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Denarius - Sydenham 841j - Crawford 408/1b

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Moneyer is Gaius Calpurnius Piso Frugi, son-in-law to Cicero and son of Lucius Calpurnius Piso, from whom he inherited the Apollo-and-horseman types. Sydenham dates coins in this series to c. 64 B.C.E.

Tunnels of New York

Juandamarie Gikandi, Marietta Schoenherr & Peter Jacobs
This quilt was made by Nubian Heritage Quilter's Guild member Marietta Schoenherr.

Circus, 7.1907. Ferris Wheel near Midway

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People riding the Ferris wheel at circus midway, with small crowd nearby. Circus posters in the background and booths to the right.

Supreme Laundry

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Terminal Building, 15th St. on waterfront, Remington Arms during WWI, purchased by Thomas Lipton, tea manufacturer. photo ca. 1919.

Confederate Flag I

Peter Jacobs
Guild Challenge Oppression by Any Other Name

Baby Quilt

Aaron Gillins & Peter Jacobs
I made this quilt for fun.

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