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Procedures for Managing Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review

Nila A. Sathe, MA, MLIS; Jessica Young, MD, MPH; Frances E. Likis, DrPH, NP, CNM, FACNM, FAAN; Daphne Carlson-Bremer, DVM. PhD; Alicia Morgans, MD; Jeff Andrews, MD

Blood Pressure Targets in CKD

Upadhyay A, Earley A, Haynes S & K. Uhlig
Background: The optimal blood pressure target in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) is unclear. Purpose: To summarize trials comparing lower versus higher blood pressure targets in adult patients with CKD and focus on proteinuria as an effect modifier. Data Sources: MEDLINE and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (July 2001 through January 2011) were searched for reports from randomized, controlled trials with no language restriction. Study Selection: Authors screened abstracts to identify reports...

Treatment of Primary and Secondary Osteoarthritis of the Knee

David J. Samson, MS; Marck D. Grant MD, MPH; Thomas A. Ratko, PhD; Claudia J. Bonnell, BSN, MLS; Kathleen M. Ziegler, PharmD; Naomi Aronson, PhD

Second-Generation Antidepressants in the Pharmacologic Treatment of Adult Depression: An update of the 2007 Comparative Effectiveness Review

Gerald Gartlehner, MD, MPH; Richard A. Hansen, PhD; Laura C. Morgan, MA; Kylie Thaler, MD, MPH; Linda J. Lux, MPA; Megan Van Noord, MSIS; Ursula Mager, PhD, MPH; Bradley N. Gaynes, MD, MPH; Patricia Thieda, MA; Michaela Strobelberger, MA; Stacey Lloyd, MPH; Ursula Reichenpfader, MD, MPH; Kathleen N. Lohr, PhD

Imaging Techniques for Treatment Evaluation for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Laura S. Gold, Ph.D.; Christoph I. Lee, M.D., M.S.H.S.; Beth Devine, Pharm.D., Ph.D.; Heidi Nelson, M.D., M.P.H.; Roger Chou, M.D.; Scott Ramsey, M.D., Ph.D.; Sean D. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Dietary Fiber Database

Nicola McKeown (PI); Kara Livingston (Project & Data Manager); Caleigh Sawicki; Caitlin Blakeley; Yinan Jia; Nicole Baruch; Micaela Karlsen; Carrie Brown

Mary Butler, PhD, MBA; Donna Bliss, RN, PhD; Dimitri Drekonja, MD; Gregory Filice, MD; Thomas Rector, PharmD, PhD; Roderick MacDonald, MS; Timothy Wilt, MD, MPH

PhD Mary Butler

Treatment To Prevent Fractures in Men and Women With Low Bone Density or Osteoporosis: Update of a 2007 Report

Carolyn J. Crandall, MD, MS; Sydne J. Newberry, PhD; Allison Diamant, MD, MSHS; Yee-Wei Lim, MD, PhD; Walid F. Gellad, MD, MPH; Marika J. Suttorp, MS; Aneesa Motala, BA; Brett Ewing, MS; Beth Roth, MA; Roberta Shanman, MLS; Martha Timmer, MS; Paul G. Shekelle, MD, PhD.

Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Orthopedic Surgery

PharmD Diana M. Sobieraj

Benefits and Harms of Routine Preoperative Testing: Comparative Effectiveness Review 2013

Ethan M Balk, MD, MPH; Amy Earley, BS; Nira Hadar, MS; Nirav Shah, MD; Thomas A Trikalinos, MD, PhD

Treatment of Common Hip Fractures

PhD Mary Butler, DC Mary Forte, Robert L. Kane, MD, Siddharth Joglekar, MD, Susan J. Duval, PhD, Marc Swiontkowski, MD & MD Timothy Wilt

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