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Fishes of the Harney basin revisited: A contemporary assessment of the distribution of fish fauna throughout the Harney Basin from 1990 to 2019 (Web Data Service)

Matthew Laramie, Francine H Mejia, Emily D Heaston & Jason Dunham
Distribution of sampled aquatic fauna throughout the Harney Basin and surrounding areas from 1990 to 2019.

Field observations of ground failure triggered by the 2020 Puerto Rico earthquake sequence Web Application

Robert G Schmitt
Interactive web application displaying the the field observations resulting from the 2020 Puerto Rico earthquake sequence

National Climate Change Viewer

J. R. Alder

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The Dragonfly Mercury Project: A citizen science framework for monitoring mercury pollution in US national parks using dragonfly larvae as biosentinels (Story Map)

Collin A Eagles-Smith, James J Willacker, Sarah J Nelson, Colleen M Flanagan-Pritz, Colleen S Emery, Branden L Johnson, Katherine Ko, David P Krabbenhoft, Celia Y Chen, Josh T Ackerman, Evan H Grant & David Pilliod

Trends in water-quality for inorganic constituents in California public-supply wells (1st ed.)

Danielle I Dupuy, Dam H Nguyen & Bryant Jurgens
Areas of improving and degrading groundwater-quality conditions were assessed by computing groundwater quality trends for 38 inorganic constituents in more than 13,000 public-supply wells in the State of California (Jurgens and others, 2020). A network of 2,135 grid cells was used to cover the entire area where groundwater is used for public supply in California. Each grid cell was scored using a new metric based on constituent concentrations and the direction and magnitude of recent...

CMIP5 Global Climate Change Viewer


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