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St. Peter's Catholic School, New Brunswick, N. J.

New Brunswick Free Public Library
Colored illustrated postcard of St. Peter's Catholic School, New Brunswick, N. J.

Loch Arbour, Ocean Township, Fire District No. 3, Monmouth County, New Jersey

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This is one in a series of 455 mid 20th century fire insurance maps produced by the Fire Insurance Rating Organization of New Jersey.

Denarius - Sydenham 441 - Crawford 228/1

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Crawford says the moneyer is perhaps a grandson of Gaius Valerius Flaccus, praetor of 183, and perhaps the father of Gaius Valerius Flaccus, consul of 93. Sydenham notes a date range of 135-134 B.C.E. (page 49) that is later than the date of 140 B.C.E. that Crawford identifies.

Pitman, New Jersey 1972 west half

No Name Supplied
Aerial photograph from the NJ Department of Enivronmental Protection Aerial Photographs Collection showing the western portion of the borough of Pitman in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Talent show at Community House

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Talent show at the Community House at Seabrook Farms.

Main Street opposite Maple

No Name Supplied
Main street scene of local store fronts and homes. Items shown: a car with a person inside, men, children, and a woman followed by an older woman pushing a stroller. Various flags hang from the buildings. Hotel, lunch room, and Somerset Daily Messenger are advertised.

Vernon Ichisaka, Seabrook Farms

James Seabrook
Vernon Ichisaka was the head of the Soils Lab at Seabrook Farms during the 1950s. He tested soil to ensure it would compatable with seeds, other soils, and produce. The Soils Lab was housed within the Climatology Department at Seabrook Farms.

Student from Child Care Center getting a physical (Image 3 of 3)

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Student from the Child Care Center at Seabrook Farms getting a physical. Picture taken on June 6, 1952.

Party Time March 20, 1954.

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Marian Glaeser and Dorothy Chapman, first in line for refreshments.

Silver Anniversary, Roseland Free Public Library (Roseland, N.J.), 199&

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Album commemorating the year long celebration of the Silver Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Roseland Free Public Library. The festivities included a Borough Council Reception, Open House Reception, summer children's programs, and a Time Capsule burying ceremony the following spring. To kick off the events, a new Library sign was crafted and constructed.

Environmentally Based Maps: Jackson Township, Ocean County, New Jersey

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Four maps illustrate different environmental factors in Jackson Township, Ocean County, New Jersey. One map shows the location of roads in relation to the location of wells. A second map shows the locations of recreational open space in relation to roads. A third shows the locations of streams and water areas in relation to roads. The fourth shows woodland habitat in relation to roads. This map also illustrates land use by dividing it into several...

Boys getting paid for picking string beans circa 1930s

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After picking string beans, boys bring the baskets full of beans to be weighed so that they may be paid.

Dennis Township Green Spaces & Stream Corridors: Map

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This map is part of the document entitled "The Waters of Dennis: a Water Resources Inventory Made with Thematic Maps on a Municipal Geographic Information System."

Topographical survey of Hamilton Township

No Name Supplied
Project: 1685-11Scale: 1:2400Connects to Sheets: 30, 31

Cumberland County, New Jersey highways 1967 map 5

New Jersey Department Of Transportation-Division Of Planning
Base map of Cumberland County. Plate 5 of a 7 plate map. Prepared by the New Jersey State Highway Department, Division of Planning in cooperation with the U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. Series includes 10 insets of major junctures. State highways as of Dec. 31, 1967. Culture, county roads and municipal streets as of 1940.

Andover Township Zoning Map & Natural Heritage Sites Map

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These maps show zoning boundaries in Andover Township and natural heritage sites in the township. A two page document detailing the natural heritage site information is included.

Hubbard, Andrew

Nat Clymer
Patrolman Andrew Hubbard.

Valley Forge Camporee (Image 2 of 3)

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Campers at Valley Forge line up for water. (Seabrook Farms)

Monmouth Junction fire department (4)

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Angled view of the Monmouth Junction Volunteer Fire Department.

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