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Register of Voters 1904, Bedminster Township

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Somerset County voter registration ledger for the year 1904. 266 residents listed in Bedminster Township and surrounding communities including Peapack, Gladstone, Lamington, Pluckemin and Pottersville. Certified by members of the "Board of Registry and Elections" on the start and end dates of registration: Sept. 13, 1904 and Nov. 1, 1904

Drawings of St. Joseph's Church and church bells dedication

No Name Supplied
Two drawings, side by side (postcard format). One is of the exterior of St. Joseph's Church in Camden, N.J. The second drawing is an altar scene which shows the church bells prepared for a dedication ceremony. The caption on the postcard is in Polish and reads "In commemoration of a dedication of the bells at St. Joseph church."

Apparent Klan gathering in Far Hills area

Clarence Dillon Public Library
A gathering of what appears to be the Ku Klux Klan.

Women at Cedar Creek Railroad Bridge, Egg Harbor City, NJ

No Name Supplied
This photograph is looking up-stream. It is a view of the Pennsylvania Rail Road bridge over the Cedar Creek which is located in Egg Harbor City, NJ. There are two women sitting on the left side of the bridge. Louise Townsend is to the right. The other woman is unidentified.

Town of Lambertville, Hunderdon County 1869

Lambertville Homestead Association
Map includes listing of officers and directors of association.

Denarius - Sydenham 823 - Crawford 410/8

No Name Supplied
Moneyer not otherwise known. This series includes denarii featuring each of the muses, as well as Hercules Musarum.

Entrance Gates, Rutgers College, and Somerset Street, New Brunswick, N.J.

New Brunswick Free Public Library
Color postcard, with postmark date of January 1908, featuring one of four entrance gates to Rutgers College. This one, located at George and Somerset Streets, is the Class of 1883 Memorial Gates. These gates were erected in 1904 by the Class of 1883, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of its graduation. Designed by architect Frederick P. Hill, a member of the class, the gates were redesigned in 1929 to adapt to modern taste and...

Cape Henelopen, Delaware-New Jersey 1984

Delaware Geological Survey State Of Delaware

Riparian & stream survey

No Name Supplied
Project: S-F2-198Scale: 1:1200Drainage Basin: Passaic River

Dr. Thornthwaite being interviewed by radio station KYW with an arieal view of Seabrook as backdrop

No Name Supplied
Dr. Thornthwaite being interviewed by radio station KYW with an arieal view of Seabrook Farms as a backdrop. Dr. Thronthwaite invented the "comptometer" and is explaining this to the interviewer.

Canvassing Book 1900, Bedminster NJ

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Canvassing Book from 1900 listing names of residents of Bedminster and surrounding communities for purposes of voter registration.

Egg Harbor City Train Villainy

No Name Supplied
This photograph, found among the photos of Louise Townsend Sculthorpe, was taken on the train tracks near Egg Harbor City, circa 1918 - 1920. Two men are clearly pictured, one bound helplessly to the tracks, the other laughing down at his apparently terrified victim. The oncoming train on the horizon adds further interest to this remarkable image.The playful villain may be Thomas Sculthorpe of Whiting, NJ.

"Mr. JACL" visiting Seabrook

No Name Supplied
"Mr. JACL," Sam Kido, visiting Seabrook Farms.

Far Hills, Snowstorm - album page 2, image 3 of 4, 1925

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Digging out after the storm, at the north end of Pluckemin

Millburn Township, Essex County, New Jersey

No Name Supplied
This is one in a series of 455 mid 20th century fire insurance maps produced by the Fire Insurance Rating Organization of New Jersey.

Checking out tires on vehicle at Seabrook Farms

No Name Supplied
Seabrook Farms personnel checking out tires. Pictured here are Jimmy Michelle and Al Kuehn.

Riparian & Stream Survey

No Name Supplied
Sheet 1: Map shows plan for bridges in Robinsons Branch, as well as water depths and coordinates of specific points.Sheet 2: Map shows plans for Monroe Street Bridge, Pennsylvania Railroad, and Elizabeth Avenue Bridge.Sheet 3: Map shows plans for Monroe Street Bridge and others, as well as water depths.Sheet 4: Map shows plans for various bridges in Union County, and also includes water depths.

Miguel Gonzalez working on visors

No Name Supplied
Miguel Gonzalez from Cuba, working on visors. NJ Headwear Corporation, Jersey City, NJ. July 14, 1997.

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