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Cruise EN311 on RV Endeavor

Cruise KOK1704 on RV Ka`imikai-O-Kanaloa

Dimensions 2015

Cruise KN151-04 on RV Knorr

Cruise KOK1610 on RV Ka`imikai-O-Kanaloa


Cruise KOK1613 on RV Ka`imikai-O-Kanaloa


Cruise KOK1619 on RV Ka`imikai-O-Kanaloa


Cruise KOK1609 on RV Ka`imikai-O-Kanaloa

PISCES Mobe - install telearm & dunk tests with test dive

Cruise KM1706 on RV Kilo Moana

ROV test cruise

Cruise EN594 on RV Endeavor

Seabed Acoustics

Cruise EN599 on RV Endeavor


Cruise EN600 on RV Endeavor

ECOGIG-2 Biogeochemistry Cruise 2017

Cruise RR1702 on RV Roger Revelle

Deep ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) Buoy Maintenance

Cruise RR1708 on RV Roger Revelle

Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography

Cruise RR1710 on RV Roger Revelle

LTER: CCE Phase III: Ecological transitions in an Eastern Boundary Current Upwelling Ecosystem

Cruise RR1713 on RV Roger Revelle

OOI-Cabled Array Operations and Maintenance

Cruise SR1703 on RV Sally Ride

Science Verification Cruise: Piston coring in the Tanner Basin

Cruise SR1710 on RV Sally Ride

Papa Global Site of the OOI Coastal and Global Scale Nodes

Open Access Week 2017

Hier finden Sie alle Poster und Postkarten, die während der Veranstaltungen der Open Access Week 2017 an der UB vorgestellt wurden.

Towards cloud-centric distributed database evaluation

Daniel Seybold
The evolvement of cloud computing pushed the rethinking of traditional web service architecture from monolithic structures to distributed systems, which will benefit from the cloud offers such as resource pooling or rapid elasticity. Whereas the distribution of the mostly stateless business logic services fits well for distribution in the cloud, the distribution of stateful database services is more challenging. Hence in parallel to the evolvement of cloud computing, distributed databases moved in the focus of...

Das Bildarchiv der ETH-Bibliothek

Nicole Graf

Cruise SP1622 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

SIOB280 Biological Oceanography Student cruise

Cruise SP1702 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

ONR Laser Test

Cruise SP1709 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

UUV Observations of Langmuir Cells: Waves, Mixing, Bubbles

Cruise SP1712 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

SIO 136 - Undergrad Marine Biology Field Techniques

Cruise FK160511 on RV Falkor


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