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Free Stock Website

Elizabeth Keiser
Chikkenstock provides license-free photographs, vector graphics, and templates for these organizations to utilize in their marketing efforts. The templates range from logos to flyers with a variety of themes, e.g. holidays, agriculture, wildlife, and conservation. Assets can be downloaded and dropped into Word documents or Acrobat PDF files, used for social media, or blown up for print items such as signs and labels. Chikkenstock also provides a list of other creative commons resources for license-free...

Imagining Newfoundland - Reflections on Tourism and Self from the Bonavista Peninsula

Clara Symmes
Jutting off of the coast of Newfoundland in the northern Atlantic Ocean is the Bonavista Peninsula, a region where I spent four weeks as a volunteer at a hostel in the summer of 2018. Nature tourism has played a large role in my life. Growing up, I spent summers hiking and winters skiing in New Hampshire's White Mountains. As an adult I have traveled to scenic landmarks in the United States and Europe, but my...

Visualizing Early Baltimore

(:Unkn) Unknown
September 13, 2014, marks the 200th anniversary of the major British attack on Baltimore. What was so important about Baltimore two hundred years ago? Over a few decades in the early nineteenth century, Baltimore's population exploded, and it grew from a small town to the third largest city in the young United States. What was the draw? After the British set fire to the city of Washington in 1814, they set their sights on Baltimore,...

Louisville StorySites

Emily Skinner
The purpose for this capstone project is to produce a web-based product which showcases the intersection of story and place in Louisville, KY’s historic cultural landscapes. My guiding question is: How can historic preservation methods be incorporated with creative use of personal narratives surrounding place to enhance the cultural vitality of communities? The project invited three local residents to share their stories around a significant historic site in their community that is meaningful to them,...

Porn Stars and Politicians

Andrew Slater
”Porn Stars and Politicians” is an exercise in media literacy, personal consciousness and value constructions of ideal and real culture. The project design invites Internet users to engage in an exercise of value constructions and iconography/semiotics.

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