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Hakini Arabi

Nadine Afiouni
Heritage languages are an integral part in the identity construct of children born to first and second generation immigrant parents. Many Lebanese immigrant families struggle to preserve the Arabic language within their households. This project strengthens the Arabic heritage language through the creation of an application that teaches the Lebanese Arabic language, while connecting the users to the Lebanese culture and its many facets. The application is called HAKINI ARABI, which is an Arabic phrase...

Be a Heroine!: An Analysis and Reflection of Superheroines and Culture

Jessica Kitrick
This paper is an analysis of storytelling and superhero themes as well as a supplement to the website project constructed at http://ravenalegria13.wix.com/superheroines. While the website addresses some storytelling aspects, this paper collaborates with the website and contains both a self-reflection piece to answer some personal questions and an analytical section to focus on why superheroes are so important to storytelling, digital arts, and cultural sustainability.

UMD Libraries Research and Teaching Fellowship

Rachel Gammons, Lindsay Inge & Alexander Carroll
Guiding documents, including schedules for the RTF101 and RTF103 (first and third semesters in the program). Observation forms, expectations for participants, journal club guidelines, policies and teaching outlines.

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  • 2017

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