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Xiaolei Wang & Xiangen Zhao
Two upward flashes triggered by a positive CG lightning

FIGURES 22–25 in The wolf spider species from Peru and Bolivia described by Embrik Strand in 1908 (Araneae: Lycosidae: Lycosinae, Sosippinae, Allocosinae)

Antonio D. Brescovit & Éder S. S. Álvares
FIGURES 22–25. Allocosa yurae (Strand) comb. nov., immature from Yura and male from Chiguata, Peru. 22. Immature holotype, body, dorsal view; 23. Male, body, dorsal view; 24. Left palp, ventral view; 25. Left palp, retrolateral view. Abbreviations: MA, median apophysis; TA, terminal apophysis. Scale lines for figures 22–23 = 2 mm; 24–25 = 0.5 mm.

Range shifts of eight ascidians under climate change scenarios

Zhixin Zhang
Range shifts of eight ascidians (i.e. Botrylloides violaceus, Botryllus schlosseri, Ciona savignyi, Didemnum vexillum, Microcosmus squamiger, Molgula manhattensis, Styela clava, and Styela plicata).
Spatial resolution of these figures were 5 arcmin.
Species distribution models (SDMs) were developed for each species and climate change impacts on their habitat suitability were investigated.

Educational Psychology at the Core: Tier 4

Joseph Aubele
A data table associated with the article "Educational Psychology at the Core."

Reseach metrics and Topic trends.pdf

tatsawan timakum
DaWaK conference's Research metrics and Topic Trends

draft v1

Solomon Ubani
Laser surface texturing for interference fit

Ultrafast Strong Field Phenomena in 2D materials: attosecond interferometry and lightwave induced current

Hamed Koochaki Kelardeh
Graphene interacting with a few-femtosecond intense optical pulse exhibits unique and rich electronic properties dramatically different from electron dynamics in insulators and metals. Here, we propose an attosecond strong optical field interferometry in 2D Dirac materials which reveals their chirality without employing a magnetic field. A circularly polarized optical pulse with strong amplitude and femtosecond time scale causes electron to circle in the reciprocal space accumulating the dynamic phase along this closed trajectory as well...


Allysha Choudhury &
This information has been removed from the internet.

TIRF data of self-assembled nanostructures using gamma-modified peptide nucleic acids in organic solvent mixtures

Sriram Kumar Rasipur Satish & Rebecca Taylor
Raw images and processed datasets (NeuronJ tracings) of micron-scale nanofibers through self-assembly of gamma-modified peptide nucleic acids in 75% DMSO: water mixture. Images relate to understanding the propensity of these self-assembled nanostructures to grow into micron-sized nanofibers and are related to histogram plots (Fig 2b, Supplementary fig 7) and otherwise representative datsets (fig 2a, 3a-f, 4a) of related article submitted to Nature communications (2020) titled "Modular self-assembly of gamma-modified peptide nucleic acids in organic solvent...

Satellite Imageries for Building Estimation: Europe (1501-2573)

Mengmeng Li
Satellite imagery for Europe

Satellite Imageries for Building Estimation: China (1501-2445)

Mengmeng Li
Google satellite imagery


M Adriana Martínez-Olivas
Descriptive statistics (Q-Q plots) of soil characteristics along a sampling transect in the Texcoco ex-lake bed


Michael Sokoloff
This poster for the 2018 NSF SI2 PI meeting describes the project "Collaborative Research: SSE: Extending the physics reach of LHCb in Run 3 using machine learning in the real-time data ingestion and reduction system"

Figura 1. Metáfora de la estructura de la ciencia como un cometa.

Dennis Denis
Figura 2: Representación de la estructura de la Ciencia como analogía a las zonas de un cometa, donde se identifican la ciencia de borde, la ciencia núcleo y la ciencia regular. El grado de avance de un estudio X estaría dado por la separación (en tiempo) entre el momento en que se hace y el momento en que su tema o método fue considerado ciencia núcleo (la figura está disponible a mayor resolución en la...

Image set for the paper \"MFC-CNN:An Automatic Grading Scheme for Light Stress Levels of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Leaves\"

Xia Hao & Jingdun Jia
A set of leaf images for lettuce light stress grading. The leaves were divided into four categories depending on the changes in shoot fresh weight.

Untitled Item

Xia Hao
A set of leaf images for lettuce light stress grading. The leaves were divided into four categories depending on the changes in shoot fresh weight.

Practical issues in large scale Genome Wide Association Studies.

Chris Brown, Mark Donoghoe, Val Gebski, Ian Marschner & Anthony Keech
Genome wide association studies (GWAS) assess a large number of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, mutation of length 1 in DNA) across the entire genome to identify associations with clinical endpoints (e.g. survival). The technology to perform GWAS has become less expensive and faster enabling larger studies to be conducted.
Large GWAS can be effectively carried out with currently accessible computing. Logistical issues including data transfer, batch size, sample QC which must be addressed.

Avaliação do enriquecimento ambiental no parâmetros comportamentais da suçuarana Puma concolor

Daniela Paula
Metadados 1. Identificação dos dados:
1. Nome do arquivo: etograma_felinos_27jul2012
2. Autoras: Paula, D. R.; Pizzutto, C. S.; Jannini, A. E.; Santos, C.M.; Santos, S.M.; Folador, F. V.; Machado, A.C.
3. Resumo: Projeto de enriquecimento ambiental realizado com felinos visando proporcionar-lhes melhores condições de vida em cativeiro.
4. Palavras-chave: estresse, comportamento estereotipado, enriquecimento ambiental, bem estar, zoológico 2. Descrição do projeto
1. Título: Avaliação do comportamento da suçuarana Puma concolor Felidae (Linnaeus, 1771) ao enriquecimento ambiental
2. Autores: Paula, D. R.;...

vibrotactile stimulation

Wei Li
Supplementary materials

Results of pairwise surface-based shape contrasts across sex chromosome aneuploidy groups after covariation for age and Tanner stage

Ajay Nadig
(A) Results before covariation for age and Tanner stage (B) Results after covariation for age and Tanner stage (C) Correspondence between karyotype effects after covariation for age and tanner.
More details available in main manuscript: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/06/20/346767

Raw CT data for “Wetting-driven formation of present-day loess structure”

Yanrong Li, Weiwei Zhang, Shengdi He & Adnan Aydın
These raw CT images are used to prepare Figure 4 in the manuscript “Wetting-driven formation of present-day loess structure” prepared for Geophysical Research Letters. Images No. 1 to 10 are for Figures 4a and 4b, No. 11 to 20 are for Figures 4c and 4d, No. 21 to 30 are for Figures 4e and 4f, and No. 31 to 40 are for Figures 4g and 4h.

ONDAPOLITICA | Fostering sustainability in land-reform: a visual journey

Bruno Paschoal
Digital version: http://bit.ly/poster_fostering

The poster illustrates a visual journey through a master thesis research project called "Fostering sustainability in Brazilian agrarian reform: insights from assentamentos and ecovillages". It was designed by OndaPolitica and Jongens van de Tekeningen using the method behind the Research Storytelling Canvas (also being presented in the Conference). The poster was originally designed to be used in a master thesis defense and later adapted to serve as a map for readers to explore...

Image set for the paper \"MFC-CNN:An Automatic Grading Scheme for Light Stress Levels of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Leaves\"

Xia Hao, Jingdun Jia, Wanlin Gao, Xuchao Guo, Wenxin Zhang, Lihua Zheng & Minjuan Wang
A set of leaf images for lettuce light stress grading. The leaves were divided into four categories depending on the changes in shoot fresh weight.

Id1, Id2, Id3, and Id4 in adult mouse brain lateral wall V-SVZ neural stem cells

Hyung-song Nam, Robert Benezra & Mario Capecchi
The R script in Nam and Capecchi, 2020 used to analyze the scRNA-seq dataset in Mizrak et al., 2019 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2018.12.044) was updated to Seurat 3. Results are similar to Seurat 2.

Clustering result.
Selected marker genes RNA in clusters.
Tabulated results of AverageExpression command for selected genes RNA.
To validate the AverageExpression results, qRT-PCR measurements of several genes RNA in Morizur et al., 2018 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.stemcr.2018.06.005) were utilized. These selected genes RNA levels were compared against the AverageExpression results. The...

T2A-iCreERT2 variants

Hyung-song Nam & Mario Capecchi
Characterizing N-terminal variants of iCre-ERT2 in the context of a T2A ribosome skip sequence.
Two recent papers, Kats et al., Molecular Cell, 70, 488-501 (2018) and Reinhardt et al., Stem Cell Reports, 14, 1-8 (2020), suggest N-terminal amino acids are important for protein stability (in addition to the previous work in the literature).
This might be a way to modulate the abundance of the second protein. For some proteins, such as the iCre-ERT2 recombinase, that could be...

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