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Chemistry Students' Perceptions of 'Active Learning'

Laura Hancock

Reading literature: Critical pedagogies and Talis Elevate in online learning communities

Aimee Merrydew

Why Black people look blue in the moonlight: an examination of how Barry Jenkins film Moonlight (2016) reunites the image of Black people’s bodies with water

Sarah Powell
A recent study highlighted that 70 percent of African Americans could not swim (Diaz-Duran, 2017), with drowning rates being far higher in Black communities than in white. The origin of this alarming statistic can be traced back to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and cemented itself during segregation which forcibly divorced the image of the back body and water. It is these historical events that have led to the above statistic and the subsequent stereotype...

Advanced Clinical Practice: Past and Present

Julie Reynolds, Jane Jervis & Kerri Douglas

Using Mentimeter to Engage First Year Law Students in Wellbeing Awareness.

Stella Maria Coyle

A clinical pharmacists role in primary general practice

Hiren Patel
Clinical pharmacist leaders are valued by the NHS because they are well educated, demonstrating excellent analytical and evidence-based thinking skills and professional competency. This reliability often stems from seeing the pharmacy team accepting responsibility, understanding the health care environment, demonstrating their effectiveness within primary care by reducing medication errors, improving compliance, and reducing practice spend on medicines thereby having a positive influence on patient care. Working within a General Practice (GP) setting has been a...

Humanising The Inhuman: Considering The Anthropomorphism Of Artificial Intelligence In Post-2010 Science Fiction Media

Isobel Elrick
Anthropomorphism refers to the assignation of human characteristics to inanimate or non-human objects; whilst this concept is not new with relation to artificial intelligence in science fiction, post-2010 science fiction media provides an examination of this concept within the context of modern society, where artificial intelligence is arguably prevalent in our everyday lives. As we map out our lives with the addition of artificial intelligence, science fiction can help us understand how we can move...

Not a Moot Point!: Mooting as an Authentic Assessment Practice in Law?

Emma Allen

Cultivating a culture for reading within Higher Education

Rachel Lee
This is a reflective piece from an individual who attended the Becoming Well Read Symposium 2021. The reflections are centred around three interlinked considerations regarding the challenges and opportunities for cultivating a reading culture within Higher Education. These reflections were inspired from listening to the keynote speaker of the event.

The corridor of clinical uncertainty: using advanced clinical practice knowledge to make safe clinical decisions.  

David Jefferson
This paper offers a critical reflection about how undertaking an MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) programme, led to a greater understanding about how cognitive processes impact on making complex clinical judgements and decisions. Insights are offered about how using this understanding can ensure safe clinical decisions are made, especially if the clinician is stuck in the corridor of clinical uncertainty. Driscoll’s (2007) ‘what’, ‘so what’, ‘now what’ model is used to facilitate this reflection. To...

Inclusivity in Module Design and Assessment Methods in the Humanities

Kristen Brill

Does Abortion Violate the Right to Life of Unborn Babies?

Nisan Ahsan

How consciousness of race and ethnicity-based discrimination affects the health and wellbeing, and academic motivation of minority group students

Simran Sidhu
Discrimination based on race and ethnicity remains prevalent in today’s society. There is numerous literature on how conscious racial and ethnic bias and discrimination affects individuals from black and minority ethnic groups, but little on effects of unconscious racial and ethnic bias and discrimination. This study aimed to determine and compare effects of conscious versus unconscious racial and ethnic discrimination on black and minority ethnic students. Black and minority ethnic participants complete an online survey,...

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