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Cruise SR2104 on RV Sally Ride

Sonar Commissioning

Cruise AR55 on RV Neil Armstrong

Shelf Break Acoustics: An Integrated Approach for Studying Underwater Acoustic Sensitivity, Localization and Inversions (TFO NESBA)

Cruise WS21143 on RV F.G. Walton Smith


Cruise HRS2107 on RV Hugh R. Sharp

MB HRS 21-07

Cruise HRS2108 on RV Hugh R. Sharp

MB HRS 21-08

Cruise SP2124 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

SIO 60

Futures Beyond Trauma

Stéphanie Benzaquen-Gautier & Afonso Dias Ramos
In the last decades, the vexed intersections between trauma and representation have proved to be among the most fruitful grounds for contemporary visual culture around the globe. Artists constantly develop new strategies to explore the expectations, experiences, and effects of grievous events, thereby challenging conventional configurations between truth and reality, fact and fiction, history and memory. In light of these critical concerns, this session brings together four prominent visual artists to present their own works...

Cruise MGL2105 on RV Marcus G. Langseth

Queen Charlotte Fault Leg 1

Cruise AE2019 on RV Atlantic Explorer

BATS 375/Hydro 1394

Cruise SP2006 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

ET5 Sea Test

Cruise OC2003A on RV Oceanus

Oregon Oceangoing Research Vessel Program

Cruise SP2003 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul


Cruise RR2002 on RV Roger Revelle


Cruise SR2006 on RV Sally Ride


Cruise SKQ202012S on RV Sikuliaq


Cruise SKQ202010S on RV Sikuliaq

LTER Mixotrophy

Cruise SAV-20-02 on RV Savannah

Wilmington, Morehead City, NC ODMDS

Cruise WS20230 on RV F.G. Walton Smith

South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Program

Cruise SAV-20-06 on RV Savannah

Educational INST Cruise

Cruise SAV-20-03 on RV Savannah

UGA Edu - Harper ABAC

Cruise SAV-20-04 on RV Savannah

Mooring Turnarounds

Cruise SAV-20-05 on RV Savannah


Cruise SP2012 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

Passive Sonar

Cruise SP2013 on RV Robert Gordon Sproul

SIOC 218B / Del Mar

Cruise AE2101 on RV Atlantic Explorer

BATS 10377/Hydro 1399/Hydro 1400

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