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Searching for Stellar Associations in Gaia DR2

Brolan Jennings, Jeff Andrews, Marcel Agüeros & Julio Chanamé

A Crisis of Publicity: Many-to-Many Communication, Public Deliberation, and the Quest for the Last Big Secret

José Luis Quintero Ramírez
When in response to the spread of misinformation social media platforms publicly negotiate their role as providers and mediators of the online public sphere, they outsource the responsibility of scrutinizing information to public deliberation. They fail to reconcile, however, their agency in constituting the publics that deliberate, and how these publics continue to change over time. Data extraction and suggestion algorithms both provide social media platforms their profit, and shape users’ experience of the internet;...

Negotiation Strategy: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analytic Evaluation of Theory and Measurement

Jeanne M Brett & Chelsea Galoni
Negotiation theorists conceptualize negotiation strategy from a behavioral or a motivational perspective and negotiation researchers code transcripts or collect negotiators’ self-reports to operationalize it. This meta-analysis evaluates the functional similarities and differences between these different theoretical perspectives and approaches to measuring negotiation strategy as it predicts joint gains. We analyzed 3,899 unique negotiations from 76 independent samples and 46 different papers. Our results reveal that motivational and behavioral theories and self-report and behavioral coding measurements...

Challenging the Status Quo Through Theory, Research, Practice, and Leadership: An Interview with Paula Olszewski-Kubilius

Paula Olszewski-Kubilius & Tracy L. Cross

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