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George Street, Looking N., New Brunswick, N. J.

An illustrated colored postcard of the George Street, New Brunswick, N. J.

George and Albany Sts. New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white photograph postcard of downtown New Brunswick at the corner of George and Albany Streets. The Post Office building in the postcard indicates the time of the photograph to be in between 1923 to 1970.

George Street near Church Street, New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white photograph postcard of George Street, New Brunswick, by Isaac Vanderveer.Second Reformed Church: the church was completed between 1857 and 1861 on the corner of George and Albany Streets. The church was built on land that was originally the site of small brook fed by the old Barrack Spring. This edifice had several features of the Romanesque Revival style: heavy arched window and door openings as well as massive towers. The building was...

Corner of Church and Dennis Streets, New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white photograph postcard of an unknown building at the corner of Albany and Church Street in the winter.

Neilson Street, New Brunswick, N. J.

Colored postcard of Neilson Street, New Brunswick, showing the First Reformed Church.First Reformed Church: c. 1860. It is the oldest church in the city. The First Reformed Church is three bays wide and five bays deep. It seats eleven hundred parishioners and was slightly remodeled in 1847 and 1862. Unlike most other structures of its time, the church remained and did not sell out to developers.

Union Street, New Brunswick, N. J.

Colored postcard of Union Street, New Brunswick, N. J. showing a laundry horse-drawn carriage and residential area of the city. It has a postmark dated Aug. 1908.

New Rutgers Library, New Brunswick, N. J.

Colored photograph postcard of Archibald S. Alexander Library, Rutgers University.

Denarius - Sydenham 944 - Crawford 451/1

Denarius - Sydenham 949 - Crawford 449/4

Denarius - Sydenham 951 - Crawford 448/1a

Photograph from the Newark Star Ledger Titled \"A. E. F. Hears F. D. R.\" 13 Oct. 1942

Photograph published in the Newark Star Ledger showing servicemen listening to a speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt on October 13, 1942. Shown in the photo is Cpl. Martin J. Powers of New Brunswick (center).

Obituary of Marian (Schumacher) Sinkey

Obituary of Marian (Schumacher) Sinkey, published in The Star Ledger on December 2, 2009.

Pach Studio, Long Branch, N.J.

Also pictured is the adjacent business Mme. Hoffberg & Frank Gowns, Ladies Tailors & Furriers. Signs in window of empty building for a charity event at the Grand Theatre, Long Branch.

Coach, Long Branch, N.J.

Burkenfield family automobile, Monmouth County, N.J. [view 1]

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Miller automobiles, Long Branch, N.J. [view 1]

Caption for similar image in Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): "Two Boston Terriers seated beside him in a Waverly Electric, Charles C. Miller and Mrs. Miller (in a more formal vehicle) display six of their prized automobiles.", (p. 128).

Denarius - Sydenham 1188 - Crawford 517/8

Denarius - Sydenham 1194 variant - Crawford 528/3 variant

This series demonstrates variations in the reverse legend, which are impossible to deistinguish in this example due to the wearing of the coin.

Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Sydenham 1197

Crawford does not classify this coin as a Roman Republican issue.

Denarius - Sydenham 1216 - Crawford 544/14

Denarius - Sydenham 1224 - Crawford 544/20

Denarius - Sydenham 1230 - Crawford 544/26

Denarius - Sydenham 1237 - Crawford 544/32

Rosini House, Monmouth County, N.J.

Far Hills School class photo, 1915-1916

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Far Hills School's fifth and sixth grade class photo for the 1915-1916 school year. Front row, left to right: unknown, ? Beekman, Evelyn Ludlow Bowers, Mae Terry, Essie Beekman, unknown.Back row: Beatrice Ludlow (center with head down), teacher Miss Smith (second from right), Dot Paulison (extreme right).

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