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Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli inhibition from varying concentrations of Vitamin C

Victoria Suslovitch & Madeleine Kenton

Searching for Stellar Associations in Gaia DR2

Brolan Jennings, Jeff Andrews, Marcel Agüeros & Julio Chanamé

Editor's Note

Ethan Deneault

Editor's Note

Ethan Deneault

Effects of Academic and Social Engagement on Episodic Memory in Young Adults

Kassandra Ramsdell

Pulling the Tag Off of “One Size Fit All”

Meghan Christopher

The Impact of Remote Learning on Higher Education Spanish Students and their Motivation to Learn at The University of Tampa

Ashley Counahan

The Impact of Microplastics on Crassostrea virginica Filtration Efficiency

Jenna Carpenter & Brianna Sierra

Phylogenetic Analysis of a Chlorovirus Isolated from New York State

Tara D. Temkar

Romantic Zombies: What Their Representation in Film Means for Racism

Emily Murphy

Disillusioning the Youth: How Standardized Testing Reduces Learning Opportunity

Robert Pantano

Transformation of a Mixed Probiotic Culture and Escherichia coli B with the Antibiotic Resistant Plasmid, pGLO

Raven M. Wright & Haley L. Thompson

The Uncovered Illness in Charlotte Temple: Sociopathy and Society

Abigail Nelson

The Effectiveness and Accurateness of Goniometric Devices in Lower Extremity Injuries

Rebecca May

El Impacto de Machismo en la Voluntad de Aceptar Tratamiento

Bernabe Alyssa, Jasmine Bryant, Brianna Giordano & Arianna Owens

Applying a Marxist Perspective to Giotto

Daniella Novakovic

The Effects of Voice Familiarity on Attention and Memory During the Dichotic Listening Test

Marina England

Assessment of College Students’ Risk Level, Behaviors, Knowledge and Attitude of Type 2 Diabetes at the University of Tampa

Donna R. Rauschuber, Joshua L. Rodriguez, Domenic L. Sestito & Christopher A. Campbell

Abundance Analysis of Tabby’s Star (KIC 8462852)

Stacey Thomas, Cintia Fernanda Martinez, Katia Cunha & Verne V. Smith

An Analysis of Factors that Influence Student Perceptions of Flu Shot Effectiveness

Caroline Stadler

The Effect of Flow Rates on Predation of Donax variabilis by Luidia clathrata

Rachel Cacace, Sarah Detmering & Gabrielle Vaillancourt

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