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Neues Herzzentrum in Heidelberg

Hugo Katus

Eine Chance für den Dschungeltempel

Hans Georg Bock

Leben wir in einem neuen Zeitalter?

Frank Keppler

Neues Museum für die Sammlung Prinzhorn

O. Verf.

Team anderthalb : Energie, Leistung und Arbeit

Karlheinz Meier

Such Are the Customs of Baltimore: a History of Segregation

Elizabeth M. Nix
Oct. 27, 2015 -- A History of Segregation in Baltimore -- This talk, given by Elizabeth Nix, a professor at the University of Baltimore, brought examples of structural racism and white privilege to light by talking about the history of Baltimore and how that history has resulted in discriminatory patterns and policies and segregation in Baltimore. Elizabeth Nix is a professor of legal, ethical, and historical studies at the University of Baltimore and coeditor of...

Paul Taylor: The Man Behind the Dance

Elizabeth Walton, Bill Shewbridge, Exsul Van Helden, Devin Conner, Fernando Tosti & Baltimore County. University Of Maryland
Summary: "A revealing glimpse into the mind of one of the most celebrated American choreographers in an interview by Elizabeth Walton, a dancer from Taylor's original company. She knows just what to ask him. The usually reserved and enigmatic Taylor opens up and we discover a fascinating persona."--Container.

Through the Eyes of a WWI Combat Engineer: 31st annual Bishop Lecture

Virginia A. Dilkes & Fernanda Perrone
The annual Louis Faugères Bishop III lecture, which typically features diverse topics on book and manuscript collecting, printing history, and the use of rare books and manuscripts by scholars. In its thirty-first iteration, Dr. Virginia A. Dilkes speaks about her father’s experiences during WWI, the subject of her book, "Remembering World War I: An Engineer's Diary of the War."

Moms & Meds: Navigating Pregnancy and Psychiatric Medication

Dina Fiasconaro, Lucas Cullen, Brian Brooks, Corey Chaney, Craig Johnston & Joe Cipriano
Moms & Meds: Navigating Pregnancy and Psychiatric Medication is a feature documentary film that explores the options women face when they want to have children, but take psychotropic medication for mental illness. The film follows multiple women who are dealing with this issue. Other interviewees include doctors, advocates and family members who influence, and are affected by, these decisions. The film focuses on the personal stories of the women, and the many facets, both positive...

The Google Books Settlement: How Will It Affect Libraries, Scholarship, Publishing, and Reading?

Robert Sewell, James Masschaele, Marlie P. Wasserman & Nancy Kranich
Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) and the School of Communication and Information (SCI), Rutgers University, hosted a panel discussion on the Google Books settlement on April 30, 2009. The program was co-sponsored by the Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (SAPAC) of RUL, the Library and Information Science Series, and the Center for Cultural Analysis and introduced by James P. Niessen, chair of SAPAC. The panel consisted of Nancy Kranich (RUL and SCI); Marlie Wasserman (Director, Rutgers...

Tod und Auferstehung in L. A. - Patrick Roth liest aus „Die amerikanische Fahrt“ und „Die Christus Trilogie“

Patrick Roth, Michaela Kopp-Marx & Jan Stievermann


Greg Walsh, Allison Druin, Elizabeth Foss, Evan Golub, Mona L. Guha, Leshell Hatley & Elizabeth Bonsignore
In this video we describe Energy House. Energy House is a game designed with the Cooperative Inquiry Method through the Layered Elaboration technique. Children power items in a virtual house by jumping up and down

Layered Elaboration Video

Greg Walsh, Allison Druin, Mona L. Guha, Elizabeth Foss, Evan Golub, Leshell Hatley, Elizabeth Bonsignore & Sonia Franckel
As technology for children becomes more mobile, social, and distributed, our design methods and techniques must evolve to better explore these new directions. This paper reports on "Layered Elaboration," a co-design technique created to support these evolving needs. .Layered Elaboration allows design teams to generate ideas through an iterative process in which each version leaves prior ideas intact while extending concepts. Layered Elaboration is a useful technique as it enables co-design to take place asynchronously...

Heidelberger Poetikdozentur 2017 - Frank Witzel: Die Durchführung des Romans

Frank Witzel

Heidelberger Poetikdozentur 2017 - Frank Witzel: Die Vorbereitung des Romans

Frank Witzel & Friederike Reents

"How Love Develops"

Robert J. Sternberg

Whatever the cost

(:Unkn) Unknown

"Mi Noche Buena"

Gisela Moore
“Mi Noche Buena” is a four-part collection consisting of a research paper; storyboard, illustrated storybook and accompanying 10-minute animated video of the story. The original storybook illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator. The page layouts and pagination for the storybook were created using Adobe InDesign. The character rigging and animations were created using Adobe Character Animator. Final production for the video was completed using Adobe After Effects and audio editing was completed using Adobe Audition....

Synthetische Evolution – Erkenntnisse und Anwendungen

Karlheinz Meier

Evolution des Universums

Eva Grebel

Ursprünge, Umbrüche, Umwege: Sechs Millionen Jahre Mensch

Friedemann Schrenk

Evolution von Kultur bei Primaten

Claudia Fichtel

Abschiedsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Paul Kirchhof

Paul Kirchhof

Der Amerikanische Protestantismus und der Kulturkampf um die Evolutionslehre

Jan Stievermann

Chancen und Risiken von emotionaler und sozialer Robotik in der Altenhilfe

Barbara Klein

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