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Dissolved organic carbon, total petroleum hydrocarbons and and toxicity assay results for Bemidji, MN (2018)

Barbara A Bekins, Jennifer M. Illig, Isabelle M Cozzarelli, Jennifer C Brennan, Donald E Tillitt & Dalma Martinovi-Weigelt
In crude-oil-contaminant plumes the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is mainly hydrocarbon degradation intermediates only partly quantified by the diesel range total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPHd) method. To understand potential biological effects of degradation intermediates we tested three fractions of DOC: (1) solid phase extract (HLB); (2) dichloromethane (DCM-total) extract used in TPHd; and (3) DCM extract with hydrocarbons isolated by silica gel cleanup (DCM-SGC). Bioactivity of extracts from five wells spanning a range of DOC was...


& Shayne Urbanowski

USGS Chesapeake Sediment Synthesis

Gregory B. Noe, Katie Skalak, Matthew Cashman, Allen Gellis, Kristina G Hopkins, Cliff R Hupp, Douglas L. Moyer, Brakebill W John, Mike Langland, Andrew J Sekellick, Adam Benthem, Kelly Maloney, Qian Zhang, Dianna Hogan, Gary Shenk, Jeni Keisman & James Webber
A synthesis to summarize the state of knowledge of sediment in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, in order to guide management actions on the landscape for the restoration of the watershed and estuary.

Video presentation on \"Fog and Low Cloud Cover Maps for North and Central California\"

Alicia Torregrosa
This video presentation describes FLCC indices and several example applications. Monthly, annual, and decadal FLCC digital maps (indices) were derived for June-September 1999-2009 for coastal California from the Oregon border to Pt. Arguello from 26,000 hourly night and day Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) images FLCC indices can improve analyses of biogeographic and bioclimatic species distribution models; understanding meteorological mechanisms driving FLCC patterns; solar energy feasibility studies; investigations of ecohydrology, evapotranspiration, and agricultural irrigation demand;...

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