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Aunt Annie's Kitchen

Lillie Johnson Edwards, Annie R. Mangumn & Peter Jacobs
The quilter is Annie R. (Little) Mangumn (1900-1989). She was the great aunt of the owner of the quilt, Lillie Edwards. Having worked in domestic service all of her life in Columbus, GA, and then in Ohio, Aunt Annie returned to Georgia to help care for her parents circa 1950. Her quilts were made from household fabrics, usually discarded clothes and other household items. All off her quilts were hand pieced, as is this one....

Crazy Quilt Block

Jacqueline Maness & Peter Jacobs

Freedom Quotes

Jacqueline Maness & Peter Jacobs
This wall hanging was made for an exhibit called This Thing Called Freedom held at Bethany Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey on September 29, 2012. The quotes are by various prominent African Americans. The pictures and quilts were transferred on colorfast printer fabric.

Modern Day Slavery - Human Trafficking

Peter Jacobs

Challenge Extended

Shelbe Freeman Bullock & Peter Jacobs
The Guild Challenge was to use 2 given fabrics to make 2 12 inch blocks (identical). One to be given to the guild and one for ourselves. This quilt is how I extended my block to make a full quilt. The 2 fabrics were the black and white and the fabric used in the four corners of the center block.

Soccer 2 - Captain's Quilt

Ajami Gikandi, Juandamarie Gikandi & Peter Jacobs
This is the second soccer quilt my mother made for me. She made it in May of 2015 when I told her I had been selected as the soccer captain at Connecticut College. Mother gave it to me in August of 2015 to take back to school for my senior year.

Blue Love and Unicorns

Ayanna Sheree Brown, Juanda Gikandi & Peter Jacobs

Animal Quilt

Beth Zak-Cohen, Patricia Bender & Peter Jacobs
This quilt was made for me as a baby quilt. The animals are individually hand quilted. The quilter says, We were excited about your impending birth and wanted to do something special. Never did something like this before or after. Went to a fabricstore and saw this. Loved the pictures of all the animals and the nice colors. Worked on it with the unknown you in mind and enjoyed doing it.

Tucks #1

Shelbe Freeman Bullock & Peter Jacobs
I took a class in fabric manipulation and much of the center of the piece came from following directions of the teacher. I, of course, added some of my own ideas.

Postage Stamp Miniature

Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs

Ode to Market Street

Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs
Dessert challenge Life is short, eat dessert first . Inspired by the beloved children's book On Market Street by Anita and Arnold Lobel, this quilt highlights delectable desserts.

Square Dance

Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs
Log Cabin block offer tremendous design possibilities. Color changes on the border blocks create movement.

Gwen's Pillow

Gabrille M. Smith & Peter Jacobs
My mother wanted a pillow for her chair in her bedroom. She picked the material and color scheme. They are her favorite colors and she loves flowers. I always worked on the hand quilting while I was visiting her.

My Pineapple

Brenda Castell & Peter Jacobs

Seminole Sampler

Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs
Seminole quilts were constructed in strips rather than blocks. The intricate pieced strips were often added to clothing i.e. shirts and hems.


Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs
Imagine making quilted words!?! Using log cabin piecing techniques, letters can be constructed from scraps of fabric.

Black Lives Matter

Carolyn Davis & Peter Jacobs
This quilt was designed with the theme Black Lives Matter . It's a three part quilt in which each panel explains the history of African American treatments regarding our lives from Africa 1600 to America 2016. Panel 1- shows the starts of slavery from the West Coast of Africa with Africans being taken from their homes in chains. Panel 2 -This panel shows the lynching of African Americans. Panel 3 - This one shows the...

Sun Shine Bright

Carolyn Davis & Peter Jacobs

Power of Love

Carolyn Davis & Peter Jacobs
This quilt was for my brother Ernest Davis III. During his illness I made this quilt for him with the blessing of my angel to help when he would wrap this quilt around him. Label reads: Ernest, this is a healing quilt for comfort and love. All my love. I give you when in need of healing one of my angels to help . He told me before he died that he always felt better...

Bed Quilt - Jungle Fever

Marietta Schoenherr & Peter Jacobs
Though this quilt may be a modern style it can be used with any décor.

The Crosses

Marietta Schoenherr & Peter Jacobs

Memories of Ghana

Anna Kastner, Alix Ross, Alix Ross & Peter Jacobs
In my fall of 2006 my daughter Anna Kastner, then a student at Swarthmore College, spent a semester at the University of Ghana in Legon, Ghana. My husband, younger daughter, and I visited her in November of that year. In Legon, we toured the campus, so crowded with students from all over Africa that young people were hanging out the windows of over-full classrooms in an effort to acquire an education. In Accra, open sewers...

Log Cabin

Karen E. Jack & Peter Jacobs
I began quilting with my mom in 1994. This is the first throw size quilt I made. I hand pieced the quilt. My mom (Joyce Ferguson) and I hand quilted it together.

Prince Is in the Log Cabins

Jackie Hartzog & Peter Jacobs
I always wanted to make a log cabin quilt. I love the endless ideas you can put into it. I have lots of fabric and it is piling up. I wasn’t going to do a log cabin for the show, because the 3 (three) pieces I am doing take a lot of time. Well…then the news came out…Prince died. Then I thought this would be a good time to do the log cabin. I added...

Jean's Birds

Jocelyn Thomspon & Peter Jacobs
My deceased sister-in-law gave me fabricso I wanted to name this for her

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