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Svetlana Boym: Exile and Imagination: Discussion, Screening

Judith Wechsler
This one-hour documentary released in 2017 engages with the life and work of Svetlana Boym (1959-2015), literary and cultural critic, media artist, novelist, playwright, and 2003 fellow at the American Academy in Berlin.

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Automatic Domain Adaptation Outperforms Manual Domain Adaptation for Predicting Financial Outcomes

Marina Sedinkina, Nikolas Breitkopf & Hinrich Schütze
In this paper, we automatically create senti- ment dictionaries for predicting financial out- comes. We compare three approaches: (i) manual adaptation of the domain-general dic- tionary H4N, (ii) automatic adaptation of H4N and (iii) a combination consisting of first man- ual, then automatic adaptation. In our experi- ments, we demonstrate that the automatically adapted sentiment dictionary outperforms the previous state of the art in predicting the finan- cial outcomes excess return and volatility. In particular,...

Sentence Meta-Embeddings for Unsupervised Semantic Textual Similarity

Nina Poerner, Ulli Waltinger & Hinrich Schütze
We address the task of unsupervised Seman- tic Textual Similarity (STS) by ensembling di- verse pre-trained sentence encoders into sen- tence meta-embeddings. We apply, extend and evaluate different meta-embedding meth- ods from the word embedding literature at the sentence level, including dimensionality re- duction (Yin and Schu ̈tze, 2016), generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis (Rastogi et al., 2015) and cross-view auto-encoders (Bolle- gala and Bao, 2018). Our sentence meta- embeddings set a new unsupervised State of...

Language in mind and brain

Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer (Ed.), Franziska Günther (Ed.) & Hans-Jörg Schmid (Ed.)
The question of how human language works is investigated by neuroscientists, psycholinguists and linguists, but there are important differences in their approaches. The aim of the workshop “Language in Mind and Brain” was to bridge the gap between the different research traditions and to explore and expand their common ground in order to contribute to an interdisciplinary, more integrated investigation of human language. Researchers from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science and linguistics discussed the...

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Stemseas Transit to Barbados

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LAMP development

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Post P-side of lo N:P Transit

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Transit to Narragansett, RI due to Covid 19

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UNOLS Transit Policy

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Cameron Thrash

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