. Control of rabies in wildlife remains an important challenge for government offices. There are numbers...

Markers for drought tolerant wheat

Adrian Cutler, Allan Feurtado, Diaquing Huang, Mark Smith, Kevin Koh, Dustin Cram, Carla Barber, Ron Knox, Yuefeng Ruan & Richard Cuthbert
Find stress-related genetic markers to be used in plant breeding.

Genetic improvement of photosynthetic efficiency in wheat

Raju Datla, Vivijan Babic, Prakash Venglat, Daoquan Xiang, Rui Wen, Edwin Wang, Richard Cuthbert, Jas Singh, Curtis Pozniak, Matthew Reynolds & Gemma Molero
Identify and characterize new gene targets (GT) involved in photosynthetic efficiency.

Fusarium Head Blight resistant Canadian wheat through genomics

F. Fobert, W. Zhang, K. Boyle, T. Francis, P. Gao, B. Polley, F. Jiang, L. Wang, L. Forseille, A. Sharpe, G. Fedak, Z. Roblen Djama, R. Cuthbert, R. Knox, R. DePauw, F. Eudes, H. Randhawa, R. Graf & A. Brule-Babel
Accelerate the production of Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) resistant wheat varieties; specifically to pursue potential new and native resistance from AAFC varieties FL62R1 and Emerson.

New gene targets for drought and WUE in wheat

Raju Datla, Rui Wen, Vivijan Babic, Prakash Venglat, Daoquan Xiang, Edwin Wang & Richard Cuthbert
Discovery of signaling factors (SF) and their functions in drought and WUE (Water Use Efficient); Develop wheat lines with improved WUE.

Improving genetic diversity in wheat: development of NAM resource

Andy Sharpe, Bianyun Yu, Wentao Zhang, Peng Gao, Christine Sidbottom, Prabath Lokuruge, Carling Clarke, Dustin Cram, Pierre Fobert, Richard Cuthbert, Ron Knox & Curtis Pozniak

Improvement in wheat doubled haploidy

A. Ferrie, J. Brost, K. Caswell, J. Enns, K. Nelson, S. Polvi, I. Roewer, B. Trowell, H. M. Huang, F. Eudes & F. Jiang
To lower the cost of production of true-breeding double haploid lines used in wheat breeding.

Metabolomics profiling of wheat resistance

Mira Cuperlovic-Culf, Lipu Wang, Pierre Fobert, Kishore Rajagopolan, Michele Loewen, Forseille Li, Kerry Boyle, Nadine Merkley, Ian Burton, Nora Foroud, Paul Hazendonk, Susan McCormick & Martha Vaughan
Develop metabolomics methods for analysis of wheat resistance for fungal pathogens.

Developing novel rust disease resistance approaches in wheat

Vinay Anwar, Pierre Fobert, Guus Bakkeren, Brent McCallum & Mark Jordan
Host-induced gene silencing technology for combating cereal rust diseases by targeting pathogenicity-associated factors in rust pathogens.

DisResc: self-organized and flexible distributed resource cluster

Christopher B. Hauser
The idea of DisResc is to place workloads with different requirements on heterogeneous resources, while both the requirements and the resources are considered. The overall goals are to better utilise (heterogeneous) data centres, provide better user experiences by selecting the best matching hardware for a workload, and to allow different workload types like virtual machines, containers or HPC jobs side by side in one data centre. DisResc is the vision to build a cluster management...

Young Researchers Academy MedTech in NRW - YRA

Daniel Erni
ISBN 978-3-940402-10-3

Canaries in the Text Mine: Fair Use Rights and Text+Data Mining with Licensed Content

Brandon Butler
Slides from a webcast on the scope and availability of fair use for text and data mining on licensed content.

The Use Of Message-Driven Workflows On The Service Bus Pattern for Indexing Fedora Repositories

Adam Soroka
Paper discusses workflows for indexing Fedora Repositories.

Cruise FK170124 on RV Falkor

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Sea to Space Particle Investigation

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