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Denarius - Sydenham 1036 - Crawford 470/1a

No Name Supplied
Crawford describes the obverse as having a varying legend while Sydenham describes a spcific legend for the obverse. As far as is possible to determine, given the coin's condition, the legend on the obverse of the coin in the Badian Collection appears to match the one given by Sydenham.

Salon de la Comtesse Wrangel, Skokloster

Billmark, C. J. (Carl Johan)
At bottom, printer is given: 'Lemercier & Cier. De Seine 57, Paris". Portrait of several people engaged in parlor activities.

Denarius - Sydenham 530 - Crawford 287/1

No Name Supplied
Sydenham dates this coin to between 110-108 B.C.E. He believes the mint to have been located outside Rome, but in Central Italy.

Denarius - Sydenham 531 - Crawford 280/1

No Name Supplied
Sydenham dates this coin to between 109-107 B.C.E. He believes this series was minted in North Italy or Cisalpine Gaul.

Denarius - Sydenham 532 - Crawford 273/1

No Name Supplied
Sydenham dates this coin to between 109-107 B.C.E. He believes this series was minted in North Italy or Cisalpine Gaul.

Postage Stamp

Guinevere Free
Cotton and fabrics are found on another quilt attributed to Guinevere Free


Montclair Historical Society & Speertown Quilts
Made by Speertown Quilts for the Revere Bedroom at the Crane House. Uses trapunto technique for raised design.

Burgoyne's Surrounded

Montclair Historical Society
Traditional quilt pattern that commemorates Br. General John Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga, NY. Traditionally made in blue and white rather than red and white. Beautiful hand quilting on all white backing.

Fortune of War

Montclair Historical Society
The design is called the Fortune of War because of the tavern sign. Notice the 2-story building with a British flag. Notice also the woman who stands in the door, the girl, 2 soldiers, and a drummer. A man and a woman bid farewell. Quilted in square diamonds.

Strip Quilt

Montclair Historical Society
Donated to the Montclair Historical Society in 1967.

Crazy Quilt

A. A. P.
Notice all the hand embroidery

Broderie Perse / Radiant Star

Montclair Historical Society
Broderie perse or Persian embroidery is a technique used in the late 18th and early 19th century. Quilters carefully cut out images of fabric, usually chintz, and applied them to a background fabric.

Ohio Rose

Montclair Historical Society
Traditional pattern celebrations the statehood of Ohio in 1803.

Courtyard Steps

Montclair Historical Society
Traditionally made with red square in the center of the blocks. This quilter used an embroidered red X to denote the center.

Stencil Quilt

Montclair Historical Society
Donated by Nancy in 1999, this quilt used a stenciled fabric. Very fine quilting.

Log Cabin

Montclair Historical Society
The donor of this quilt found it at a Montclair yard sale. The owner of quilt said it was in his family's four generations back, an African American family, originally from Newark. MHS is going to work with the donor to try and research the original family owners of the quilt.

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