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Curves, cryptography and quantum computing

Karl-Heinz Zimmermann
This document contains the manuscript of my lecture ''Curves, Cryptography and Quantum Computing''.

Residue - and by-product based bioresources - characterization, properties and pathways

Ina Körner, Saskia Hertel, Moses Ogun, Steffen Walk, Jessica Schermuly, Phillipp Lüssenhop & Stefan Deegener

GPU-accelerated LBM-VOF two-phase flow simulations with grid refinement

Martin Gehrke, Dennis Mierke, Christian F. Janßen & Thomas Rung
The contribution is devoted to a novel grid refinement technique for GPU-accelerated Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) dedicated to free surface flow simulations in marine applications. LBM implementations are mostly based on homogeneous isotropic Cartesian discretizations of the computational domain. Challenges occur when a refined spatial and temporal resolution is locally required. To efficiently address this demand, local grid refinement is often deployed to regions featuring small scale structures and effects to be resolved. Within the...

Wie digital ist Informationskompetenz? : Materialien zu einem Workshop

Thomas Hapke
Workshop am 5. Februar 2016 auf dem Kunst- und Mediencampus Finkenau der Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg (Folien, Reader, Ergebnisse) im Rahmen der Move and Make – in/trans/formation durch Themen, Trends und Visionen - Fachtagung des Department Information der HAW Hamburg anlässlich 70 Jahre bibliothekarische Ausbildung für öffentliche und wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken in Hamburg und 45 Jahre Fachbereich Bibliothek und Information an der Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (http://intransformation.hamburg/).

Das Jubiläums-Stichwort „in/trans/formation“ zu 70 Jahren BibliothekarischeThomas...

Ringvorlesung „Tissue Engineering – Regenerative Medizin“ WiSe 16/17

Ralf Pörtner & Michael Morlock
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, a still very young field with a rapidly growing importance, is devoted to developed bioartificial constructs or tissues (skin, blood vessels, bone and cartilage replacement, muscle, nerves, liver replacement system, etc.) from living cells or cell matrix and biomaterials. It is based on an interdisciplinary collaboration between the areas of cell biology, biomaterial development, cell culture technology and bioprocess engineering, and opens up diverse new fields of application in the...

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