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Cruise HOT-067 on RV Moana Wave

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Hawaii Ocean Timeseries (HOT), Cruise 67

Potentials of stored Rainwater as an alternative water resource to meet the increasing water demand: A case study

T. Tamama, T. Kawasaki & Y.Nakayama
Detention/storage of rainwater instead of its quick removal is an effective control measure for urban drainage. As well as its peak-cut effect, multi-purpose use of stored rainwater is expected as an on-site water resource. Though Japan is not an arid area (annual average precipitation is 1,718mm/year) serious water supply shortage arises at times in some urban areas, due to the heavily concentrated population or industrial activities and the relatively small catchment area. Utilization of stored...

Cruise SAV-15-24 on RV Savannah

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ONR Science and Technology Demonstration

Integrated Simulation of the Berlin Sewage System and Evaluation of a global Real-time Control Concept

K. Schroeder, R. Mannel, E. Pawlowsky-Reusing & J. Broll
The paper presents the build-up of a model for the integrated simulation of the sewage system of Berlin, Germany, focusing on the catchment of the wastewater treatment plant Ruhleben. The Ruhleben catchment, draining 185 km\302\262 and a population of 1.38 million inhabitants is characterised by its high portion of combined sewerage. The model comprises the collection system, pump stations, pressurised mains and the wastewater treatment plant. Hydraulic and quality processes are taken into account. A...

Particle Statistics (NMC_96wt_0bar)

Martin Ebner
Project "X-ray Tomography of Porous, Transition Metal Oxide Based Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes"

Cruise AE1702 on RV Atlantic Explorer

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Transit to shipyard

A field observatory in urban drainage: the OTHU project \342\200\223 a five year experience

B. Chocat, L. Bacot, S. Barraud, P. Breil, F. Malard, J.C. Varnier & T. Winiarski
OTHU is an on-site observatory that aims to study the different processes encountered all along the urban water cycle associated with urban drainage. The OTHU project is also a research organisation comprising fifteen research laboratories working in a wide range of complementary fields including geography, climatology, hydrology, soil mechanic, soil science, hydraulic, chemistry, biology, social sciences, and economy. The research project is based on data acquisition from 5 sites where continuous monitoring of climatic parameters,...

Cruise BH16-01 on RV Blue Heron

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Particle Statistics (NMC_96wt_600bar)

Martin Ebner
Project "X-ray Tomography of Porous, Transition Metal Oxide Based Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes"

Cruise SP1220 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Testing

Konzeption eines Bezugsrahmens zur Analyse und Entwicklung von Geschäftsmodellen mobiler Gesundheitsdienstleistungen

Rüdiger Breitschwerdt & Michael Heß
Die Nachfrage nach mobil erbrachten Gesundheitsdienstleistungen steigt an. Dabei ist IT‑Unterstützung verfügbar, Dienstleistungsorganisationen in der Domäne müsen aber mit knappen Budgets und einem Engpass an Fachkräften zurechtkommen. Gleichzeitig wird eine hohe Servicequalität vorausgesetzt. Es sind Hilfestellungen nötig, damit die Dienstleister die Versorgung hochwertig gestalten können. Im vorliegenden Beitrag wird hierzu ein Bezugsrahmen entwickelt, der die konfigurative Gestaltung entsprechender Geschäftsmodelle unterstützt.

Entwicklung und Stand der Disziplinen Wirtschaftsinformatik und Information Systems

Carola Lange
Zur Rekonstruktion der Entwicklung und des Status der Disziplin Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI) wurden sechs Interviews mit namhaften Forschern und Zeitzeugen der WI durchgeführt. Dieser Forschungsbericht enthält die Interpretation der zugehörigen Interviewtranskriptionen und präsentiert die Ergebnisse entsprechend der thematischen Strukturierung des Interviewleitfadens. Er betrachtet dabei u. A. die Gründung der Disziplin, typische Forschungsmethoden und -gegenstände, die Entwicklung der Lehre und die Bedeutung der Praxisorientierung. Es wird dabei deutlich, dass die WI von den befragten Wissenschaftlern als durchaus...

Raw Data (NMC_96wt_2000bar)

Martin Ebner
Project "X-ray Tomography of Porous, Transition Metal Oxide Based Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes"

Cruise MAGM01MV on RV Melville

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MAGMA Expedition, Leg 1

PIDapalooza 2018

ORCID, DataCite, Crossref & California Digital Library
PIDapalooza 2018 - the open festival for persistent identifiers.

Relevance and Success of IS Teaching and Research

Carola Schauer
This report is part of a series of publications on the status and development of the North-American Information Systems (IS) field and Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI), its counterpart in German speaking countries. Information systems in businesses and organizations are the main subject of research in IS and WI. Hence, both disciplines are applied fields of research. Thus, the valuation of research results and graduates by business practice are vital indicators for the disciplines’ status and success.

Flow and heat transfer characterization for supercritical CO2 during heat rejection

Sandeep Pandey, Eckart Laurien & Xu Chu

Vergleich von Steuerbarkeitsmetriken anhand eines strukturelastischen Roboterarms mit mehreren Schwingungsebenen

Freia Irina John, Jörn Malzahn & Torsten Bertram
Abstract zum Tagungsbeitrag

Cruise OC393 on RV Oceanus

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Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in the Hudson/NJ Shelf

Determining the background concentration of contaminants in a stormwater wetland

T.M. Kasper & G. A. Jenkins
Urban stormwater wetlands have been widely embraced by the community as a beneficial part of the stormwater infrastructure. Although a reasonably large body of research has been undertaken into the treatment efficiency of wetlands during storm events, relatively little is known about inter-event processes. Environmental effects such as wind direction and speed, wildlife and other anthropogenic activities have a significant impact on these processes. The development of a suitable model of these processes is limited...

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