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Plastic fuel tank deformation in the post blow molding phase due to material shrinkage and deformation

Mohammad Usman, Syed Ahmad, Zohir Benrabah & Haile Atsbha
29th Annual Blow Molding Conference and Exhibits, Oct. 8-9, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia

OCT Phantoms Initiative

Anant Agrawal, Brendan Kennedy, Guy Lamouche, Pete Tomlins, Bobby Mote & Krishan Agrawal
The OCT Phantoms Initiative was created to facilitate and accelerate the development of those phantoms which are of most relevance to the OCT community. We will present the results of a survey that was carried out to clearly prioritize the needs which phantoms could address, to facilitate the continued development of OCT. Based on the analysis of this survey, we will present the next proposed steps of the Initiative.

Proton Ceramic Cell (PCC) electrical performance and reliability under reversible (electrolysis) operation : status and prospects

Yeong Yoo
Prospects Proton Ceramic Cells (PPCC) 2013: International Workshop on Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells Status and Prospects, July 10-12, 2013, Montpellier, France

Daylight and view are (mostly) good for us: Why?

Jennifer A. Veitch
This one-hour webcast was based on recently released research regarding the physiological and psychological effects of windows, daylight and view. The review touched on all aspects of lighting effects on occupant health and well-being from both visual performance through non-visual processes and effects.

LED systems could benefit individuals, employers and environment

Jennifer A. Veitch
Exciting advances in lighting technologies will deliver a better future if we apply them intelligently, remembering what we already know about delivering good lighting quality. Over fifteen years of laboratory and field research that has led us to conclude that better office lighting delivers benefits to individuals, their employers, and the environment. We now ask how we might apply this knowledge to the development of LED lighting systems. Our past research focused on the benefits...

Work in progress: validation of an oligonucleotide microarray for the detection of Brucella spp. virulence genes

Alfreda Tonelli, Mélanie Arbour, Massimo Ancora, Monaco Federica & Lelli Rossella
The primary aim of this study was to create a diagnostic microarray for the identification of Brucella sp. of clinical importance in both the medical and veterinary field. The microarray should be able to identify other organisms that may cause abortions in animals or that may elicit an immunological response similar to that of Brucella sp. Oligonucleotide probes were designed specific to the most common species found to cause zoonotic pathologies; the sequences were designed...

Improved sequence-based orthologs identification using genomic context information and their impact on pathway analysis in plants

Dan Tulpan, Serge Lger, Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf & Youlian Pan
With the advent of sequencing techniques, a deluge of plant genome projects have emerged, all prompting for accurate and high throughput comparative genomic approaches such as orthology prediction. The current incompleteness, polyploidy and low coverage of most plant genomes prompt for further improvements of orthology prediction using evolutionary-related information such as sequence variability and gene order. While a majority of orthology prediction approaches for large genome-scale datasets typically relies on reciprocal-best-BLAST-hits (RBBH), they suffer from...

Codes and standards

G. D. Lougheed
Short Course - Smoke Control and Smoke Management: 26 May 2010, Carleton University, Ottawa

Smoke management and control

Gary Lougheed & Luc Saint-Martin
Combustion products, including smoke and carbon monoxide, can have major effects on the life safety of occupants. This presentation will examine our understanding of the dynamics of smoke movement in the built environment. It will also report on recent research on issues arising from various technologies and approaches to smoke management, and on the interaction between smoke control and sprinkler systems.

Web-integration of PROAFTN methodology for suicide risk assessment

Nabil Balacel, Serge Léger, Diane Cormier, Helene Fournier & Suzanne Robichaud
Studies indicate that Suicide is generally a complication of a psychiatric disorder. More than 90% of suicide victims have a diagnosable psychiatric illness, and most people who attempt suicide have a psychiatric disorder. Moreover, 50% of people who commit suicide had sought professional help within one month of the act. This fact affords an opportunity for prevention. The high level of medical intervention before suicide is possible and effective prevention. Careful assessment of physical and...

Full-scale experiments to investigate a smoldering sofa fire incident

G. D. Lougheed
Fire Investigation Professional Development Seminar: 18 November 2009, Regina, S.A.

Fire performance of houses. Phase 1. Study of unprotected floor assemblies in basement fire scenarios

Joseph Z. Su
Building Standards Board of the Province of Manitoba, June 16 2010, Winnipeg Manitoba

Laser-induced incandescence (LII) for the measurement of atmospheric black carbon

Gregory Smallwood
Council on Optical Radiation Measurements 2012 Annual Technical Conference, 29 May - 1 June 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The agile approach to learning design

Stephen Downes
Panel discussion on the use of agile development methodologies in learning design. My own contribution was to highlight the pitfalls of this approach., and I pointed out that learning design is very different from software design - indeed, are we doing agile "learning design", or design for "agile learning"?

3D simulation of pinch and welding using form 3D

Benrabah Zohir & Bardetti Anna
53rd SIGBLOW and 37th SIGFORM Meeting, Novembre 19, 2015, Detroit MI USA

Improvement in wheat doubled haploidy

A. Ferrie, J. Brost, K. Caswell, J. Enns, K. Nelson, S. Polvi, I. Roewer, B. Trowell, H. M. Huang, F. Eudes & F. Jiang
To lower the cost of production of true-breeding double haploid lines used in wheat breeding.

BIM: going beyond the design suite

John Dickinson
Construct Canada, November 28-30, 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada

Colloidal clay gelation: relevance to current oil sands operations

P. H. J. Mercier, S. Ng, K. Moran, B. D. Sparks, D. M. Kingston, L. S. Kotlyar, J. Kung, J. R. Woods, B. Patarachao & T. McCracken
8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, 26 August 2009, Montreal, QC Canada

Hydrocarbon electrolytes with nitrile groups for direct methanol fuel cells

Stefan Hürter, Martin Müller, Michael D. Guiver, Ludmila Scoles & Detlef Stolten
19th World Hydrogen Conference 2012, June 7th, 2012, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gonioreflectometry of diffusely reflecting and regularly reflecting surfaces

Réjean Baribeau
CORM 2012 (Council for Optical Radiation Measurements), 29 May-1 June 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Light source flicker: what we need to know, and why you should care

Jennifer A. Veitch
2013 Biannual Joint Meeting of CIE/USA and CNC/CIE, November 7, 2013, Davis, CA, USA

Laboratory testing of pavement crack sealants

Otto J. Svec, J. F. Masson & M. Gervais
Roadware 97 4th International Road Conference: 10 June 1997, Prague, Czech Republic

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