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Mongiardini, Giovanni Antonio (13.08.1760-21.06.1841)

Isometric projection of tetrahedron representing the system: Supplement 4 from "The texture, origin, and emplacement of the granitic rocks of Glenlyon range, Yukon, Canada" (Thesis)

Richard Bradford Campbell
In Glenlyon range the older pre-intrusive rocks include quartzo-feldspathic schists (Ambibolite facies) with minor carbonate and lime-silicate rocks of the Yukon group overlain by a succession of limestones and slates and phyllites (green schist facies) of the Harvey Group. These rocks form the north limb of an east-west trending anticlinorium. The Drury quartz monzonite is intruded into the axial region of the anticlinorium. This mass grades continuously from a biotite granodiorite core to an outer...

Portrait of Habib Giries Kattan's daughter-in-law Dorothy, wife of George Kattan, c.1949

Freja Howat-Maxted, Leila Sansour, Holly Stepp & Jacob Norris
This image is a digital reproduction of a black and white photograph donated by William Kattan.
The image features Dorothy Kattan (wife of George Kattan, son of Habib Giries Kattan) and her son Stephen as a baby, most likely taken in a photography studio in the UK after the second World War.
This image exists as part of the Kattan Family Photos collection within the William Kattan project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.

Mountain Legacy Project: Corbin - Albert Campbell Termain Sheppard

Eric Higgs
The Mountain Legacy Project compiles historical survey photographs, maps and field notes created between years 1861 to 1953 by surveyors with the Geological Survey of Canada, the Department of the Interior’s Dominion Land Survey and other government departments. Repeated photographs of surveyed historical landscapes have been captured since 1998 onwards, in order to assess environmental change in the Canadian Rocky Mountains over the last century. This dataset compiles archival photographs and other objects from the...

Brexit Botnet

Marco Bastos
The image shows the interaction on Twitter between bots and real users during the UK EU membership referendum. Bots or automated accounts are often used as sockpuppets, which are false online identities used to voice opinions and manipulate public opinion while pretending to be another person. The hub and spoke formations shown in the network result from the large volume of retweets triggered by bots, which are effective at rapidly generating cascades.


Н.Н. Карпун, К.А. Гребенников, В.Е. Проценко, Л.Я. Айба, Б.А. Борисов, И.М. Митюшев, В.Н. Жимерикин, В.Л. Пономарев, П.А. Чекмарев, В.И. Долженко, С.Д. Каракотов, А.М. Малько, Д.Н. Говоров, Д.А. Штундюк, А.В. Живых, А.Я. Сапожников, М.М. Абасов, Е.С. Мазурин, В.Я. Исмаилов & А.Б. Евдокимов
В статье приводится описание эффективных методов мониторинга (основные – осмотр кормовых растений и мест зимовки, использование ловушек на основе агрегационного феромона, и второстепенные – стряхивание в энтомологический зонт и кошение энтомологическим сачком) и признаков идентификации опасного многоядного карантинного вредителя растений – коричнево-мраморного клопа Halyomorpha halys Stål, а также сроки его появления и инвазивный ареал на территории Российской Федерации.

Ravenna Quadrangle (with Geologic units): Supplement 1 from "Geology of the Ravenna quadrangle" (Thesis)

Richard Henry Jahns
The Vasquez Series, composed of coarse fanglomerates, finer sandstones, and lavas, represents sub-areal deposition in the form of a series of rapidly coalescing alluvial fans. These fans were formed in a basin entirely local in character (confined to the Ravenna and Lang Quadrangles) which was probably caused by faulting, either in late Oligocene or very early Miocene time. The sediments are early or early middle Miocene in age, are very well consolidated, poorly sorted, and...

Europa 1923

Andreas Kunz & Joachim Robert Moeschl

Supplemental Material for Huang et al., 2018

Huiyan Huang, Dustin Hayden, Chen-Tseh Zhu, Heather Bennett, Vivek Venkataraman, Lukas Skuja & Anne Hart
Supplemental figures and tables

ADDIE model.jpg

P.M.J.A. (Paul) Heijnen
Figuur dat de verschillende fases van onderwijs ontwerp illustreert.

Fluid transport induced by artificial cilia

Christoph Bruecker, Mohamed Elshalakani, Vladimir Mikulich, Alexander Rockenbach & Uwe Schnakenberg
Fluid transport induced by artificial cilia beating in coordinated patterns (the cilia are located at the bottom of the image). The white lines show the superposition of images taken from particles in the flow which are illuminated with a strobe light and their motion is recorded with long-term exposure. The artistic loops indicate the mixing and transport which is observed in a similar way along the lung airways which are lined with cilia.


С.Д. Падалка & Н.С. Фотина
Дифенилметанон был использован для получения абсолютных растворителей в металлоорганическом синтезе половых феромонов насекомых. На основании экспериментальных данных проведена оценка эффективности и рациональности метода. Синтез дифенилметанона осуществлен алкилированием бензола тетрахлорметаном. Установлено, что промежуточный дихлордифенилметан полностью гидролизуется в дифенилметанон в течение 3 часов. Идентичность соединения доказана температурой плавления и ИК-спектроскопией.


Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Westeuropa 1789

Andreas Kunz, Thomas Treiling & Joachim Robert Moeschl


Martin Skarzynski
An example directed acyclic graph (DAG).


Martin Skarzynski
An example directed acyclic graph (DAG).


Martin Skarzynski
An example directed acyclic graph (DAG).

ADDIE model.jpg

P.M.J.A. (Paul) Heijnen
Figuur dat de verschillende fases van onderwijs ontwerp illustreert.

Poverty in Perspective: Scotland – A poverty typology for low income households in Scotland

Matt Barnes, Sally Stares & Jason Dykes
This research, for the Scottish Government, sought to identify different experiences of poverty amongst low-income households in Scotland using analysis of data from a large-scale social survey. The research used Latent Class Analysis, a data segmentation technique, to uncover thirteen types of poverty spread across three pre-determined life stages: families with children, working age without children, and older age.

Flow velocity tracking in thermal imagery

Dong Lin
Image data set to the submitted WRR publication ”Evaluating Image Tracking Approaches for Surface Velocimetry with Thermal Tracers“. Lab_Experiments_Data file folder includes eight image sequences acquired in lab experiments. Note that these data are processed after radiometric calibration, which means that the vignetting effect existing in original data has already been removed and the image contrast has also been improved. These processed data are the inputs for PIVlab, PTVlab and LK tracking algorithms. Furthermore, inside...


Bruen, Henry (16.06.1828-08.03.1912)

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