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AE3 - RIC VII Siscia 183

Possible RIC VII Siscia 200? (Mint mark *ASIS*)

AE3 - RIC IX Siscia 7A or B; 15A B or C; 22A or B

AE3 - Valentinian I, Valentinian II, or Valens - cf. RIC IX captive series

Initally classified as a coin of Gordian, reverse iconography allows identification with a series of coins minted between 364-392 C.E. by the emperors Valentinian I, Valentinian II, and Valens. Condition impedes more precise identification. Cf. RIC IX Alexandria 1A, 4A; IX Antioch 10A, 35A; IX Aquileia 11A, 45A; IX Arelate 7A, 16A; IX Constantinople 16A, 41A; IX Cyzicus 8A, 12A; IX Heraclea 3A, 9A; IX Lugdunum 10A, 20A; IX Nicomedia 9A; IX Rome 15A, 23A,...

Horse and rider jumping hurdles at Hamilton Farm, Gladstone, image 2 of 7

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Horse and rider jumping hurdles at Hamilton Farm, Gladstone NJ. Photographed by Haas.

Smokestack against blue sky, July, 1978

Beatrice Seagull
"Avenues of Newark: Memories of the Central Ward" is a collection of photographs taken by Rutgers-Newark Professor Emerita, Beatrice Tabatchnick Seagull. Professor Seagull took pictures of Springfield Avenue in Newark over the course of decades between approximately 1970 to 2002. The collection consists of 559 35mm color slides housed in two, three-ring binders with vinyl, 2x2-20B Archival Storage Pages for 20 Slides. The slides were digitized by Dr. Samantha Boardman, who also recorded metadata for...

Ocean County, New Jersey, Toms River sector

Master sites map of Ocean County, New Jersey showing sites for development in red. Sheet 3 of an 8 sheet base map series of Ocean County, New Jersey, bound together as a book.

Closeup of man working sewing machine in garment factory

Russell Lee
Man in dress shirt and tie using a sewing machine to make a coat. There are several racks of full length coats hanging in the background. Source: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, DC 20540 USA. Scan made from facsimile at Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Grand Army of the Republic canteen

White ceramic covering with gold lettering, name of Jos. A. Sedam at top and U.S. Signal Corp on the bottom. In the center there is a G.A.R. badge, with two cross United States flags and two cross signal flags as backdrops. It has a red, white and blue ribbon as a strap. The top of the stopper is very loose.It is likely to have belonged to Joseph Sedam (or Sedan, as the name appears in...

Canvassing Book 1900, Bedminster NJ

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Canvassing Book from 1900 listing names of residents of Bedminster and surrounding communities for purposes of voter registration.

Cape Henelopen, Delaware-New Jersey 1984

Delaware Geological Survey State Of Delaware

First Methodist Church, New Brunswick, N. J.

Illustrated colored postcard with a postmark date of October 1907. It was sent from New Brunswick to Suffern, N. Y. Also called the First Methodist Episcopal Church, the congregation was founded in 1811 and the present church was built in 1875-1877 of Gothic style: pointed windows tracery, buttresses, gables and decorated verges.

St. John's Church, (P. E.) New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white postcard. The church is also called St. John the Evangelist Church. Located on George Street, New Brunswick, it was consecrated on December 27, 1861.

Christ Church (P. E.), New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white photo postcard of the Christ Church. The postmark date is September 8, 1910. Christ Church was built in 1852. Tower of church was erected in 1745 when original church, later torn down and replaced by present structure, was built. Present church is a fine example of Gothic architecture.

Hotel Klein [Bar and dining area]

Illustrated colored postcard of Hotel Klein with a postmark date of September 6, 1916. Hotel Klein, at 12 Albany Street, was on the Lincoln Highway and was a stopping place for 20 to 30 bus lines. In 1937, the hotel was sold to Jacob Rosenberg, who reopened it as the Hotel Joyce Kilmer after extensive remodeling. Then in 1941, its name was changed to Rutgers House and for a time it served as quarters exclusively...

Monument Square and Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, N. J.

Illustrated colored postcard looking from George Street. Circa 1893, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the Monument Square was suggested by P. P. Runyon to use the surplus $500 from the centennial anniversary committee to build the monument. Large parade and forty-four gun salute at grand unveiling.

Gold Star Mother's Monument of Middlesex County, New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white photo postcard of the World War I Monument and Clock. Located at the corner of French Street and Jersey Avenue. It was dedicated in May 1938 to the women of Middlesex County for their support and service during World War I.

Soldier's Monument, New Brunswick, N. J.

Illustrated black and white postcard of Soldier's Monument with a postmark date of 1910. It was sent from New Brunswick on August 17, 1910 to Lancaster, PA. The stamp is missing. Located at Livingston Avenue and George Street. Idea was suggested by P. P. Runyon to use the surplus $500 from the centennial anniversary committee to build the monument. Large parade and forty-four gun salute at grand unveiling.

Landing Bridge, New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white postcard of Landing Bridge, New Brunswick, N. J. No postage or address, but a short message dated Novemebr 17, 1908.The earliest wood bridge erected in 1772 was destroyed by fire in 1894. The steel-trestle bridge designed by George H. Blakely Paterson, a consulting engineer, was completed in 1895. It was used for nearly 96 years without modification until March 1992 for renovation.

Old Wooden Rail Road Bridge

View of the Raritan River banks and the old wooden rail road bridge.Possibly the double-decker bridge with railroad tracks running overhead, and a lower deck to provide a crossing for horses, wagons and pedestrians. The double-decker bridge was completely destroyed by fire on March 9, 1878.

The Rock Garden in Buccleuch Park

The Rock Garden in Buccleuch Park is one of the many impressive sights in New Brunswick, N. J. Thousands of visitors stroll on the walks through this garden that is in bloom many months of the year.

Inventory of Letters among the Effects of Miss Emma A. McCoy

List of letters to and from Miss Emma A. McCoy

Livingston, Hardenbergh and Freylinhuysen Dormitories, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Color photo taken from Highland Park of the "River Halls" which consist of Hardeburgh Hall, Freylinghuysen Hall and Livingston Hall (now Campbell Hall). Hardeburgh Hall was named after Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh: the first president of Queens College/Rutgers College and has dorm rooms and classrooms. Freylinghuysen Hall was named after Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen, who was an early advocate of the establishment of a college and theological seminary. This building was erected in 1956. Campbell Hall was...

Songs [familiar tunes with new lyrics celebrating Miss McCoy on her retirement]

Songs written and sung in honor of Miss McCoy upon her retirement from New Brunswick High School.

Rutgers College Buildings, New Brunswick, N. J.

Undated, black and white, postcard featuring the primary buildings of Rutgers College in the early 1900's as seen from the corner of George and Somerset Streets. From right to left are: Voorhees Hall, Kirkpatrick Chapel, Old Queen's, Geology Hall and Van Nest Hall.

Saint Peter's General Hospital, New Brunswick, N. J.

Black and white photo postcard of St. Peter's General Hospital.Bed space was becoming increasingly inadequate at the original hospital building at the corner of Somerset and Hardenbergh Streets. A new hospital building had a grand opening on October 29, 1929 at the location of the first St. Peter's General Hospital on Easton Aveune (the land of St. Mary's Orphange Asylum.)

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