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Denarius - Sydenham 702 - Crawford 345/1

Crawford identifies Mars' helmet as Corinthian, and indicates spear and sword over Mars' shoulders; Dr. Badian's note replaces sword with shield; none of these elements are clearly visible in this specimen.

Denarius - Sydenham 705 - Crawford 348/1

Moneyer is not otherwise securely attested.

Family Treasures

Minnie Melvin, Eunice Walker & Peter Jacobs
This was a quilt top made my by grandmother (Eunice Wall). My mother said my grandmother and great-grandmother used to make clothes for people. They would have her and her sisters take the leftover fabrics and cut it up in squares and put it in a box to make quilts later. When my mother and her sisters left home each was given a quilt top to take with them to be complete one day. My...

Puzzle Quilt

Minnie Melvin & Peter Jacobs
I love doing jigsaw puzzles so when I ran across this puzzle quilt I had to do it. The quilt is formed by starting with the H quilt block which is rotated -- the little squares a long the design's midpoint becomes the tabs that lock each piece into place. This quilt is good for using up scraps.

Dessert Quilt

Minnie Melvin & Peter Jacobs
A challenge project - Favorite Dessert . I choose to do six different desserts fused into 11.5 inch squares. I used hand and machine embroidery and sashings to connect the squares, I also used some embellishment.

Phenomenal Woman

Minnie Melvin & Peter Jacobs
When my sister and I were younger my mother (Emmie D. Melvin) had given us T-shirts with the Maya Angelou poem Phenomenal Woman on it. I found mine that had been put away. I decided I would make a quilt. I traced the picture on the front of the tee-shirt onto paper, had it blown up, cut the picture into pieces on fabrics, added fusible interfacing on the back, ironed it onto background fabric, and...

Denarius - Sydenham 265 - Crawford 137/1

Crawford denotes time period as 194-190 B.C.E. Sydenham denotes time period as 187-155 B.C.E.

Denarius - Sydenham 268a - Crawford 115/1

Crawford denotes time period as 206-195B.C.E. Sydenham denotes time period as 187-155 B.C.E.

As - Sydenham 272 - Crawford 118/1

Badian questions the helmet by denoting [helmet] on his note. Badia also questions whether or not there is a line border on this coin by denoting [line border?] on his note. Neither Crawford nor Sydenham reference a line border. Crawford denotes time period as 206-195B.C.E. Sydenham denotes time period as 187-155 B.C.E.

Denarius - Sydenham 671 - Crawford 340/1

Denarius - Sydenham 698 - Crawford 344/1a

Reverse iconography represents the rape of the Sabine women.

Ode to Market Street

Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs
Dessert challenge Life is short, eat dessert first . Inspired by the beloved children's book On Market Street by Anita and Arnold Lobel, this quilt highlights delectable desserts.

Refuse: Bound garbage books.

Karen Guancione
Installation of Hanging Garbage Books (Studio Theatre Gallery, Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey, Nov.-Dec. 2011).

Salt Water Taffy (New Jersey: State of Invention Poster)

P√°tzcuaro (Number 1)

Karen Guancione
Mixed media, w. 11 x h. 16 x d. 7 inches, orange ruffled fabric on cover, collage, found materials, Acrylic paint, corn husk, December 2007-January 2008.

Trash (Accordion plastic bag book)

Karen Guancione
Mixed media, sixty images scanned from the spiral bound book of the same name, five connectable machine sewn segments and removable plastic bag covers using plastic bags collected from many countries, paper and other recycled materials, grommets, open size variable; closed: w. 9 1/2 x h. 6 3/4 x d. 6 1/4 inches, 2005.

Trash (Spiral bound book)

Karen Guancione
Mixed media containing approximately two hundred collages: w. 15 x h. 6 1/2 x d. 3 inches, winter 2004-05, Nice, France.

Denarius - Sydenham 410/414 - Crawford 278/1

Crawford says the letter form L on this coin (with bent leg) is a marked archaism. He regards the moneyer as the son of C. Plautius, Praetor of 146. According to Sydenham, there are differences between the form of the helmet and the earring on the Obverse on coins 410 and 414, which both align to Crawford 278/1. This specimen shows Sydenham's helmet style F1 (Sydenham plate 1) and earring style n (Sydenham plate 2),...

Quadrans - Sydenham 497b - Crawford 262/4

According to Crawford, the moneyer is presumably either Lucius Caecilius Metellus Diadematus (Cos. 117) or Lucius Caecilius Metellus Delmaticus (Cos. 119). The elephant's head recalls the victory of Lucius Caecilius Metellus (Cos. 251) over Hasdrubal at Panormus in 250 B.C.E. and the capture of Hasdrubal's elephants.

Denarius - Sydenham 498 - Crawford 271/1

According to Crawford, the laurel-wreath on the obverse, of unusually elaborate form, presumably complements the figure of Victory of the reverse (pg.293). Sydenham notes a later date (119 - 91 B.C.E.) than Crawford (125 B.C.E.). Badian's note on this object places Roma in quotes and marks the whip identification with a question mark.

Quadrans - Sydenham 501a - Crawford 245/3

Crawford says the moneyer is Marcus Marcius Mn.f. Sydenham notes a date range of 119 -110 B.C.E. (p 59) that is later than the date of 134 B.C.E. that Crawford identifies.

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