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Memo on German POWs

J. M. Seabrook
Seabrook Farms acquired 150 German prisoners of war who were being held at a former Civilian Conservation Corps camp in nearby Parvin State Park. Seabrook issued strict guidelines to its employees on how to interact with the POWs, including directives to avoid fraternizing with them and to not block them from the line of sight of their guards. According to a company memo, POWs were supposed to be under constant surveillance and kept in isolation...

The Church at Allenwood, N.J.

No Name Supplied
The Church at Allenwood, N.J.

Untitled (Croquis-horse)

Oscar Anderson
Inscription lower left: "Oscar Anderson fecit" Lower right: "Tr.hos Abr. Lundquist & Co. Stockholm" Study of three horse heads and two pairs of feet.

Hand-drawn map of Crystal City internment camp, Texas

Sat Ichikawa
Unlike Japanese Americans, who were detained by the military, Japanese Peruvians were detained by the Justice Department. The Justice Department incarcerated Japanese Peruvians and other Latin Americans along with Germans and Italian aliens at Crystal City, Texas. The map shown here was drawn by an internee. Despite the seemingly suburban elements of the camp - the soccer field, the school, the community hall - note the armed guards and watchtowers on the perimeter of the...

Denarius - Sydenham 816 - Crawford 410/4

No Name Supplied
Moneyer not otherwise known. This series includes denarii featuring each of the muses, as well as Hercules Musarum.

Crab Club, Oceanport, N.J. [view 1]

Pach Brothers Photographers
Caption from Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): "Members of the Crab Club, a social group, pose for their annual after-dinner photograph. The club "comedian" holds up last years's picture, which shows him holding up the previous year's photo. Champagne is the drink of the day." (p. 84)

The "white house"

William M Hoffman
A suburban street in Camden. Centered in the middle ground, a white house with aqua blue trim and front awning is flanked by two brick homes. Young trees and cars line the sidewalks.

Ridgeway Avenue and Community House, Ocean View, N.J.

No Name Supplied
Ridgeway Avenue and Community House, Ocean View, N.J.

Niles Family Reunion, Monmouth Beach, N.J.

Pach Brothers Photographers
"Caption from Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): Several of the Niles family sit for this pleasing picture at a special reunion." (p. 21)

Bridgeton, New Jersey. Seabrook Farm. Company houses built by Seabrook for migrant workers

John Collier
Prefabricated houses - located in "Field no. 16" - were preferred residences at Seabrook, and in 1943 and 1944 housed white Southern migrant workers and their families. Though small and made of flimsy material, they were better shelter than the simple tents and converted farmhouses provided to mainly black migrants from the South.

11th and Market streets

Wayne Hibschman
11th and Market Street is a gouache painting with depicts a long, windowed building with a construction site in the foreground. An inscription "W. Hibschman 11-1982" is embossed in the lower, right hand corner.

The city of Camden with city hall

William M Hoffman
The City of Camden with City Hall is an oil that depicts an urbanscape. City Hall stands tall above the Victor building, the Tabernacle of Faith, and some campus buildings. Cooper and Market street can be seen through the trees and buildings in the foreground of the composition.

Haddon avenue & Pine streets

William M Hoffman
Haddon Avenue & Pine Streets is focused on an intersection in Camden. Homes, powerlines, and train tracks line the streets. A dog runs across the street in the foreground. Long shadows contrast with the brilliant blue and white clouds in the sky.

Left bank

Michael Macfeat
The Star of David is in very center of Left Bank set against a mottled background. In the six pointed star is a black spider.

Fire house #6

William M Hoffman
Fire House #6 is composed of broad, textured brush strokes. The fire house is centered in the painting against a blue sky. The building has a brick fa├žade with bright red doors and white stone trim. Powerlines, a stop sign, and other buildings can be seen around the fire house.

King kong Bundy

Michael Macfeat
King Kong Bundy depicts the green upper torso of a male figure outlined in white against a green background. The man's head is painted in green and yellow and is also outlined in white. Descriptive words surround the man's torso.

Pine Barrens / trout

Wendel A. White
Pine Barrens/ Trout has a very soft rendition, creating an overall blend of colors and objects. Blue sky peeks through trees in the background while a trout-like shape is depicted in the middle ground. There are other areas of brown, gold, and gray.

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