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Auch die Abhängigkeit angehen : Alkoholabhängige Patienten im Akutspital

Neun von zehn alkoholabhängigen Patienten verlassen das Spital, ohne dass die Abhängigkeitserkrankung behandelt wurde. Ein einheitliches Vorgehen und zusätzliche Forschung täte not. Beispiele liefern Guidelines aus dem englischsprachigen Raum.

An empirical perspective for understanding climate change impacts in Switzerland

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Planning for the future requires a detailed understanding of how climate change affects a wide range of systems at spatial scales that are relevant to humans. Understanding of climate change impacts can be gained from observational and reconstruction approaches and from numerical models that apply existing knowledge to climate change scenarios. Although modeling approaches are prominent in climate change assessments, observations and reconstructions provide insights that cannot be derived from simulations alone, especially at local...

Strategieentwicklung für den Staatsforstbetrieb Bern

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Strategisches Denken und Handeln ist eine betriebliche Daueraufgabe. Dies zeigt sich am Beispiel des Staatsforstbetriebs Bern, der im Jahr 2005 nach einem umfassenden Strategiefindungsprozess gegründet wurde und seither drei Strategieanpassungen vorgenommen hat, um mit den Veränderungen der wirtschaftlichen Rahmenbedingungen Schritt zu halten. Wenn die Unternehmensstrategie von allen am Forstbetrieb Beteiligten getragen und gelebt wird, trägt sie massgeblich zur betrieblichen Entwicklung und damit zum nachhaltigen Unternehmenserfolg bei.

Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction in mountains

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Since the late 1960s it became clear that a more sustainable protection of people and property from the negative impacts of natural hazards will require a more balanced use of structural and non-structural measures, such as land-use planning and ecosystem-based solutions for disaster risk reduction, also called Eco-DRR. The most prominent example of Eco-DRR in mountainous regions are forests that protect people, settlements and infrastructures against gravitational natural hazards such as avalanches, landslides and hazards...

Vaccine hesitancy among mobile pastoralists in Chad: a qualitative study

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Background: Demand side barriers to vaccination among rural and hard-to-reach populations in Chad are not yet well understood. Although innovative approaches such as linking human and animal vaccination increase vaccination uptake among mobile pastoralist communities, vaccination coverage in these communities is still lower than for rural settled populations. We hypothesize that mobile pastoralists’ communities in Chad face specific demand side barriers to access vaccination services. Understanding the factors that caregivers in these communities consider, explicitly...

Faded shine…. The degradation of brass powder in two nineteenth century paintings

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During the examination of two 19th century oil paintings by Swiss artists, the Reading pastor (ca. 1885) by Ferdinand Hodler (1853–1918) and Portrait of a young girl (ca. 1888) by Filippo Franzoni (1857–1911), it was observed that in particular locations, the surface had an unusually granular texture, given by the application of metallic particles and the presence of large translucent green agglomerates. In this paper we investigate the composition and origin of the metal particles...

Performance, body fat reserves and plasma metabolites in Brown Swiss dairy cows: Indoor feeding versus pasture-based feeding

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Feeding dairy cows indoors or on pasture affects not only labour, machinery and housing costs, but also animals’ performance and metabolism. This study investigates the effects of indoor feeding (IF) with a partial‐mixed ration (PMR) versus pasture‐based feeding (PF) on milk production, fertility, backfat thickness (BFT), body weight (BW) loss and energy metabolism of Brown Swiss (BS) dairy cows with similar genetic production potential. The IF herd consisted of 13 cows fed a PMR composed...

Multiple-stand forest management under fire risk: Analytical characterization of stationary rotation ages and optimal carbon sequestration policy

This paper focuses on the characterization of stationary states for a multiple-stand forest that is subject to forest fires and managed by a producer who has expected utility preferences. An analytical and tractable characterization of the stationary rotation age is established on the basis of Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions. The rotation age is shown to be unique and to depend on the risk probability but not on producer's risk preferences. A numerical application, using these analytical findings...

Consolidated bioprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass to lactic acid by a synthetic fungal-bacterial consortium

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Consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) of lignocellulosic feedstocks to platform chemicals requires complex metabolic processes, which are commonly executed by single genetically engineered microorganisms. Alternatively, synthetic consortia can be employed to compartmentalize the required metabolic functions among different specialized microorganisms as demonstrated in this work for the direct production of lactic acid from lignocellulosic biomass. We composed an artificial cross‐kingdom consortium and co‐cultivated the aerobic fungus Trichoderma reesei for the secretion of cellulolytic enzymes with facultative anaerobic...

Incertitude et pilotage des écosystèmes forestiers (essai)

Les incertitudes, loin d’être une simple facette de la gestion des écosystèmes forestiers, touchent au contraire à toutes ses dimensions et sont au coeur de son extraordinaire complexité. Ce constat nous incite à penser les approches et les outils de la gestion forestière dans la perspective de ces incertitudes. Dans cet essai, la question est abordée sous l’angle de trois grands types d’incertitude: 1) les incertitudes portant sur la définition d’objectifs de gestion sur le...

Application potential of a carbocation scavenger in autohydrolysis and dilute acid pretreatment to overcome high softwood recalcitrance

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Both autohydrolysis and acidic pretreatments have already been commercialised to allow for the bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to valuable products. Recent fundamental research has shown that the pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass can be enhanced by the suppression of lignin repolymerisation. This work evaluates the application potential of a carbocation scavenger additive that prevents lignin repolymerisation for the autohydrolysis and acidic pretreatment of woody biomass. The results show that the enhancing effect of the scavenger is...

Prevalence and diagnostic accuracy of in-toeing and out-toeing of the foot for patients with abnormal femoral torsion and femoroacetabular impingement : implications for hip arthroscopy and femoral derotation osteotomy

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Aims Abnormal femoral torsion (FT) is increasingly recognized as an additional cause for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). It is unknown if in-toeing of the foot is a specific diagnostic sign for increased FT in patients with symptomatic FAI. The aims of this study were to determine: 1) the prevalence and diagnostic accuracy of in-toeing to detect increased FT; 2) if foot progression angle (FPA) and tibial torsion (TT) are different among patients with abnormal FT; and...

Quality assurance of timber structures

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The combination of modern architecture with the renewable raw material wood leads to impressive and demanding timber structures with high requirements for planning, production, logistics, commissioning and use. The demands placed on modern wooden structures are constantly increasing in terms of design, appearance, slender cross sections and large spans. Meanwhile, quality assurance during the construction and operational phase is crucial. The realistic estimation of the risks for the timber structure during the construction and operation...

Frameshift Variant in MFSD12 Explains the Mushroom Coat Color Dilution in Shetland Ponies

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Mushroom is a unique coat color phenotype in Shetland Ponies characterized by the dilution of the chestnut coat color to a sepia tone and is hypothesized to be a recessive trait. A genome wide association study (GWAS), utilizing the Affymetrix 670K array (MNEc670k) and a single locus mixed linear model analysis (EMMAX), identified a locus on ECA7 for further investigation (Pcorrected = 2.08 × 10−10). This locus contained a 3 Mb run of homozygosity in...

Sichtbar von Anfang an. Für eine Teilhabe ab Geburt. In: Nationaler Kulturdialog [Hrsg.]: Kulturelle Teilhabe. Ein Handbuch. Zürich: Seismo.

Dieser Beitrag versteht sich als Plädoyer für das Sichtbarwerden von Kindern in unserer Gesellschaft, von Anfang an. Es geht um Haltung, die wir gegenüber Kindern haben. Mit unserer Haltung ermögli­ chen oder verhindern wir das Sichtbarsein von Kindern. Kulturelle Teilhabe macht sichtbar. Es geht aber auch um Systeme, die unsere Haltung prägen. Systeme, die viel Positives bewirkt haben, wie zum Bei­ spiel Bildung für alle. Bildung für alle bedingt aber nicht, dass alle Kinder die...

Characterization of Pinus nigra var. laricio Maire bark extracts at the analytical and pilot scale

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Pinus nigra var. laricio bark and its hot-water extracts (HWE) obtained at an analytical and pilot plant scale have been characterized in terms of phenolic extractives, condensed tannins (CTs), carbohydrates and inorganic compounds. Analytical extractions with aqueous acetone were also performed for comparison with HWE. The bark contains 35.5 g kg−1 CT, and two-thirds of it could be extracted. Analytical HWE at 75°C led to a total yield of 56.4 g kg−1. The extracts are...

Complete Fermi surface mapping of Bi-cuprates

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We review recent angle-scanned photoemission experiments on Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 + x. The Fermi surface has been mapped completely revealing previously unobserved “shadow bands” interpreted as due to antiferromagnetic correlations. Since Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 + x exhibits a relatively complicated incommensurate lattice modulation new measurements on a Pb-doped, unmodulated Bi-cuprate are presented for comparison.

Control of the nitrogen content in nanocomposite TiN/SiN coatings deposited by an arc-sputter hybrid process

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We have developed a reactive hybrid process for the deposition of TiN/SiNx composite layers where titanium is eroded from a conventional, industrial arc source and silicon is simultaneously sputtered from a magnetron target in argon/nitrogen atmosphere. The Si/N ratio of the SiNx phase in the film is related to the nitridation state of the silicon target which in turn is controlled by the Ar/N2 mixture. Monitoring the characteristics of the silicon target allows an effective...

Steel dowel connections in beech hardwood


impuls : Magazin des Departements Soziale Arbeit 2/2019

Effekte befundorientierter Mobilisation bei Erwachsenen mit chronischer Sprunggelenkinstabilität (CIS) auf die posturale Kontrolle und muskuläre Aktivität – Studienprotokoll einer Pilotstudie

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Hintergrund Bei Patienten mit chronischer Sprunggelenkinstabilität (CIS) werden im Praxisalltag neben der Mobilisation des Sprunggelenks auch befundorientierte manualtherapeutische/muskuloskelettale Interventionen an den Fußwurzeln angewendet. Dies bedeutet, dass Mobilisationen im Talokruralgelenk und in den Fußwurzelgelenken erfolgen, in denen Einschränkungen bestehen. Im wissenschaftlichen Setting kommt jedoch immer ein standardisiertes Vorgehen zum Einsatz. In diesem Kontext wird nur das Talokruralgelenk mobilisiert. Das Vorgehen einer befundorientierten Mobilisation im Talokruralgelenk sowie die Mobilisation der Fußwurzelgelenke, in denen Einschränkungen bestehen, werden nicht...

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