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Diplomacy and Power in the Age of the Belt and Road

Marina Kaneti
This website and the project behind it are invitations to explore and critique narratives, spark conversations, and analyze evidence linked to the histories of movement, exchange, and interaction across the ancient routes of connectivity, interaction, and discovery.

Perceptions of Singapore's Built Heritage and Landmarks

Chia Shih Paveena Seah, Natalie Pang, Kwang Lin Wong &
The Study on the Perceptions of Singapore’s Built Heritage and Landmarks seeks to understand public opinion towards built heritage in Singapore, drawing on an opinion poll of 53 heritage sites. Given that scholarly and policy-centred discussions of heritage value and conservation are usually centred on the perspectives of experts, this report focuses on how average Singaporeans perceive the meaning, purpose and value of built heritage, and how these perceptions influence the sense of national identity....

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  • 2020
  • 2019

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  • National University of Singapore