91 Works


Martin, Christopher
Cyprinodon skull

Ultrasound lab

Hodes, Emily
Ultrasound lab

Speaker Holder

Anderson, Micah
Speaker holder attaches to desk

Ultrasound Lab

Hodes, Emily
Ultrasound Lab

Shaft and Pre-Amp Mount

Patel, Ruby
Shaft and pre-amp mount

Teaching Tool

Clark, Michael
Teaching Tool for dramatic art class

Well Caps

Boyce, Matthew
Well Caps

Microscope Eyepiece Holder

Glazner, Allen
Minor revision of microscope eyepiece holder for iPhone. Modified to give a larger glue surface

Microfluidics Chamber

Fadero, Tanner
mock-up of microfluidics chamber


Gibson, Amelia
Figure 1. Model of post-diagnosis information-seeking behavior

Bruker Piece

Liu, Carolyn
Bruker piece

Pump Tubing Piece

Wahl, Timothy
Pump tubing piece

Finger Adapter

Shin, Henry
Finger adapter

Mathematical Surface

DeHority, Sam
Mathematical surface

Two People

Sanchez, Keren
Two People

MRI Holder

Liu, Carolyn
MRI holder

Africa Molds

Fudzie, Seyram
Africa Molds


Glazner, Allen
small, simple powder separator

Prism Holder

Nelsen, Evan
Prism holder

Pipe Adapter

Jadelis, Chris
Pipe adapter

Inlet for Ocean Lander

Wahl, Timothy
Inlet for ocean lander

Ear Bars

Bazyar, Soha
For lab work with mice


Brown, Bill
A small 3D switch for a media installation project.

Aerosol Adapters

Jadelis, Chris
Aerosol adapters


Alcorn, Frank
Mask for electrochemistry

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