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Plastic fuel tank deformation in the post blow molding phase due to material shrinkage and deformation

Mohammad Usman, Syed Ahmad, Zohir Benrabah & Haile Atsbha
29th Annual Blow Molding Conference and Exhibits, Oct. 8-9, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia

OCT Phantoms Initiative

Anant Agrawal, Brendan Kennedy, Guy Lamouche, Pete Tomlins, Bobby Mote & Krishan Agrawal
The OCT Phantoms Initiative was created to facilitate and accelerate the development of those phantoms which are of most relevance to the OCT community. We will present the results of a survey that was carried out to clearly prioritize the needs which phantoms could address, to facilitate the continued development of OCT. Based on the analysis of this survey, we will present the next proposed steps of the Initiative.

Tissue simulating phantoms for optical coherence tomography

Brendan Kennedy, Guy Lamouche, Charles-Etienne Bisaillon, Kelsey Kennedy, Andrea Curatolo, Gord Campbell & David Sampson
We review the development of phantoms for optical coherence tomography (OCT), specifically those designed to replicate the optical, mechanical and structural properties of a range of tissues. Standardized phantoms are a key requirement for the continued development of OCT techniques and applications. We focus on phantoms based on silcone, fibrin and poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogels, as we believe these materials are the most suitable for durable and accurate replication of tissue properties.

High throughput low-cost technologies for the manufacturing of PEMs with reduced in-plane swelling

Asmae Mokrini
Hydrogen Fuel Cells 2013, June 16-19, 2013, Vancouver, British Columbia

Laser-ultrasonics for metallurgy : overview and latest developments at NRC

André Moreau, Daniel Lévesque, Sujay Sarkar & Arcelor Mittal
First International Workshop on Laser-Ultrasonics for Metallurgy, November 13-14, 2013, Vancouver, B.C.

Polyolefin/NCC composites processed by water-assisted extrusion

Karen Stoeffler, Alfred C. W. Leung, Nathalie Legros & John H. T. Luong
TAPPI 2013 : International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials, June 24-27, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

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