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ADIwg Metadata Toolkit Overview

Joshua Bradley, Dennis Walworth & Stan Smith
Poster giving an overview of the Alaska Data Integration working group's Metadata Toolkit

ORCID E-Poster 16-9 (1920x1080) NETWORKY.eps

Laura J. Wilkinson
E-poster: use this as a poster, desktop background, or screensaver.


Johann-Rudolf Dikenmann
chez R. Dikenmann Peintre

Menznau, Kronospan AG

Swissair Photo AG
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Llangollen & Ruabon Parishes 1880 Ordnance Survey Map

John Roberts
Map has been annotated with details of water supply network, date unknown

Templates and outlines

Anthony Head
Creating the shape of the butterflies for the creation of a die to cut the butterfly shapes out of paper.

Belagerung der Stadt Zürich, Anno 1444

Dargestellt wird die Belagerung Zürich durch die Eidgenossen 1444. Vedute Richtung Zürichberg

Figure 2 In Review Of Red Sea Xenisthmus Snyder (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Xenisthmidae), With Description Of A New Species

Anthony C. Gill, Sergey V. Bogorodsky & Ahmad O. Mal
FIGURE 2. Right lateral view (reversed) of head of Xenisthmus oligoporus, new species, holotype, SMF 34908, 18.0 mm SL, showing distribution of superficial neuromasts (in black) and lateralis pores. Letter codes for lateralis pores follow Akihito et al. (1984); left components of paired pores and neuromasts not shown. Upper arrow indicates anterior extent of median predorsal scales; lower arrow indicates anterior extent of gill opening.

A selection of the patterns used for the butterflies

Anthony Head
Each of the 5000 individual butterflies used in the sculpture had a unique pattern design. These images show a few examples of the computer-generated patterns used.

Additional file 4: of Human LH and hCG stimulate differently the early signalling pathways but result in equal testosterone synthesis in mouse Leydig cells in vitro

Laura Riccetti, Francesco De Pascali, Lisa Gilioli, Francesco Potì, Lavinia Giva, Marco Marino, Simonetta Tagliavini, Tommaso Trenti, Flaminia Fanelli, Marco Mezzullo, Uberto Pagotto, Manuela Simoni & Livio Casarini
Comparison between LH- and hCG-induced testosterone levels measured by LC/MS. Testosterone levels detected by immunoassay (Fig. 4) were confirmed using the LC/MS method. Hormone levels were measured in 24 h-stimulated cells by EC80 LH and hCG, in the presence of 500 μM IBMX. Total testosterone levels were represented as means ± SEM (ng/ml; n = 2). (TIF 347 kb)

The End of the Run

Jane Hunt
Greg Reddan just completing the run leg; event and location unknown.

Prediction of in vivo hepatotoxicity effects using in vitro transcriptomics data

Jill Franzosa, Jie Liu, Russell Thomas, John Wambaugh, Keith Houck, Imran Shah, 0000-0002-2340-0301, 0000-0002-4024-534X & 0000-0002-0055-2249
Presented at the Annual Society of Toxicology meeting

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Peter Jacobs
This quilt pattern has origins in hexagonal quilts from 18th century England. Very popular in the first half of the 20th century

Rhonegletscher, Gletscherboden

Comet Photo AG (Zürich)
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Spatial and Temporal Means and Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Climate Indicators from Satellite Data

Ge Peng, Walter N Meier, Michael Steele, Angela C Bliss & Suzanne Dickenson
Arctic sea ice has been undergoing rapid and accelerated loss since satellite-based measurements became available in late 1970s, especially the summer ice coverage. This presentation aims to examine and baseline regional and temporal means and variability of Arctic sea ice climate indicators, such as the annual sea ice extent (SIE) minimum and maximum, from a consistent, inter-calibrated, long-term time series of remote sensing sea ice data for understanding regional vulnerability and monitoring ice state for...


Dr. Joanne Rowland & Dr. Geoffrey Tassie
Photo of {invNr}

Beampattern and Polarisation Synthesis of 3D RF-seeker Antenna Arrays

Luc Fourtinon
Poster presentation at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
Existing missile radar seekers use a mechanical rotating antenna to steer the radiating beam in the direction of the target. Recent research is investigating the possibility to replace the mechanical RF seeker with a novel 3D conformal antenna, embedded below the radome, that can steer the beam electronically. 3D conformal antenna arrays may offer many advantages, such as a higher gain and an extended coverage, and...

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