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P. oceanica HE1 - 2015-07-09 12.07.23

Jean-Pierre Hermand & Olivier Debeir
Original image acquired by the Hamamatsu slide scanner

Laodicea Undulata 01

Peter Schuchert
Photos of hydromedusae used for DNA extractions

"Cognitive Alternatives to Interiority"

Lisa Zunshine
[from pp. 151-52:] "Not only do we ourselves treat fictional characters as if they were capable of a broad variety of mental states (as real people are) to make sense of the story when we first read it; not only do we casually refer to these characters’ and the author’s mental states in our subsequent discussions with students; not only do we introduce more “people” into our conversation, such as Freud, Derrida, and Marx, and...

Epic212521166: A Transiting Planet Candidate Discovered In Campaign 6 Data From The K2 Mission

Suzanne Aigrain, Hannu Parviainen & Benjamin Pope
In the process of visually inspecting a random selection of targets with Kepler magnitude Kp<12 from K2 campaign 6, we identified EPIC 212521166 as a transiting planet candidate. The figure shows the K2 light curve of this object. The top and bottom panels show the SAP and PDC versions of the light curve, respectively. Both have been normalised by dividing them by their median, and only observations with null quality flag are shown.

Services Of As Cr Library In The Area Of Scientific Publications (Not Only) For As Cr Institutes

Jana Doleželová, Zdeňka Chmelařová & Petra Bártková
Since 1994, the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has been the coordinator of bibliographic database ASEP, which contains the records of publishing activities of 54 institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR). Bibliographic records are collected in the Institatunional Repository of the ASCR, data is saved in the librarian system Advanced Rapid Library (ARL), the data is published as an on-line catalogue. The article describes...

Programmatic Animations - Cheat Sheets

Michael Hennings, Jan-Peter Krämer, Joel Brandt & Jan Borchers
Complimentary material for the paper "An empirical study of programming paradigms for animation": Cheat Sheets handed to participants in the study to explain the required APIs.

3Rd Acse Robot Rescue And Search Competition

 Xiaotian Dai, Seyed Amir Tafrishi & Yingyi Kuang
X. Dai, S.A. Tafrishi, and Y. Kuang. “3rd ACSE Robot Rescue and Search Competition”. University of Sheffield, First Runner-up Team, Master Shifu Robot, May

3Rd National Competition Of Line Follower And Fire Fighter Robots

Seyed Amir Tafrishi & Hossein Karimkhani
S.A. Tafrishi and H. Karimkhani. “3rd National Competition of Line Follower and
Fire Fighter Robots”. Tabriz, Iran , First line follower programmed with Cortexm3
Processor, Rougeknight Robot, 20-21 Sep. 2012. Link to board designs and all the codes:

fresh and dried leaf shapes

Dominik Tomaszewski
Scans of fresh and dried leaves of 22 plant taxa. All leaves from a taxon were collected on one day and marked with a unique number. The leaves were then scanned. Scanned leaves were placed in a herbarium press. The plants were dried in the press for 5-7 days at ambient temperature. Dried leaves were rescanned the same way as fresh ones. \r\n

Scholarly 3D-Pdf Example

Axel Newe & Axel Newe
This is an example of an interactive 3D-PDF, as it could be published as a supplementary file for a scholarly article. Please note that the preview below does not support interactive 3D features. You need to download the file and open it with Adobe Reader.

Ophrys holoserica (O. fuciflora)

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Ophrys sphegodes

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Biotop: Nassstandort, Flachmoor

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Biotop: Nassstandort

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Ophrys provincialis (O. sphegodes subsp. provincialis)

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Biotop: Wälder

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Biotop: Alpweiden

Hans R. Reinhard
Frei zum Herunterladen

Ophrys aurelia

Jean Grob
Frei zum Herunterladen

Oberägeri, Kurhaus / Erholungsheim Ländli

Werner Friedli
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Werner Friedli
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