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The Supreme Court Database

Sara Benesh Harold J. Spaeth

Biofuel Ecophysiological Traits and Yields Database (BETYdb)

David LeBauer, Michael Dietze, Rob Kooper, Steven Long, Patrick Mulrooney, Gareth Scott Rohde & Dan Wang
BETYdb is a database of plant trait and yield data that supports research, forecasting, and decision making associated with the development and production of cellulosic biofuel crops. Data from a wide variety of sources with broad geographic and temporal coverage are included. Data are added on an ongoing basis.

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Survey of the Putuni monument in Tiwanaku, Bolivia using the Optech ILRIS-3D

Mexico’s national fishery statistics

Andrew F. Johnson Arturo Ramírez-Valdez

Richness, density and biomass as measures of health

Andrew F. Johnson Alfredo Giron-Nava

Health Index

Andrew F. Johnson Alfredo Giron-Nava

Fishing vessel movement – recording Mexico’s fishermen

Catalina López-Sagastegui Marcia Moreno-Baez

Sampling Mangrove Peat in the Southern Gulf of California

Matthew Costa

IT-Empfehlungen für den nachhaltigen Umgang mit digitalen Daten in den Altertumswissenschaften

South Orkney Fast-Ice Series - 2004 Signy Island camera images

Eugene J Murphy
1. South Orkney Fast-Ice - images of 2004 coverage

EOL Field Catalog

The EOL field catalog is a suite of tools that provide support for the documentation of observational field project operations, mission planning, cross-project collaboration, real-time situational awareness, communication with and direction of remote instrument platforms and post operations product review and playback.

Broad Institute Firehose Site

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Monitoring Manta Rays in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico

Alfredo Giron-Nava Joshua D. Stewart

Who’s eating who?

Andrew F. Johnson Arturo Ramirez-Valdez

Snapper Habitat in Gulf of California Mangrove Forests

Tomás Plomozo José Cota-Nieto

Why are the mantas in Yelapa, Mexico?

Josh Stewart Alfredo Giron-Nava

In Transition: Selected Poems by the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

Tanya Elizabeth Clement

Survey of the Templete´ (Semi Subterranean Temple) in Tiwanaku, Bolivia using the Optech ILRIS-3D

Genome Assembly by Bayesian Inference (GABI): Sample Report for PhiX174

Mark Howison


Climate and fisheries

Octavio Aburto-Oropeza Alfredo Giron-Nava

Mexico’s reefs and underwater data

Andrew F. Johnson Arturo Ramirez-Valdez

Counting fish in the Kelp forests of Baja California

Gabriela Montaño Moctezuma Arturo Ramírez Valdez

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