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Aleca M. Baldwin & Peter Jacobs
My dad passed in March of 2016 and he longed to go to the beach and get into the water. So, I made a quilt with as many colors of blue as I could.

Ode to Gee's Bend

Minnie Melvin & Peter Jacobs
We were to recreate the original quilt (Gee's Bend). I chose Loretta Pettway born 1942, Medallion ca. 1960, knit and cotton sacking material (87 x 70). In my quilt I used cotton fabricsized 40 x 30.

Jean's Panes

Jocelyn Thomspon & Peter Jacobs
Named after my deceased sister-in-law

Map showing oyster house lots at West Creek, Ocean County and depth of creek at low water

No Name Supplied
This is a blueprint of the oyster house lots on West Creek including the names of the property owners.

Denarius - Sydenham 788 - Crawford 391/2

No Name Supplied
Dr. Badian's note on this object's obverse type (partially illegible): 'Bust of Venus r, Cupid a[?] lev[?] r. shoulder'. What is indicated is unclear.

Denarius - Sydenham 783 - Crawford 390/1

No Name Supplied
Crawford identifies the seven stars to be the constellation known as Triones.

Denarius - Sydenham 570a - Crawford 299/1b

No Name Supplied
Crawford says the letters Q•VR at the end of the legend on this issue represent a name, one of three moneyers (disagreeing with Sydenham who says it stands for quaestores urbani): Ap. Claudius is presumably Appius Claudius Pulcher, praetor of 89 and consul of 79; if the monogram T·M _ is T ·Mal, the second moneyer is perhaps Titus Maloleius rather than Titus Mallius (E. Badian, Historia 1963, 138); but if the monogram is T....

Denarius - Sydenham 782 - Crawford 389/1

No Name Supplied
Crawford suggests that the ram was chosen for the reverse because the constellation Aries was the astrological 'house of Minerva.'

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